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April 20, 2021

Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 10]
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Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 10]

Bisola is fuming! Ever since her lunch with Lola, she’s been pacing the floor and trying to figure out how her brother could betray her like this. The insincere bastard was sucking and fucking his wife into oblivion, while Bisola was gritting her teeth and trying not to have an orgasm because of the vow they took! The vow to never enjoy sex again! Doesn’t that mean no orgasms?

What the hell was she thinking? How could she have been so stupid? Women can have sex without climaxing but men never do! While she’s sacrificing her sex life with her husband, her brother is getting off with his wife all the time, according to Lola.

Lola’s description of their lovemaking brings back vivid images of the day she was gyrating on her brother’s hard dick. The only orgasm she’s ever had, at least when she was fully lucid. She doesn’t want to think about that! Pounding her fist against her leg, not for the first time, she tries to make sense of it all. How could her brother have deceived her like this?

She needs to calm down and label her feelings. That’s what all the self-help books say; label your feelings. Okay, there is anger, of course, and betrayal, frustration, hurt, jealousy. Jealousy?

Of what? Of who? Of Lola? Because she’s getting orgasms that Bisola’s not or… no! She is not jealous of her brother’s wife! No! That’s not what this is about. She hears Dele’s car in the garage and tries to pull herself together.

“How was your day?” Dele asks, walking into the kitchen where Bisola is making dinner.

“Fine. And yours?” she asks, smiling over her shoulder at him.

“Great!” he says, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. It really was a great day, eating and fucking his sister-in-law. “How was your lunch with Lola?” he asks, wondering how Bisola will react.

“Good,” she says, not very convincingly.

“Did you guys agree on a date for our vacation?” he asks, already knowing the answer from Lola.

“Yes,” she says, hesitantly. “First of October week,” she answers, turning from the stove. “Do you really want to do this? Would you rather take a vacation somewhere, just the two of us?”

“I thought this was your idea,” Dele answers, wondering how her lunchtime discussion of Lola and Yinka’s sex life has suddenly given Bisola a change of heart about the vacation.

“It was. I just wasn’t sure how you felt about it,” she says and he knows she’s lying.

“I think it’s great,” He says. “You absolutely love your brother and we both adore Lola. Is there a problem?”

“No,” Bisola lies again. “We’ll have a great time,” she says, unenthusiastically. Dele lets it go.

One of the most ironic elements of Dele and Bisola’s marriage is that they sleep cuddled up to each other every night except on the nights they make love.

Bisola, in her knee length cotton nightgown, cuddle against Dele’s naked back with her arm around him, or sometimes he cuddle against Bisola’s back, being careful not to touch her breasts.

A couple of days after their vacation discussion, Bisola climbs into bed and embrace up against her husband’s back as usual. Dele, who had his back to her and didn’t see her come to bed, notices the difference immediately. Instead of her normal cotton nightgown, Bisola is wearing something soft and cool; satin maybe? She cuddles up to him and says goodnight. Maybe Lola’s right. Maybe if Bisola thinks her brother isn’t buying into the whole sexual repression, she shouldn’t either. He wiggles his ass against her satin covered thighs and says goodnight.

Neither Dele nor Bisola mention the satin nightgown but Dele starts lying on his other side when Bisola comes to bed so he can admire the way it clings to her sexy curves. He cuddles up against her, resting his dick against her satin covered ass.

As exciting a development as this is, Dele is totally preoccupied with fucking Lola’s ass. He’s been doing research on the internet about anal intercourse so he can make the experience mutually satisfying. He’s so excited that he’s been wanking nearly everyday.

The night before he’s supposed to meet Lola again, Bisola shocks Dele by coming to bed completely naked. Having turned towards the wall when he went to bed, he didn’t see her come out of the bathroom so he’s completely unprepared when she cuddles up to his back.

When he feels the smoothness of her thighs against his ass, he tentatively moves back against her, thinking maybe her nightgown has just ridden up but her bare breasts resting against his back assures him she is indeed naked.

She picked a hell of a night to start something, he thinks. All he wants to do is close his eyes and dream about fucking Lola tomorrow. The thought of his hard dick pumping in and out of his sister-in-law’s tight ass is so erotic that he can’t bring himself to deal with his wife’s attempts at seduction. He kisses her goodnight and then turns over towards the wall.

Bisola doesn’t know what to do. She thought Dele would react more enthusiastically to her new nightgown but he didn’t even seem to notice. After a few nights of cuddling him with just the thin satin material between them, she worked up the courage to abandon the nightgown and crawl into bed completely naked.

