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Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 16] (18+)

Bisola is oblivious to the warm temperature of her bathwater. The cucumber is on the floor next to the tub, her eyes are closed and her body is completely relaxed. After settling into her bath, she immediately started practicing with the cucumber, sliding it in and out of her mouth and trying to supersede her gag reflex. It was too big for her to think of it as a real penis, but the shape was perfect for what she wanted.

Although she never quite got it down her throat she was bursting with pride when she worked most of it into her mouth without gagging. With her other hand casually combing her fingers through her pubic hair, she sucked the cucumber like she thought it would cum.

Without consciously realizing it, her fingers had moved down to the top of her slit, lightly stroking her sensitive clit hood. Having never masturbated before Bisola was shocked at the pleasurable tremor her fingers sent through her body. Still pistoning the cucumber into her mouth, she spread her legs and rubbed her clit more rapidly. Having abandoned her deep-seated inhibitions against oral sex she guesses masturbation is a small sin in comparison.

She lets the cucumber slip through her fingers over the edge of the tub and uses her free hand to massage her breasts and tease her increasingly responsive nipples.

“Oh, God!” Bisola moans, bracing her feet against the tile over the end of the tub as she slides further into the water, vigorously attacking her clit and yanking on her aroused nipples. “Damn!”

she cries as her orgasm builds beyond her wildest expectations. Who knew you could do this to yourself?

“AaaaaaggggghhhhhHHHH!” Her orgasm rips through her body, splashing water out of the tub as she shakes and trembles through her intense release. Gripping the sides of the tub with both hands, she carried herself up and leans her head against the cool ceramic edge of the tub. Completely relaxed, her mind is consumed with her desire to demonstrate her newly acquired blowjob techniques on Dele.

As she’s imagining her lips stretched around her husband’s thick shaft, her unbridled thoughts unexpectedly wander to Yinka’s penis and what it would have felt like in her mouth.

“NO!” Bisola sits up. “What is wrong with me?” she asks the empty bathroom, completely confused about why she can’t keep her brother’s penis out of her thoughts. Abruptly aware of how cool the water has become, Bisola climbs from the tub and towels off.

Neither Dele nor Bisola mentions their desire for an early bedtime but by some unspoken mutual consent, they are both in bed before nine. Dele is completely naked and Bisola has a pair of light white panties covering her sanitary pad covered pussy.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” Bisola whispers, briefly pecking his lips before kissing a trail from his chin to his chest and sucking his nipples into her mouth. First the left one and then the right one, she nibbles on them until they harden into taut little bumps on his chest. Even after the workout, he got from Lola, Dele’s dick is responding quickly to his wife’s machinations.

He smiles excitedly as she continues kissing down his stomach and plants a big kiss on the end of his erect dick. Holding it between her thumb and her index finger so that it is sticking straight up, her tongue bypasses it completely and starts licking his balls. Lightly stroking his hard dick with her thumb and finger, she licks under and around his balls, gently sucking each one into her mouth.

“Oh yeah!” Dele moans when Bisola finally takes one long lick, gliding her tongue from his balls to the tip of his hard dick. Slipping just the tip in her mouth, she runs her tongue over the end of it like she did with the cucumber.

“Do you like that?” she asks nervously, lifting her lips from his dick. “Would you like some more?” Bisola is trying to mimic the playful teasing that was evident in every video she explored.

“God yes! Bisola, this is… you are…!” he pants as she keeps licking long strokes up the underside of his dick and nibbling on the swollen head. Stroking her hand up and down the length of his rod, she begins caressing his balls as she closes her mouth over the end of his saliva-coated dick and gently sucks on his cockhead.

As Dele is wondering how his wife transformed into a blowjob fantasy come true, her tongue flicks the underside of his dick sending intense pleasure signals that all but eliminate any rational thought. Bisola is pleased with her success but nervous about the taste. This is the part she didn’t practice… what if she gags again?

“Ohhhhh! Yeah! Mmmmmm!” Dele moans as she continues stroking and sucking his dick and playing with his balls. Bisola creates a steady rhythm with her mouth while her tongue is in constant motion along the underside of his dick. By the time she starts rolling his balls back and forth with her hand, Dele is jerking his ass off the bed trying to drive his dick deeper into her warm mouth.

Okay… I can do this, Bisola mentally urges herself on as she speeds up the stroking of her husband’s throbbing dick.

Thankfully, Bisola recognizes the signs and knows Dele is getting close. She squeezes her eyes shut and bravely stays right with him, stroking and sucking and playing with his balls. She begins a rhythm of swallowing, sucking, swallowing just seconds before Dele erupts inside her mouth. OhmyGod! There is so much of it. It’s going down my throat. I’m swallowing it!

“AaaahhhhhhhhHHHH!” Dele groans as his cum spray. filling his wife’s mouth as she struggles to swallow fast enough. Bisola keeps stroking, sucking and swallowing but some of it still runs out of her mouth and down his hard dick.

