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Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 17] (18+)

Lola and Yinka are already at the beach resort when Dele and Bisola arrive. Dele excitedly verifies that the bedrooms are just as he expected, only better. The headboards of the king size beds butt up against the wall. As they unpack, he wonders if he should let Lola in on his plan.

It’s early evening by the time each couple is settled in and the four of them venture out for dinner. There is a famous restaurant just down the beach within walking distance. They moved across the sand and up the walkway. Over dinner, they discuss plans for the week.

“Let’s go to the beach first thing in the morning,” Lola says, while they’re enjoying their meal.

“Sounds good to me,” Bisola answers, smiling at Lola. Both women are anxious to show off their new swimwear.

Over their dinner, they discuss various other activities for the week, with Dele mentioning a bookshop he likes to visit. Yinka says he’ll go along with what everyone else wants to do. Dele is still looking for an opportunity to talk to Lola when the bill arrives. Oh well, she’ll know soon enough.

After a drink on the balcony where they commit to an early morning on the beach, the couples retreat to their respective bedrooms.

Dele pulls back the covers invitingly. Already excited by the exhibitionist nature of what he has planned, his dick stiffens even more at the sight of his curvy wife emerging from the bathroom. Her naked flesh basked in the moonlight from the open window, gives off a seductive glow as she makes her way across the room. No longer shy about her body, Bisola absorbs her husband’s stare and she smiles while relishing the pleasure he gets from looking at her well-toned body.

“You are stunning,” Dele says as Bisola crawls in next to him. “And you look delicious,” he adds as his hand caresses her hip and his lips brush against her right nipple.

“Dele!” Bisola laughs, “Lola and Yinka might hear us.”

“We’ll be quiet,” Dele answers, knowing that he has just the opposite planned. His hand moves across her hip and between her legs while his teeth nibble on her quickly responding nipple.

“Mmmm,” Bisola rolls onto her back and spreads her legs. “If you’re sure,” she sighs.

Dele lightly strokes her outer labia, which is already covered with a thin coating of natural lubricant. He marvels at how responsive his wife’s body has become when just a few weeks ago he thought it would never melt. Slipping one finger inside her, Dele moves his mouth to her other nipple, teasing it to its full thickness.

“Ahhhhhh,” Bisola moans, holding him tightly to her breast as his finger starts a steady rhythm inside her aroused pussy. Dele kisses his way down her stomach, replacing his finger with his tongue. Licking all around her puffy lips, he laps up the juice that’s boiling over inside her inflamed pussy.

Bisola lifts her legs, spreading them wide apart and Dele slips her arms under her knees before running the tip of his tongue up and down the length of her slit.

“Oh! Yeah!” Bisola nearly screams when he pushes his tongue all the way inside her and licks around the insides of her wet pussy. “Oh! God!” Bisola twists on the bed, pushing her pussy against his tongue. He rapidly plunges it in and out, tongue-fucking her as she grabs his head and humps her pussy against his face.

Bisola’s juices are flowing and Dele’s face is soaked when he shifts his focus from her hot opening to her clit. Licking from inside her drenched pussy up to her exposed clit, he covers it with saliva and pussy juice before sucking it into his mouth. Gently sucking with his lips, he flicks his tongue against her clit several times eliciting loud moans from Bisola.

“Oh! Dele! Ohhhhhhhh! Yeah!” Bisola’s moaning is getting louder as she pulls his head against her gyrating pussy. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Bisola realizes that she can probably be heard in the next room but her rapidly building orgasm shuts down any restraint she might have.

“Oh! That’s it! Keep… doing… that!” She gasps out the last words while thrusting her hips off the bed, slamming her clit against his tongue. Dele keeps feverishly sucking her clit while pushing two fingers into her soaked pussy.

“Oh God! That’s so good! Ohhhh! So good! OHHHHH YEAH” Bisola yells, squeezing her legs together while pushing Dele’s face from her sensitive clit. As she falls back on the bed, panting, Dele shakes his head loose from her fingers and begins lapping up the thick cream oozing from her quivering pussy. And that’s just round one, Dele thinks.

In the next room, Lola is smiling to herself as Yinka tosses and turns next to her, putting the pillow over his head. At first, she wasn’t sure what she was hearing because the wall muffled the sound. But when the headboard started tapping the wall behind them and she heard her sister-in-law moaning, it confirmed her suspicions. She wonders if Dele is doing this on purpose to get a reaction from Yinka or if this is just their normal nightly routine. By the time Bisola yells her last oh yeah, Yinka has jumped out of bed and walked out on the balcony in his pajamas.

“Are you okay?” Lola asks, wrapping her arms around him from behind, her thin nightgown offering little protection from the cool night air.

“Who can sleep with that… that… noise? You think they have a little pity on us!” Dele grumble. Lola can’t remember seeing him this angry in a long time. Does he feel his sister is betraying a sacred family oath or is it something else? She tries to soothe him.

“I think they’re done if you want to come back to bed.” She smiles as she rubs her body against his back, hoping the moaning might have stirred a positive reaction in her husband.

