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March 5, 2021

Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 13] (18+)
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Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 13] (18+)

“Oh! Bisola!” Dele screams as she drives them both to intense orgasms, clamping her vaginal muscles around his dick as it spasms inside of her. Dele’s release is powerful and he thrusts his dick deep inside of her as he shoots into his wife’s reawakened pussy.
Bisola collapses on her husband’s chest, depleted, exhausted and… disappointed. She thought it was the position. She can’t… won’t think about the alternative. She loves Dele. There was nothing wrong with her orgasm. She feels very… warm and satisfied. Maybe there never were any rockets… maybe that was her imagination… maybe because it was her first time… it has nothing to do with it being her brother.

Then why was she picturing his face? Tears trickle from her eyes as Dele’s hands spread across her naked ass. She holds back the tears and presses her lips to his.
As much as she tries to fight it, Bisola is distracted the entire next day by thoughts of rocket launching orgasms. She is obsessing about achieving them with her husband. Since it’s not the position, what is it? She teaches her class on autopilot, barely acknowledging her students’

questions as she tries to sort it out in her mind. She won’t let herself speculate that only her brother who can give her this feeling. That’s an unacceptable conclusion that she won’t even entertain. She dismisses this notion over and over.

Dele is almost as inattentive to his class as Bisola is to hers but for different reasons. His mind is still reeling from the shocking turn of events last night. His nearly frigid wife riding his dick like a nordic horseman, her firm breasts bouncing all over her chest is all he can think about. He sits behind his desk most of the day to hide his raging hard-on. He can’t wait to take it to the next level tonight. He can almost taste her.

Bisola and Dele are both nervously anxious as they eat dinner and discuss their respective classes. Neither one can wait to get to bed but they go through the motions of a normal evening, watching TV and commenting on their favorite shows. By the time they reach a respectable hour to turn in, Dele is hard as a rock and Bisola’s pussy is dripping with desire.

This time it’s Dele’s turn to surprise Bisola as he pushes her onto her back and kisses his way across her chest. Bisola, already aroused from a full day of imagining rocket-launching orgasms, holds her husband’s head against her chest as he sucks and nibbles on her hardened nipples.

Emboldened by his wife’s reaction, Dele slowly kisses his way down her body, licking her smooth skin as he heads for the elusive treasure.

Bisola suppresses a gasp as she realizes what her husband is about to do. Oh no! That’s so indecent. Only harlots would let someone do that. No decent woman lets her husband do this. She squirms uncomfortably as Dele kneels between her legs. Only a whore would… Ohmygod!

Dele spreads his wife’s legs, looking directly into her pussy for the first time. Damn! Her lips are so wet, glistening with her juices and broadcasting her arousal. Glancing up, he sees her hard nipples pointing straight at the ceiling and a noticeable look of panic on her face. Uh oh! He better move fast.

As she twists around and starts to close her legs, Dele pushes his tongue against her wet pussy lips and takes one long stroke from the bottom of her slit to her clit.

“Ohhhhhh!” Bisola moans as he repeats the long lick and she unconsciously spreads her thighs to give him more room. She’s never felt anything like this. How could something like this be wrong? She feels his tongue penetrate her pussy and she grabs the back of his head, arching her back as she pulls him tighter against her inflamed opening.

Dele responds by taking a deep breath and attacking his wife’s pussy more vigorously than before. Her bubbling syrup is so delicious, he laps up the sweet nectar while she bucks her hips off the bed and crushes his face into her pubic hair. Her scent is intoxicating as he breathes through his nose and tongue fucks her aching pussy.

“Ohmygod!” Bisola cries when Dele moves to her clit, flicking his tongue across it before he sucks it into his mouth. The unexpected sensations drive her completely wild.

“Oh! Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!” Bisola screams as her orgasm builds and Dele pushes two fingers into her soaked pussy. She is humping against his face like a mad woman, her fingers entangled in his hair so he can’t pull away. He sucks on her clit while continuing to pump his fingers in and out of her hot pussy.

“Oh! Dele! Oh! Don’t stop!” Bisola clenches her pussy around his fingers, jerking wildly as her whole body shakes. Her head and shoulders come off the bed as her orgasm erupts and she gushes hot cream all over his hand. He slowly extracts his fingers and slides his mouth down to hungrily lap up her delectable juices.

