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September 2, 2020

Edymaniac: Funke, Uncle Kunle & The Weird Accra Vacation [Finale] (18+)

Edymaniac: Funke, Uncle Kunle & The Weird Accra Vacation [Finale] (18+)

“Do you really think I didn’t know that, you filthy man! Always staring at me, hugging me way too long, trying to peek my breasts. I know you’ve always wanted me, but guess what, you can never have me! I despise you!”

“Shhhh. Last warning, otherwise everyone on Facebook will have a big surprise within seconds.”

This man had no compassion, and Funke knew she was defeated. He had all the strings in his hands, and she knew he wouldn’t change his mind. Kunle saw in her eyes she had given up. His eyes lit up and his smile became even wider, showing off his yellow stained teeth.

“Now, my beautiful Funke, show me what a big girl you’ve become. Time for you to stop teasing me and show your uncle Kunle the treasures you have under that gown.”

Tears slowly drooped down her face. She had to admit that she liked to tease him sometimes. More like torment him. The only thing that makes all his lustful stares bearable is knowing he will never have her. So she thought. Now her uncle had found a way to blackmail her, turning the tables in his favor at last.

She took hold of the thin shoulder straps of her nightgown and slid them off her lean shoulders. The white color of the gown stood in contrast of her dark skin. The silk material slowly came down, resting on her ample chest for a moment, before sliding off completely to the floor, leaving Funke in her clean pair of panties only.

Kunle licked his lips and began to rub his hard smelly prick right in front of her. Looking at the perfect body before him was better than winning the lottery, he figured. Her firm and toned body were flawless. Her amazing flat tummy made the treasure above it even bigger. Funke’s tits were perfect. Not overly big, but because of her slim frame they appeared way more massive.

Her round and firm breasts stood high on her chest, without sagging a single inch. Topped with 2 small nipples making these the kind of boobs only a young girl like Funke could possess… defying gravity and perfectly formed.

“Come closer. Come to your uncle Kunle my beautiful woman.”

Funke slowly obeyed and came closer, still crying silently.

“Oooh Funke, this is gonna be a wonderful week. Look at you… your body is wonderfully made.” He kept staring at her magnificent breasts.

Kunle took his young niece by her hips and pulled her down next to him on the bed. Her soft and warm skin gave him a feeling of ecstasy as he now completely lost control.

“Look at those boobs. The saggy ugly things I’ve had to cope with the last 20 years are absolutely nothing compared to this. So amazingly firm and round… ooo Funke, I’ve been yearning to touch these for so long… so many times I wanked myself off thinking about you… hehe.”

“P-please, don’t do this! Please don’t touch me and I won’t tell what happened. Please just don’t do this!” Funke wailed.

But Kunle was far beyond any reason as he brought his thick hands up to his niece’s firm chest.

He took both breasts in his hand, kneading them roughly as if he wanted to tear them off, making Funke shake on the bed. He started to breathe heavily, practically drooling on himself.

“Ooo yes, so firm but also so very soft… your tits are perfect Funke.” As said with a scary-looking in his eyes as he continued to molest her firm flesh. Her round C cup tits fit perfectly in his sweaty paws.

He was rolling her little nipples between his fingers. He pushed harder on the boobs and forced Funke to lie down on the bed.

He took off his own sweat-stained undershirt, showing his fat paunch to Funke who quickly looked away, trying to ignore his hideous figure. He crawled over to her and she noticed his rock hard penis sliding up her tanned thighs, like a slithering snake.

“Please go away! Don’t…”

He looked in a trance as he observed the hot young body of his niece. Her perky breasts didn’t sag one bit and pointed straight at the ceiling. His fat ugly face got closer to her upper body, making her shake like a leaf.

“Oooo Funke, let me taste those wonderful young boobs of yours. Let your uncle Kunle enjoy his niece’s precious tits. I deserved it after all these years of seeing and touching you.”

He now leaned over her and slowly opened his stinking mouth, wagging his tongue out like a dog before swallowing Funke’s entire left boob. His hard prick rubbed on her panties, leaving a trail of precum on her. His hairy balls rested on her flawless thigh. He lapped his tongue all over her nipple while slurping on her soft and round skin. He also softly bit into the cushiony breasts.

He took her nipple between his lips and sucked ferociously on her delicate nub while he used his hands to knead her soft flesh and dig his fingers deep into Funke’s round tits. Funke could only squeal silently as she undertook the molestation, trying not to make any sort of sound as her parents were in the next room. The sound of his oral assault on her breasts filled the room… the distinct sound of an old pervert sucking on a young girl’s nipples.

Slowly he slipped her little undies down her legs, exposing her young shaved pussy. It was the only place on her body with some tan lines. He licked his way down over her smooth belly and put his tongue in her bellybutton. He kissed the soft, warm skin of her stomach before tonguing her belly button again. While doing this he pulled her panties off her legs and tossed them on the floor.

Then he went down for the great prize. First, he kissed her labia for a bit, before he plowed his tongue deep into Funke’s moist snatch, tasting the juices. Funke took a stronghold of the bed sheet and squirmed while her uncle ate her out.

He took her firm buttocks in his hands and started to knead them, making the molestation almost full circle. When she looked down she saw his fat balding head going nuts between her legs… kissing and licking her most private parts. Then he moved his jaw further down until he was lined up with her anus. He began to tongue her little hole. He moved his hand up so that he could play with her clit as he licked her bum.

