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March 3, 2021

Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake VI (18+)
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Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake VI (18+)

Jide couldn’t take his eyes off her pouty mouth as she formed the words ‘do you’. They pursed outward as if inviting a cock to seek out the oval target of those shiny red lips and let her suck it…let her suck it…all night long.

Jide felt himself shiver like a school-boy, something he wasn’t used to with women, but it was his aunt, his bewitching aunt who looked so beautiful and was subtly teasing him to the point he thought he was gonna blow his load right then and there. He was totally thrown off his game, but he was loving every second of it. “Do you think I’m a dull boy?”

She smiled sweetly and had that mischievous twinkle in her eye as she answered. “Not at all, but I do think you deserve to treat yourself and have a little playtime while you’re home. Do something to help relieve all the tension you must have from studying so hard. You need to relax, release. Don’t you think so?”

Jide almost lost it when she said ‘release’. He knew he had a lot of cum he wanted to release, preferably deep inside that gorgeous mature body of hers. “You’re probably right, Mom. It will be nice to just stay home with you, get to know each other again, and talk about whatever comes up. Who knows what’ll pop up once we start talking?”

He noticed that his suggestive words definitely didn’t go unnoticed. She had that funny little twinkle in her eye, and he couldn’t help but notice that her eyes flicked down to his dick for a split second again. “That sounds perfect. I know it’ll be a little different without your uncle here, but we can enjoy ourselves with just the two of us, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely. There’s no one I’d rather spend Christmas with.”

“Me too, sweetheart.” He noticed her eyes were misty with emotion as she stepped close to him and tilted her head up, wanting another kiss. He had no intention of denying her and, this time, he decided to take the next step.

As her arms came up and circled his neck and his hands sought out the full curves of her backside, he pressed his lips to hers. Her lips were deliciously soft and as her perfume invaded his senses once more, he slid the tip of his tongue across her lips, testing. He felt her relax, and her lips parted slightly, letting him inside. He slowly slid his tongue between her full lips, as soft as rose petals, and then he felt her tongue roll against his.

He gently probed deeper inside her mouth, his tongue exploring as she hungrily pressed hers back against him. He could feel her deliciously soft breasts pressing against his chest as the kiss continued, and he could feel her give a shiver of arousal. Finally, she pushed back, breaking the kiss, both of them gasping and unsure.

“Whew,” she gasped, and then gave a bit of a nervous laugh before reaching down to pick up her handbag off the table. “I uh…I think we need to leave for the restaurant now. We don’t want to keep our friends waiting now, do we?”

Jide nodded and stepped back, both of them feeling a bit awkward as they composed themselves. He could tell from the way his aunt had reacted that she wanted that kiss as badly as he did, but she just wasn’t ready to totally accept it. He knew she would be thinking about it every second for the rest of the night, just like he was right now. He just had to be patient.

“Okay, we’ll take the Honda jeep. Could you drive the car out, sweetheart? I just want to check my hair one last time,” she said as she nervously pushed back a stray of hair. Jide simply nodded and made his way to the garage, giving her that minute or so of privacy that she seemed to need to gather her thoughts.

The keys to his aunt’s Honda CR-V were in their usual spot on the key rack next to the door and he had the car backed out onto the gate in no time. He got out of the car and enjoyed the dusty air caressing his face as dusk settled in. Christmas in Lagos. You’ve gotta love it, he thought.

His aunt came out of the house and walked toward him, that dress continuing to stir the juices inside him as he watched the way it moved like a scintillating ghost about her body, her legs flashing teasingly in and out of the scarlet fabric with each stride.

The tight-fitting dress gave his eyes a workout as well, those magnificent bouncy breasts making the lacy fabric seem to strain to contain the massive spheres. As those wide hips swayed seductively, he looked up and was happy to see that she gave him a warm smile, apparently having composed herself after the fiery kiss.

“Your chariot awaits, my lady,” he offered as he gave another little bow as he opened the passenger-side door for her.

“My perfect gentleman,” his aunt replied as she traced a fingertip playfully along his jawline before sliding into the car.

Jide couldn’t help but gulp as he watched her get in. As she stepped in, the flowing panels of the dress parted to reveal that first long leg in all its glory, almost all the way up the juncture of her thigh with her body. She slid smoothly into the car, her full round ass sliding onto the smooth leather of the seat. Like a lion moving in on its prey, she gracefully drew her other leg in behind her.

Once again, the scarlet panels of the dress parted, and Jide was once again mesmerized by the spectacularly provocative view. It was made all the more enticing by the fact that she had definitely put something on her legs to give them an alluring shiny glow. Like it had for much of the day, his cock was pulsing once more.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts as he closed the door and walked around the car. “Steady, old boy. Just keep it together,” he muttered to himself. “You can do this. Just stay calm.”

On the drive to the restaurant, the conversation flowed easily. His aunt asked him about school and his interviews. She was thrilled to hear that the email he just received seemed optimistic. Although there was no sexually suggestive talk at all, she did manage to reach over and tenderly touch his arm a few times. That hadn’t gone unnoticed by Jide.

When they arrived at the restaurant, he noticed the doorman’s eyes open wide as the young man opened the door for his aunt. It was obvious the guy got an eyeful when she got out of the car, her dress leaving little to the imagination. Jide knew what that guy would be thinking about when he jerked off tonight.

His aunt was quick to take his arm as they walked into the restaurant. Jide felt her pull herself close to him, her large breast pressing against his arm warmly. The other family was waiting for them in the luxurious lobby of the restaurant.

Mr. Haruna was wearing a standard business suit, but Jide’s eyes didn’t linger for more than a second on him. How could they, with the way the two women standing next to him were dressed?

Hurana’s wife, Aisha, was wearing a full-length dress similar to his aunt’s, and Jide wondered if the two good friends had been shopping together. While his aunt’s dress was fiery red, Mrs. Haruna’s dress was a deep blue, but the silky material gave it a compelling sheen that naturally caught the eye of the beholder. And what a lot there was to behold. Aisha was, and there was no doubt about it, a beautiful woman.

The same age as his aunt, Aisha had been blessed with many similar attributes and the dress that she was wearing made sure everyone could see exactly how generous those attributes were. Whereas his aunt’s dress had a high collar, this one was extremely low-cut. The dress fit snugly to her shapely hourglass figure, with preformed bra cups held in place by two ribbon-like straps that fed over her shoulders.

Her voluptuous breasts were all but spilling out of the jam-packed cups, her enticing cleavage dark as midnight and a mile long.

Jide knew that cleavage very well, having had his sizable prick buried between those big succulent breasts on many occasions. Aisha loved it when she oils them up and then presses them all around his cock as he straddled her and levered his hips back and forth. She loved it, even more, when he ended up coming and spraying his massive load all over her face.

Jide couldn’t help but think of that as his eyes roamed over her sexy body. Yes, those breasts—although not quite as big as his aunt’s—were definitely something to see, all right. He could see that the shiny satin straps going over her shoulders were thick as NEPA cables, straining to carry the heavy load.

He let his gaze run downwards, noticing how nicely the beautiful navy fabric fit over her wide flared hips and curvy backside, a backside he was quite familiar with as well.

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