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February 25, 2021

Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 12] (18+)
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Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 12] (18+)

Bisola has dinner ready when Dele gets home. She’s been in a dilemma all day, worried about Dele’s lack of response and the meaning of her dream about her brother. She can’t blame Dele; she hasn’t exactly been the perfect wife. How did she expect him to react? Did she think he would just forget the whole first year of their marriage and start fucking her brains out?

She went through her classes on autopilot, collecting homework and handing out assignments. About midway through her day, she started worrying that Dele would never respond to her. What if he’s found someone else? Would he have an affair? He seems to have resigned himself to their unusual sexual relationship. Was that because he found another outlet for his desires?

By the time she got home from work, Bisola had dismissed the idea of Dele having an affair and replaced her worries with something else. What if Dele fucked her and there weren’t any rockets?

What if she only reacted that way with her brother? Her dream had been so vivid. She relived riding her brother’s dick and the feeling of the pleasure rockets shooting through her body.

They ate dinner, made small talk and then watched some TV until time to go to bed. Dele thinks about staying up and jacking off in front of his laptop but decides that Lola is probably right; Bisola is finally reaching out to him. He watches her disappear into the bathroom as he gets ready for bed.

Lying in the semi-darkness, naked under the covers, Dele waits for the bathroom door to open. He’s wondering if his wife will come to bed naked again and what it will mean to their lovemaking if she does. Still horny from his unfulfilled final minutes with Lola, his dick stirs as the doorknob turns.

Light from the bathroom silhouettes his wife’s gorgeous body and his dick springs to attention at the sight of her. Completely naked, Bisola momentarily hesitates in the doorway and Dele views her perfectly sculpted curves with renewed anticipation. Forget Lola! She can’t hold a candle to Bisola’s stunningly perfect body.

Bisola turns off the light and walks nervously towards the bed. Her uncertainty diminishes when Dele invitingly pulls back the blanket for her. He’s lying on his side and she slips in next to him, jerking back when she accidentally brushes her thigh against his hardened dick. She settles onto her back hoping Dele will make the first move.

Anxious to explore his wife’s body, but aware that this is a big step for her, Dele gently places his hand on his wife’s cheek and turns her face towards him. As his lips find hers, he lovingly caresses her cheek.

Bisola shivers and tiny goose bumps dotted her shoulders and breasts as Dele’s fingers glide down her neck. With his tongue exploring his wife’s mouth, Dele slowly moves his hand down to cup her magnificently exposed breast.

“Mmm,” a small moan escapes Bisola’s lips when Dele’s thumb lightly strokes the inner curve of her right breast. Her nakedness feels sinful, but her insides are on fire as her husband’s fingers squeeze her breast and his thumb brushes across her nipple. Returning his passionate kiss, her legs instinctively part and her thigh again bumps against her husband’s hard-on.

Dele wants to further explore his wife’s mouthwatering breasts and suck on her thick nipples but he’s worried about how long her willingness will last. Reluctantly he releases her breast and slides his hand down across her flat stomach, combing his fingers through her soft pubic hair.

Momentarily disappointed that Dele didn’t spend more time with her breasts, Bisola’s heart thumps in her chest as his hand slides between her legs. Forgoing any artificial lubricant in hopes of a more natural coupling, she is surprised at the lack of any friction when his fingers graze her outer labia.

Damn! If Bisola is surprised, Dele is downright shocked at how wet his wife’s pussy is. His fingers glide right through her smooth lips and slip inside her before he even realizes it.

“Ahhhhhh!” Bisola breaks the kiss and drops her head on her pillow as tremors of pleasure surge through her body. She can’t believe she’s waited a whole year for this. If she’s sinning, then so be it…her whole body is trembling with the more pleasure than she expected.

Dele twists his fingers around in his wife’s well-lubricated pussy while his thumb gently massages her aroused clit. When she broke the kiss, he leaned his head down and sucked her closest nipple into his mouth and now his finger fucking her and devouring her succulent breasts.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Bisola’s body responds to her husband’s explorations with a spontaneous burst of orgasmic pleasure. Holding his head against her sensitive breast, she thrusts her hips up, grinding her pussy against his hand.

Feeling his wife’s body shudder, Dele doesn’t hesitate to take it to the next level. Raising his body over hers, he pulls his fingers from her pussy and lifts his head from her breast. Pressing his lips to hers and pushing his tongue into her mouth, he gently slides his rock hard dick into her anxiously wet opening.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Bisola moans into Dele’s mouth when she feels his hard dick penetrate her pussy. This is what lovemaking should be, she thinks as her hips rock in rhythm to her husband’s rapidly pumping dick.

Dele can hardly believe this is the same woman he’s been sleeping with for the past year. Not only is she sexually responsive, she’s actually hungry for his dick. Her legs are spread wider than he’s ever experienced and she’s driving her pussy onto his dick like a woman in heat! Even Lola isn’t this wild.

