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September 3, 2020

Edymaniac: Edy’s Shenanigan with Soldier’s Wife [Finale] (18+)

Edymaniac: Edy’s Shenanigan with Soldier’s Wife [Finale] (18+)

Ezinne smiled wide and warmly. “I just wanted to be asked, Baby”, and began to remove her clothes.

Ezinne was on top of her on the chair. Fatima had looked hopefully towards the bedroom at the start but Ezinne had said, “No baby, that’s his bed.” She honored Fatima’s husband and then proceeded to grind against his wife. Fatima’s arms were wrapped around the older woman.  Ezinne bit and sucked at her neck while both of their pussies rubbed against each other’s thigh. The speed was increasing and Fatima was bucking against the other woman.

She was purring and moaning, her breath coming in ragged rasps. Ezinne came up from her neck and caressed Fatima’s cheek.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you, baby?” She asked tenderly.

Fatima, near tears and biting her lip as she does, nodded and a weak “hmm” was all she could get out.

Ezinne kissed her deeply and passionately and slid her hand in between them. She shoved two fingers inside the little pussy and let her thumb mash Fatima’s clit. Fatima’s hips shook and her pussy clenched down on those fingers and she screamed into the woman’s mouth as she came. Months of loneliness and frustration by her own feeble hand were ripped away. Her whole body was trembling under Ezinne. She gripped the woman to her and tried to wrap around her. She came and she came in violent convulsions.

Finally, she lay back in exhaustion, catching her breath and moved her hand through her red hair. She opened her eyes to Ezinne smiling down at her, beaming.

“What?” Fatima was self-conscious now.

“You were beautiful, baby.” Her friend told her in that sultry voice.

Fatima blushed. “Thank you.” She said meekly. “But what about you?” she said after a moment

“This time was all about you, baby.” Ezinne slowly rolled off of her to kneel on the floor and kissed Fatima before standing up.

Fatima sat up on her elbows and looked at Ezinne’s naked body “But…but surely you need it.”

Ezinne bent and caressed the younger mother’s cheek. “And you can give it to me next time, baby.”  Ezinne’s voice changed to that of the mentor. “Come on, let’s go get your little boy.”

Fatima got jeans and a t-shirt while Ezinne put her own clothes back on in the living room. Fatima sat on the bed putting socks on. She had just had sex with another woman, but she didn’t feel weird about it.  Ezinne was a friend when she needed it. She looked over at Musa’s pillow. ‘And I didn’t cheat on my husband with some other man.’ she thought and nearly cried in joy.

Ezinne stood at the bedroom door. “You OK?” She saw the wet eyes.

Fatima nodded and caressed Musa’s pillow on his side of the bed. “Thank you.”

Her mentor smiled. “We’re army wives. We take care of our own, dear.” 

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