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January 15, 2021

Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience II (18+)
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Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience II (18+)

But there was little time to focus on Chidi. Ali was teetering on the brink, and she wanted nothing more than to push him over the edge. With Ali doing all he could to stifle his groans, it was clear that the moment was growing perilously close. Though there was barely enough time to glance away, Lola checked one last time…

But this time, Chidi was awake.

Terrified at the sight of one another, they both froze in a wide-eyed stare. Chidi was just barely coming to his senses when he realized what had stirred him from his sleep! The appearance of his roommate’s giant cock was so explicit that he knew it couldn’t be a dream, and yet the sultry sight of it being devoured in Lola’s mouth was more erotic than anything he could have imagined.

Lola’s whole body tingled with panic. The tension that she felt still mounting within her lips, as it begged her for relief, only heightened her embarrassment. She was trapped in Chidi’s dumbfounded gaze and searched desperately for a way to escape humiliation.

It was then that she glimpsed a devilish possibility. There was no undoing Chidi’s intrusion… except to offer an invitation. To her own astonishment as much as to his, she went on sucking her boyfriend’s cock!

She could not believe what she was doing, but Chidi’s reaction brought her sudden delight. They both realized that Ali had remained blissfully unaware that anything had changed. Yet for Lola, the thrill was brand new: the idea of Chidi watching her give a blow job was no longer a mere fantasy, and the reality was unbelievably erotic. Continuing to work her boyfriend with her mouth, she kept her eyes fervently upon Chidi. His lust burnt urgently into her skin. The tingle that had ridden her with panic now turned to one of sheer arousal.

Lola’s mouth watered with excitement, bathing Ali’s dick as it plunged repeatedly into her hot spit. She could feel the tension cranking up almost mechanically with each bob of her head. As Chidi watched, he could scarcely breathe but for the silent gasp that assailed him as Ali’s hips began to buck! Not realizing that the point was moot, Ali struggled not to roar aloud as his semen exploded inside Lola’s mouth.

The look in Lola’s eyes set Chidi ablaze as he saw the cock spasm within her lips. Never had he witnessed anything so erotic as the almost smug glint in her expression as she made her boyfriend come. What she was letting Chidi see was at once terrifying and exhilarating to them both. Swallowing the first gush, she was acutely aware of the way Chidi looked at the contractions of her throat. His prying eyes felt so sexy yet at the same time so adoring. For the first time, Lola broke an ironic smile at Chidi. Pulling back to lick the head of Ali’s cock, she gave her accomplice an even more intimate peek.

Shyly, she showed him her tongue while it became drenched with Ali’s orgasm. Chidi’s own erection surged at the sight. Lola tempted him with her eyes and used her sticky tongue to tease out the last throes of the climax. The spectacle was the ultimate of raunchy pleasures for them both. Bringing her boyfriend’s orgasm to a gentle close, she massaged the warm come into his tip and then softly sucked it off. Chidi was utterly mesmerized.

In these brief moments, Lola and Chidi had become so playful with one another that they began to take Ali’s oblivion for granted. They were both startled when Ali began to come back to his senses. Instinctively, Chidi clamped his eyes shut and pretended to be asleep.

It must have worked because the first thing Ali did upon opening his eyes was to check a relieved glance at his roommate. Lola’s heart raced. Surely she had to tell him! Yet she recoiled at the embarrassment that they would all have to face. “I will tell him,” Lola thought, “…after I bring him down…” Buying some time, she let her eyes grin at Ali as she gently sucked away.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Ali whispered after a moment’s chance to calm.

Lola paused, letting his contented erection slip away from her lips. She glanced at Chidi, who was still convincingly faking sleep, and she knew that there was something she needed to say.

“I will tell him,” Lola thought, “…as soon as we get to the bedroom.”

Smiling agreeably at her fiancé, Lola wiped off his erection with her hand and helped him to his feet. Ali, still tingling with gratitude, seized Lola and pulled her against his body. His soft, affectionate kisses made her feel content, and the way his hands groped at her sent no uncertain message that he was itching to give her a gift in return. The two of them stumbled anxiously toward the bedroom, beginning to tear off each other’s clothes along the way.

“I can’t believe he didn’t wake up!” Chidi overheard Ali whispering as he and Lola reached their bedroom door.

Lola didn’t say a word.