When he’s tired, Dele falls back on the bed, panting. Un-believable! He wasn’t sure what Bisola would do when he came if she would run from the room like she did last night. But there she is, still swallowing, taking every drop. When he stops spasming, she lets his dick slowly fall from her mouth and onto his stomach.

Sucking in a huge breath and smiling from ear to ear, Bisola glides her tongue down Dele’s sensitive shaft, cleaning up the cum that overflowed out of her mouth. My god! I can’t believe I just did that. It’s just like the videos… except it was better than the videos!

“I’m learning,” Bisola whispers shyly, releasing his tired dick and snuggling against her husband’s warm body.

“You are unbelievable!” Dele whispers, kissing the top of her head. I can do better, Bisola thinks as she drifts off to sleep.

A blowjob becomes their new nightly ritual. As soon as she comes to bed, Bisola aggressively attacks Dele’s dick, and true to her prediction, she improves her skill with each undertaking. Dele finds himself lasting longer and cumming harder with each night’s blowjob. Bisola continues to seek instruction from the Internet, trying new techniques to pleasure her husband’s dick.

Once her period subsides, Bisola doesn’t abandon the nightly blowjob. She just continues sucking Dele after he cums until he’s hard enough for her to mount him with her feverish pussy. She loves being on top and riding his dick to a screaming orgasm, enhanced by the lingering taste of his cum on her tongue.

Bisola’s dreams have become lust-filled cocksucking fantasies. Mostly Dele’s dick but sometimes she dreams of sucking Yinka’s dick and a few times she’s even dreamt of them together. She wakes up in a sweat with her pussy soaking wet after dreaming about her husband and her brother naked in her bed while she strokes their hard dicks and alternates feeding each one into her warm mouth.

She can’t understand why her brother keeps intruding into her sexual fantasies or why she finds it so arousing when he does. As their beach trip gets closer, his presence in her fantasies increases significantly and she even wonders if there will be an opportunity for her and Yinka to be alone. As soon as this thought enters her brain, Bisola banishes it. What am I thinking?

A few days before the beach vacation, Bisola and Lola go shopping for new swim trunk. Bisola has always worn a conservative swim trunk but Lola convinces her to try something a little sexier. In the dressing room together, Lola gushes over a pale blue bikini that barely covers Bisola’s perfect breasts and exposes a fair part of her ass cheeks.

“I could never wear this,” Bisola laughs, turning to look at her exposed flesh in the mirror.

“Why not?” Lola asks.

“You’ve got the body for it. Take advantage of it while you can.”

“Would you wear this?” Bisola asks, cupping her breasts to emphasize how exposed they are.

“I will if you will,” Lola answers, wondering what Dele will think when his wife and his lover show up in matching Brazilian bikinis. The idea is too good to pass up and Lola leaves the dressing room to find the exact bikini for herself.

“Well…” Bisola keeps turning to look at the bikini from different angles, imagining what Yinka might think when he sees so much flesh. Damn! Why did she think of her brother instead of her husband? And why does that make her pussy tingle?

When Lola returns, Bisola averts her eyes as her sister-in-law slips into an identical bikini. Catching a glimpse of Lola’s naked body in the mirror, Bisola stares at her ample breasts and neatly trimmed pubic area. When they stand next to each other in front of the mirror they could easily be mistaken for twins. Lola’s breasts are larger and her hips are more pronounced but with the amount of bare flesh showing the differences are small.

“Let’s not say anything to Dele or Yinka and surprise them at the beach,” Lola whispers while they wait in the checkout line.

“That’s a great idea. I can’t wait to see their reaction,” Bisola answers and the two women almost start giggling, each one oblivious to the other’s thoughts. Lola is anxious to see how Dele reacts to the two women he’s having sex with dressing identically while Bisola is wondering what Yinka will think of her new swimsuit.

On the drive to the beach resort, Dele and Bisola are both quieter than normal, lost in their own thoughts. Bisola is worried that spending a week at the beach with her brother will fuel more lustful thoughts and dreams, and at the same time, anxious to see his reaction to her revealing bikini. These conflicting emotions keep her occupied most of the drive, just gazing out the window.

Dele, on the other hand, is busy formulating a plan to help Lola improve her sex life with Yinka. He figures that since Bisola became more romantic after Lola lied to her about Yinka’s sexual prowess, maybe the reverse will be true. If Yinka thinks he and Bisola have an adventurous sex life it might help him shake off his parent’s teachings.

If he remembers the beach resort layout correctly, from viewing it on the website, the two master bedrooms are upstairs and next to each other. Although not a screamer, Bisola can be quite loud when she’s in the throes of an intense orgasm.

Dele’s plan is to induce such powerful orgasms in his wife that there will be no doubt that she’s no longer the good girl their parents wanted.

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