She couldn’t deny he was actually doing a fine job getting her excited. She started to become wetter in her young pussy with her own juices, giving her a very pleasant feeling.

“Oh god!” she wailed as he continued to play with her clitty and tongue her butthole.

Her unexpected pleasure soon vanished as the short fat old man got up and roughly spread her lean legs, dangerously aiming his erect cock at her innocent love tunnel.

“Uncle Kunle, no, not that. You’ve had your fun… please let me go now.. I beg you… noooo!”

Kunle laughed as he slowly entered the soft pussy lips he had just drooled all over, looking extremely horny and full of lust. Taking in every inch of his niece’s tight naked body into his perverted old eyes, he pushed himself inside her.

“Ooo yes, I’ve dreamed of this moment for years Funke… you hot piece of ass… you are mine now, you hear me… and mine alone!”

With those last few words, he pushed his cock deep into Funke’s tight cunt and started to hammer her like a madman. Grinding into this beautiful sexy lady made him more sex crazy by the second.

“Ooo yes, yes… yes… you are so tight Funke… so fucking tight… you hot stuff, you feel so good.”

As he pounded hard in her cunt the bed softly thumped the wall. On the other side of the wooden walls in the next room were Funke’s parents trying to sleep, both listening to the thumping sound against the wall.

“You hear that honey?” Asked Funke’s father to his wife.

“Looks like some couple is having a lot of fun, haha. Weird though… almost sounds like it’s coming from Kunle and Funke’s room.”

“Yes it does sound that way, but of course it’s not. Though I think he wouldn’t mind; I noticed how he looked at her on the beach today… but Funke certainly has a different view about him, haha.”

“That’s his niece! He shouldn’t be looking at her that way, or even thinking about it. That dirty old man, maybe you have to say something about that tomorrow. Well.. we’ll see.. good night honey.”

As they both drifted off to sleep, their daughter was getting fucked only a few feet away by her hideous uncle 40 years her elder.

The fat perverted old man ravaged Funke’s young body, fucking her as if there was no tomorrow.

He wanted her for years, and now she was finally his and his only. He was grinding his fat hairy body over her smooth toned frame, kneading both breasts while plowing his thick cock deep into her young womb.

The thought of his wife sleeping just across the hall and the parents on the other side of the wall made him even more excited. Why have sex with an old wrinkled woman like his wife, when he could have a toned young and firm body like Funke’s? He had hit the jackpot.

He pushed Funke deeper into the mattress as he felt an amazing orgasm coming up. Since he had jacked off so much the past couple days – combined with all the medicine he was on due to old age and obesity – his stamina was great. He had pushed her legs high up into the air, now held in place by his fat belly. Her feet dangled in the air as he pounded her tight pussy. Her tits, despite their firmness, shook violently with his thrusts.

Funke had started to enjoy it as well. She was getting fucked anyways, so why not try to enjoy some of it? Though the hideous sight of her fat uncle was something she tried to avoid. This would soon be made impossible as Kunle forced his mouth onto hers and pushed his tongue inside, kissing Funke passionately while plowing his cock deep into her young pussy.

“Hmmmppfff, hmmmm… hmpppff…” Funke could only bring out muffled sounds as she tried to get away from this filthy lip-lock with her uncle. She successfully broke away from his mouth, but the uncle was too euphoric to care.

“Ohhhh yes yes yes thank you god!” He bellowed as he pummeled her. “Your pussy feels so good, and it’s all mine!”

“Ugghh… ughhh… uggghh… it’s not y- yours… ugghh… I hate you… you’re a disgusting pervert!”

Her legs were now pushed all the way up to her shoulders, her ass lifted off the bed completely as he pounded into her, making the bed squeak and thump the wall harder. He had so much adrenaline that he was able to fuck her ferociously, which otherwise would have been impossible due to his obesity and lack of exercise.

“MMMMMM… Oh yes… you are mine… all mine… look at your tits shake… so lovely… ooohh fuck.”

Funke couldn’t believe she liked the rough pounding from her uncle’s thick cock, but she wanted it to end in fear of waking up her parents, now that he was fucking her up against the bed’s headboard, causing it to thump loudly. She figured to take initiative.

“C’mon then you sick, dirty pervert… ugghhh… cum… cum in me already! Cum in your little niece’s pussy Uncle Kunle!” As she said this she thrust her hips up and down, up and down again, while squeezing his prick with her vagina. This was too much for the old man to handle.

Slowly he started to scream as an endless stream of filthy cum exploded out of his cock deep into his niece’s vagina. He took both of her breasts, pushed the fleshy mounds together, creating even more cleavage, and buried his face into Funke’s firm chest. Cum continued to shoot into her.

He chewed hard on her perky tits while his last streams of cum leaked out of her cunt onto the sheets. He finally pulled out of her and climbed off, and then he lay down on the bed completely satisfied and exhausted. Finally, he had screwed his sexy niece after years of lusting and masturbating to her Facebook pictures.

He had made her submit her beautiful young body for his own pleasure and perverted schemes.

Within seconds the foul uncle fell asleep and started to snore. Funke turned her back to him, fearing that the worst part of this week has yet to come…¬†

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