That night Ali devoured his girlfriend until her pussy couldn’t stand it any longer. Begging him to fuck her, Lola rolled onto her knees and urged him to take her from behind. Ali willingly indulged her with the hardness of his cock. He watched her firm, gorgeous ass shake as his hips plowed against it and obeyed her persistent cries for more until he was practically pounding like a hammer. Finally, after seeing Lola’s body ripple with a second orgasm, his own climax came out of sheer exhaustion.

On the other side of the wall, Chidi sat in his bedroom listening to the raucous. He usually tried to tune them out, but tonight his imagination yearned for another glimpse at Ali and Lola at their most intimate. Obscenely burned into his brain was the image of his roommate’s swollen dick, the impressive size of which was not only startling but even titillating after having seen it wrapped in Lola’s mouth. Chidi, of course, had always found Lola attractive and was never above eyeing her when she visited the apartment. But her attachment to one of his best friends had kept her from becoming an object of fantasy… until tonight.

Listening to Lola’s fevered cries, Chidi was helpless against the images that flooded into his mind. His imagination strained to envision what it would be to see her gorgeous body exposed, how her skin would drip with the unbearable pleasure of Ali’s penetrations, and what secret memories of the night seeped into her mind each time a moan passed through her precious lips. Longing to be a part of the intimacy between Ali and Lola’s once more, Chidi took out his erection and stroked it to the rhythm of their voices. It was first of many times that Chidi remembered the look he had seen in Lola’s eyes when he finally made himself come.

Chidi didn’t see much of Lola over the following week. With a sort of willful ignorance, they pretended between themselves that nothing had happened. The real awkwardness for both of them was in relation to Ali. Lola knew that she still had to tell him what had happened, but the longer she waited, the guiltier her secret became. All the while, Chidi lived a nervous existence, having constantly to wonder how much his roommate knew.

It also happened to be the week that Lola was supposed to begin moving into their apartment. Chidi had recently gotten a new job across the country, and the timing with the engagement made it a perfect opportunity for Ali and Lola to take over the lease. As awkward as things had now become, Chidi was beginning to feel relieved rather than regretful about having to part from his long time friend. It was no surprise, however, that Lola was a little less than eager to start moving in while Chidi was around.

That Thursday, Lola finally brought over some of her boxes and spent the night with Ali. Chidi considerately kept to himself that night, although he held out a secret hope to hear the sounds of sex through his bedroom walls. His hopes were disappointed.

The next morning, however, Ali and Lola were feeling a bit playful. As Chidi made tea in the kitchen, he could hear the two of them giggling in the shower. Finding himself fantasizing once again, he pictured their two foamy bodies steaming up the shower, Lola’s firm hand working up a frothy lather on her boyfriend’s hardened cock until his semen sprayed up against the misty shower door…

The shower turned off, shattering Chidi’s hope that his fantasy was true. Yet he was no longer in need of tea. He tried to disguise the bulge in his pants when he heard the door to the bathroom open. It wouldn’t be easy.

“Good morning,” Lola chirped cheerfully as she walked into the kitchen in her towel.

“Erm, good morning,” Chidi replied, trying to keep his cool. He had seen Lola so many times after a shower, and the way she wrapped herself in a towel had once even looked modest. Yet today she appeared to him anything but innocent.

Still, Chidi was happy to see that her usual carefree attitude was beginning to return. Rummaging her fingers through her stringy, wet hair, she smiled at Chidi as she noticed him watching. It was the only moment they had been alone together since the night it happened, and for the first time, they saw a glint of recognition in each other’s eyes. Though neither said a word, there was a shared sense of relief that there didn’t have to be any shame between them. In the long glance the two of them exchanged, something caught Lola’s eye. Perhaps feeling a bit too shameless, she peered down at Chidi’s trouser and noticed that he was aroused!

Chidi frowned, but he was tickled by the charming smile upon Lola’s face. It was a look that she promptly wiped away as Ali walked into the room.

“What’s up?” Ali asked, sensing that there was something going on.

“Uh, nothing,” Chidi too quickly replied. “Want some tea?”

“Yeah sure. Do you know if we have any eggs?…”

Chidi was relieved that the conversation had turned ordinary because he needed to get his mind off of sex. He tried his best not to notice how uneasy Lola’s towel held onto her body as she fumbled through the cabinets for some food.

Yet even the sight of Ali’s waist, tied in a towel, stirred up memories of how he had felt when he had first seen his roommate exposed. It disturbed Chidi, who had never felt the least attraction to men, to recognize that even his friend had in a way become an object of fantasy since that night.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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