Cuddling against him and pressing her bare breasts into his back made her heart pound in her chest and her breathing become laboured. She felt an unfamiliar tingling between her legs; reminiscent of the burning itch she had the other night .

The serious thoughts about her brother, combined with her husband’s indifference to her exposed flesh, squash her desires and she dozes off, wondering if she’s even capable of becoming a normal wife. While Dele dreams of fucking Lola’s ass, Bisola dreams about her brother and the only orgasms she’s ever had.

Lola is pacing the apartment, nervous as a schoolgirl on her first date. Conflicting emotions are raging through her brain; she’s scared, nervous, excited and, incredibly aroused by the idea of Dele fucking her ass. She arrived at the apartment early, soaked in the jacuzzi and has barely eaten all day. She thinks her ass is as clean and ready as it’s ever going to be.

Taking a drag on her cigarette, she catches a glimpse of herself reflected in the dark television screen and again wonders if she should put on her nightgown. After her bath, she massaged flavoured lotion all over her body and decided to stay naked while she waited for Dele. Then thinking she looked too anxious, she put her dress back on.

A few minutes later, she shed the dress and put on the nightgown. Now she’s naked again, second-guessing herself, when she hears the doorbell ring.

Dele’s dick, already excitedly pushing against the front of his trouser, springs to attention when Lola opens the door. His eyes devour her naked body and her smooth skin glistening from the lotion.

“You look delicious,” he says, closing the door and taking her into his arms. She melts against him, wanting to tear his clothes off as he cups her bare ass cheeks and pushes his tongue into her mouth. Sliding her hand between them, she grips his hard dick through his trouser, gently squeezing it in a slow rhythm. Dele moans into her mouth as his hands caress her ass. I’m going to be fucking this ass in a few minutes, he thinks as his dick swells in Lola’s hand.

“I did some research,” Dele says a few minutes later as he starts shedding his clothes. “Two things seem to permeate the information about anal sex. First, you have to be at the peak of arousal; I can take care of that. Secondly, I have to be at the peak of hardness. In other words, I shouldn’t have cum yet,” he smiles.

“You have it all figured out,” Lola laughs nervously. “I guess I’ll just put myself in your capable hands,” she says, wrapping her arms around his neck as he drops his underwear on the floor and stands up. His stiff dick bumps against her leg and she reaches down and gently pulls it up, trapping it between their bodies.

“Capable but inexperienced,” he reminds her, “and I can hardly wait to change that.” As he moves her towards the bed he adds, “my plan is to eat you through a couple of orgasms,” he pushes her onto her back onto the bed, “and then, fuck you until you’re almost ready to cum again. Crawling up between her outstretched legs, he continues, “then you should be ready for the main event.”

“Mmmmm,” Lola smiles, “sounds heavenly.” Lola spreads her legs farther apart and Dele starts licking her inner thighs, getting his first taste of the flavoured lotion.

“vanila?” He gives her a surprised look and Lola nods. “My favourite!” he says, teasing her smooth skin with his tongue as he works his way towards her moist pussy lips.

True to his word, Dele’s tongue works his magic on Lola’s pussy. With his fingers pumping her pussy and his mouth sucking her clit, he detonates two explosive orgasms back to back.

“Ohhhhhmyyyyygod!” Lola sighs, falling back on the bed, while Dele continues lapping up her steady flow of juices.

“Let’s fuck!” Dele says excitedly, moving up next to Lola.

“Turn over,” he tells her, gently nudging her body. “We’re going to do my card, so I can lubricate your ass while I’m fucking you.” Lola had completely forgotten about the doggie style card Dele drew last week.

“You’ve thought of everything,” Lola says, still gasping for breath. Rolling on to her stomach, she shakily pushes herself up on all fours. Retrieving the lubricant from the small bag he had dropped by the door when he first came in, Dele positions himself behind her gorgeous ass. His dick throbs with anticipation as he lines it up with her frothing pussy.

“Ohhhhhh! Yeah!” Lola moans as Dele plunges his dick deeply inside her well-lubricated hole. Pushing himself tightly against her ass to keep his dick deeply embedded in her pussy, he squeezes lubricant on his finger and pulls her cheeks apart with his thumbs.

“Oh! Dele! Oh!” Lola squeals as he swirls his finger around her anal opening. Lola is rocking back and forth against Dele’s hard dick while he corkscrews his finger into her tight ass.

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