“Don’t you start!” Yinka snaps, moving away from her. “Isn’t one selfish couple in this beach resort enough?” He walks back into the bedroom and throws himself on the bed with a huge sigh.

Lola stays on the balcony, hugging herself and wishing she was in the next bedroom with Dele. Hell, she would even share him with his wife if he makes her moan like that. She shrugs and starts back into the bedroom when she hears the revealing squeak of the bed in the next room. Ohmygod, they’re not done. She smiles and turns back to the balcony.

Dele never stopped lapping up his wife’s succulent cream. He gently licked all around her sensitive pussy, occasionally flicking his tongue between her open lips. By the time she caught her breath and was no longer panting, her arousal was on the rise and her pussy was anxious for more.

“God, Dele! What you do to me!” she cries, spreading her thighs wider and pulling on his head again. Dele loves the taste of his wife’s pussy. He could eat her all day and never get enough. Moving his mouth up to her clit again, he sucks it into his mouth while once again pushing two fingers into her wide-open pussy.

“Oh Dele! That’s soo…. SOOO… GOOD!” Bisola cries as he sucks on her clit and pumps his fingers in and out. Bisola is jerking wildly and he’s having trouble keeping her clit in his mouth.

“OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!” Bisola is screaming and her whole body is spasming as she gushes a steady stream of creamy nectar over Dele’s fingers and down his chin. Dele releases her clit to lap up her thick, syrupy juice. Her body is quaking and her pussy lips are quivering as he licks her inside and out.

Even before she catches her breath, Dele slides his body over hers and plunges his rock solid dick deep into her in one hard thrust. Her still quivering pussy engulfs his dick like a velvet glove and Bisola’s hips instantly start keeping rhythm with his steady pounding.

“Oh! Oh! OHHHH! OHHHH!” Bisola’s moans mirror Dele’s jackhammering thrusts. Her thick, hot juices make his dick feel like it’s gliding through hot jelly as he pounds her pussy.

“Oh Dele! It’s building again! Oh, Dele! Dele! Dele!” Bisola is digging her fingernails into his ass cheeks spurring him on. Dele knows what really gets his wife’s blood boiling and he slips his arms under her, holding her against him as he rolls them over, placing her on top.

Bisola pushes herself up into a sitting position and starts riding his hard dick like a wild woman. Dele just smiles as she bounces on his dick and the headboard starts banging against the wall.

She’s slamming her pussy down so hard he’s afraid she’ll demolish his hard-on with the force of her attack. He grabs her nipples, twisting them and stretching them out from her bouncing breasts. His dick is throbbing from her ferocious onslaught and he tenses his legs as his balls constrict, ready for the eruption that is seconds away.

“Ahh! Ahh! AHH! AHHHHHHHH!” Bisola’s moans are synchronized with her bouncing and Dele can actually feel the pressure of her juices against his dick as waves pleasure flow through her body. Her pussy grips his dick and she slams down hard against him as he shoots his load deep inside her quivering pussy. Her whole body is trembling as she collapses on his chest, her soft breasts cushioning her fall, while her pussy pulsates like a vibrator, milking the last bit of cum from his dick.

They’re both breathing hard, but Bisola is gasping for breath. Her head is on Dele’s shoulder and her hair is wet and her head sweat-soaked from her intense exertion. He strokes her hair and kisses her gently on her wet forehead while wondering what Lola thought of their exhibition.

Lola can’t figure out why her husband is so mad about the noises coming from the next room. She thinks it’s kind of arousing and wishes Yinka would do something about it.

Yinka can’t figure it out either. Why should his sister break their vow making him so mad? As he lies on the bed listening to her moan he can vividly picture exactly what she’s doing. He can visualize her naked body and her gorgeous bouncing breasts. He still dreams of how she straddled him and nearly drove him insane.

“Maybe we should make a little noise of our own,” Lola says, noticing the tent in the sheet as she crawls in beside him.

“I don’t think it’s a contest!” Yinka snaps and then is instantly ashamed that he’s taking this out on Lola. It isn’t her fault. She’s the best wife anyone could ask for.

“I’m sorry,” he says, turning towards her and noticing she’s shed her nightgown.

“Show me you’re sorry,” Lola smiles, pressing her naked thigh against her husband’s pajama-covered hard-on. Yinka surprises Lola by rolling her onto her back and pulling off his pajamas.

As Yinka positions himself over his Lola’s body and aligns his dick with her moist pussy, he’s hoping that making love to his wife will take his mind off of his sister. He doesn’t know why he keeps dreaming about that night with Bisola and he’s still angry with her about breaking her vows but he gently slides his steel-like rod inside his wife’s anxious pussy.

Responding to the noises from the next room, Lola is wet and ready. Closing her eyes, she can imagine from Bisola’s moaning exactly what Dele is doing to her. She knows from experience how Dele uses his tongue and then slams in with his hearty dick. As Yinka continues his mechanically rhythmic fucking, Lola thrusts her hips, trying to push him to a more adventurous level of lust.

When Yinka momentarily speeds up just before he cums, Lola is close to her own orgasm. Close… but not close enough. She drops her head on her pillow with a sigh, wondering how she’s going to get Dele alone to satisfy her needs.

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