He feels his release building as he rams his dick into his wife’s burning pussy. She’s completely out of control, digging her fingernails into his ass cheeks and silently urging him to fuck her harder. He can’t hold out much longer. His balls constrict and he slams into her; three long, urgent thrusts, exploding on the third downward stroke with a thunderous expulsion of built up cum.

“Oh god! Oh god!” Bisola is right with him, shaking and shivering through her first orgasm since her incestuous coupling with her brother years ago. Squeezing her husband tightly to her breasts, she rides out wave after wave of wondrously intense pleasure. Then his mouth is on hers and she’s trying to catch her breath in the warmth of his moist tongue.

As her muscles relax, she enjoys the feeling of him still filling her insides and pulsating pleasurable shivers through her sensitive vaginal walls. Why oh why did she ever have to fuck her brother?

“I love you,” Dele says as Bisola squeezes her pussy around his spent dick. Leaning his head up, he kisses her forehead and then each cheek, noticing tiny teardrops in the corner of her eyes.

“I’m so sorry…” Bisola whispers.

“Shh… it’s okay,” Dele brushes his lips against hers. “It’s more than okay… it’s wonderful.” His dick is stirring within her hot, smooth pussy.

“Oh, it is so wonderful… that’s why I’m sorry I made you wait a whole year.” Her eyes plead forgiveness but all Dele feels is love for his beautiful, sexy wife.

“You’re worth waiting for,” he tells her as he gently rocks his hips, trying to force his dick toward a faster recovery.

“I love you so much!” Bisola sobs, squeezing her husband tightly while her pussy responds to the subtle movements of his dick. Ohhh! He feels so good. “I’m going to be a more loving wife, Dele. You’ll see,” she vows as her hips pick up his rhythm and her lips find his.

Dele can’t begin to understand what caused Bisola’s sudden change, but he’s not about to question it. With his dick nearly at full recovery, he rocks faster, wondering what else his wife’s sexual awakening might mean… oral sex? anal sex? If not, he still has Wednesdays with Lola.

True to her word, Bisola becomes the sexually willing wife Dele has always dreamed about, crawling into bed naked and ready every night of the week. Dele is hesitant to change anything in their routine but is constantly thinking about doing more, including eating his wife’s pussy. After their fourth night of enthusiastic, missionary position fucking, Bisola surprises Dele by changing the routine.

Crawling into bed, she pushes Dele onto his back and kneels beside him. Pressing her warm lips to his, she spreads her hand across his chest in light caresses before letting it roam down his body towards his semi-erect dick. Dele is fully aroused by the time she wraps her hand around his thick shaft, gently stroking up and down as their tongues entwine in a passionate kiss.

Dele reacts instantly to his wife’s touch and begins fondling her breasts as she swings her leg over him. With her wet pussy positioned over his dick and her fingers still holding him, she rubs his dick across her moist lips and then feeds him into her slick opening as she lowers herself down. Damn! This is what he’s been waiting for, Bisola taking the initiative in their lovemaking. Anything is possible now!

“Mmmmm!” Bisola moans, breaking the kiss as she pushes her husband’s hard dick into her anxious pussy. When he’s fully inside of her, she sits up and squeezes her vaginal muscles as she squirms around to get into the exact position she was in the only other time she has sat on a dick.

With his hard dick sheathed in the buttery heat of his wife’s pussy, Dele has no idea that Bisola is trying to recreate the feelings she had on that incestuous morning back in college. He’s just excited by her sexual adventurousness and reaches up to squeeze her luscious breasts and pinch her taut nipples.

“Oh yeah!” he cries as she starts rocking back and forth, working her pussy muscles on his hard shaft. He kneads the soft flesh of her full breasts as she develops a steady rhythm on his dick.

Working from memory, with vivid images from her dream thrown in, Bisola tries desperately to recreate the explosive sensations she felt when she rode her brother’s dick. Her recent lovemaking with her husband has been wonderful and she’s completely addicted to the orgasmic bliss he brings her to every night, but it hasn’t had the same intensity that she remembers from her forbidden coupling with her brother. She wants that same feeling with her husband.

Dele is in heaven as his wife rides him like a wild woman, bouncing so frantically that she almost bounces off of him. He gives up trying to hold onto her breasts and lets them bounce freely against her chest as her pussy flies up to the tip of his dick and slams back down. He’s amazed that this woman assaulting his dick is the same person who told him he was being a little rough a couple of weeks ago. He grabs her hips and thrusts up into her, matching her wild rhythm as he tries to hold back his impending release. Damn! Tomorrow he’s going to eat her pussy! He didn’t realize how ready she was for more intense lovemaking. Wait until Lola hears about this!

“Ohhhhhh!” Bisola cries as she viciously hammers her pussy onto her husband’s dick, reaching for that elusive memory of rocket launches that lives inside her brain from so long ago. Her pussy is on fire and Dele’s dick feels fantastic, but it isn’t igniting her passion like she thought it would… like she needs it to… like it was…

With her eyes closed, she can see her brother’s face contorted in pleasure as the rockets started to launch. Stop it! Stop it! She admonishes herself. Opening her eyes, she stares at her husband’s face as she feels her orgasm build.

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