Biola falls back on the bed, releasing her grip on her husband’s head as he licks all around, cleaning up her trembling pussy with his tongue. Oh, God! It wasn’t skyrocketing but it was incredibly close. She doesn’t know what just happened but it feels divine. Okay, bad choice of words, maybe heavenly. No! Isn’t that how Yinka described their lovemaking. Why is she thinking about Yinka at a time like this?

Before she can think about it any further, Dele has licked his way up her body and is pressing his hard dick into her very welcoming pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Bisola spreads her legs and wraps her arms tightly around her husband’s back as he pounds into her in one swift thrust. Yes! This may be it!

Dele is ecstatic! His wife loved having her pussy eaten and now she’s rocking under him like a house afire! He rapidly pumps his dick into her as she turns her lips towards his.

Without thinking Bisola drives her tongue deep into Dele’s mouth as she pushes her hips up to meet his powerful thrusts. Her pussy is on fire and she claws his back as she tries to quench the incredible desire that has built up inside of her.

What the…! It takes nanoseconds for her brain to process that the tangy taste on his tongue is her own orgasmic juices. Oh God! No! This is so wrong! She tries to pull her head back but there is no room and Dele is returning her kiss by vigorously pushing his tongue into her mouth, pinning her head against her pillow. It never occurs to him that she tastes her own pussy juice as he pumps his dick into her at the dangerous speed.

Conflicting emotions are tearing through Bisola’s brain. Her pussy can’t get enough of his hard dick while her mouth is repulsed by the taste of her own love juice. Oh, God! She is a slut!

She has become what her brother warned her about… and she can’t even stop! She grabs Dele’s ass, urging him to continue his pounding rhythm, rocking him on top of her as another orgasm builds from deep within her cavern.

She never knew an orgasm could build for so long. Her rocket-launching orgasm with her brother exploded without any warning. This is totally different. This is mind-numbing, life-altering, unadulterated lust! Suddenly Dele’s mouth even tastes lustfully delicious. She grabs the back of his head and plunges her tongue deep into his mouth, sweeping it around and devouring the lemon like an aphrodisiac.

When Dele finally realizes what his wife is doing with her tongue, the erotic imagery sends pulsating sensations to his dick and he has trouble holding back his release. He slams into her, grinding his pelvic bone against her clit and driving her to the summit.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh aaaaaaagggghhhh” Bisola screams as her orgasm rips through her body, momentarily blinding her as she nearly passes out. Her chest is heaving and her pussy is quivering as Dele explodes inside of her and they collapse in a heap on the bed.

Dele relaxes on top of his wife’s body and enjoys the pulsating sensations around his spent dick. They fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

The next night is almost an exact replay, with Dele eating his wife through a lengthy orgasm before pounding his solid dick into her anxious pussy. Bisola reacts even more enthusiastically to his oral machinations, arching her back as she rocks her pussy against his mouth.

When he slides his hard dick into her soaking wet hole, she doesn’t hesitate to plunge her tongue into his pussy-flavored mouth. Their bodies rocked together in an explosive, lust-filled frenzy that weakens them both and they again succumb to peaceful, exhaustive sleep.

For the past few weeks, Tuesdays have been a high anticipation day for Dele as he looked forward to his Wednesday afternoons with Lola. But this week his mind is fully occupied with thoughts of his wife. Even Bimbo’s generous cleavage, displaying the swell of her boobs as she leans across his desk to ask a question, can’t distract him from reflecting on the taste of his wife’s succulent pussy.

He glances down Bimbo’s blouse but his dick doesn’t respond to the partial view of her dark areolas like it has in the past. He’s too focused on what he’s going to do tonight at home.

Bisola sighs as she wears her sanitary pad, pulling her cotton panties up, she takes her nightgown from the hook on the back of the bathroom door. Turning sideways, she looks at herself in the mirror and smiles at the sight of her nipples. She’s never thought of herself as sexy before, but this past week Dele has made her feel like the sexiest woman on earth.

Taking a deep breath, she watches her breasts swell and feels the pull of her skin on her nipples. Letting her breath out slowly, she tries to hide her disappointment that they won’t be able to continue their lovemaking for a few days. She’s surprised by how much she loves the feel of her husband’s mouth on her nipples, not to mention what his tongue has done to her everywhere else.

She reconsiders the nightgown, hanging it back on its hook. She’ll still be able to enjoy the feeling of his skin against her aroused nipples.

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