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April 20, 2021

Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake V (18+)
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Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake V (18+)

He couldn’t shake those thoughts and knew a cold shower was necessary. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he went into the bathroom attached to his room and turned the shower knobs to COLD, at least at the start. After the cold water had him cringing and his cock shying away like a scared rabbit, he slowly increased the temperature and savored the bliss of a nice long shower, eventually letting cascades of steaming hot spray rain down on his muscular form as he used all his willpower to keep his hands off his needy cock.

He shaved, put on some perfume (one that his aunt had given him as a gift and that he knew she liked), and wore the suit he had worn to the interview. His aunt had picked that out for him too before he went away to university this year. It was a gorgeous black suit that she had seen in an online store. With Jide’s height, broad shoulders, and narrow waist, it looked great on him. Even he had to admit she was right about that.

A crisp white shirt, tie and soft brown leather shoes (all of which his aunt had helped pick out) completed the outfit. With his hair combed and looking sexy, Jide was ready for whatever came next.

Checking himself one final time in the mirror and giving himself a wink, he made his way to the parlor to wait for his aunt. He leaned against the wall and checked his phone, anxious to see if there was anything from the firm he had interviewed with the day before.

He was happy to see that there was a short message from the PA of the manager, saying the manager had enjoyed meeting with him, that he had done very well, wished Jide a happy holiday season, and that they would be in touch with him in the New Year. There was one final sentence that Jide was thrilled to see:

“If you have any further interviews, please contact us first before making any commitment.” Swollen with excitement, Jide couldn’t stop smiling as he read that line over and over.

“My, don’t you look handsome.” His aunt’s voice made Jide turn. It was a good thing he was leaning against the wall, otherwise, the sight before him would likely have made him fall over as, within seconds, the blood flowed l from his brain to his dick.

His aunt stood across the room from him, adjusting an earring as she posed with one leg slightly in front of the other, letting him get a good look at her new dress. AND WHAT A DRESS IT WAS! Jide thought as his eyes raked hungrily over his aunt’s exquisite shape.

The color was a glorious red that set his own heart on fire. It was sleeveless, with a high collar that circled her long regal neck attractively. From the waist up, it was made of lace fabric, which hugged her body tightly, erotically emphasizing her luscious curves.

As she turned slightly, he could see that the dress was almost totally backless. Jide gave a shiver as he realized that there was no way she could wear a bra with a dress like that, which made his fingers itch at the thought of those tremendous breasts lying bare beneath the lacy fabric.

As with any tight top she wore, the spectacular size of those massive mounds cast a deep dark shadow on her midsection, evidence of how big those breasts really were. The sight of her nipples thrusting provocatively against the tight lace let Jide know that he guessed right—she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. He found his mouth going dry and he had to swallow, feeling the lump in his throat as he let his gaze travel downward.

The wide waistband was of the same intricate lace, and fit tightly around her narrow waist, emphasizing her pronounced hourglass figure. From there down, the dress was made of red silk that went all the way to the floor. As she took a couple of steps forward, he saw those silky panels part, revealing devilish slits over each leg. But those slits weren’t like any other dress he had seen, those slits went all the way up past the tops of her legs!

Jide found his heart pounding like a pestle as he took in the sight of his aunt’s long toned legs in that sexy dress. He noticed that she also put some kind of cream on her legs, which made them shimmer erotically. With those matching slits over each leg going all the way up, it looked like she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. He found himself smiling inwardly, hoping that was the case.

Her shoes were just as sexy. They were gold strappy sandals with heels. They complimented the dress perfectly, and Jide found his dick straining against his underwear as he dragged his gaze up from those shoes to her pretty face.

He noticed that her toenails and fingernails were painted the same fiery deep red as the dress, and the brilliant gash of her lipstick was just a slightly brighter shade of the same tone. It was a glossy wet-look type of lipstick, which made the wide gash of her full pouty mouth look wet and inviting, the perfect target for any male looking to get his cock sucked. Jide couldn’t look at it without thinking of his long thick cock making those shiny lips spread wider and wider as he fed her every last inch, over and over, for hours on end until she had sucked him dry.

Her makeup was done in bronze that looked captivatingly sultry and erotic. Her pronounced cheekbones and naturally long eyelashes made her eyes seem to spark with mischief. Her hair was tied up at the back of her head, with whispery hair trailing down provocatively to lick at her smooth neck. A pair of sparkly dangling earrings set off the rest of the outfit to a tee, making her look incredibly glamorous and provocatively sexy at the same time. So sophisticated, so breathtakingly striking, so… perfect, Jide thought.

He could only stare in wonder as he clumsily swallowed again. He had never seen a more beautiful woman in his whole life. His eyes locked on hers, and as she looked at him, he felt his whole body tingling, as if the air between them was charged with sexual electricity. The question was; who was going to blink first?

“Well, what do you think, Mister? What happened to your tongue?” his aunt said playfully as she walked over to him and straightened his tie.

Jide’s senses were invaded by the subtle erotic scent of her perfume, which sent another electric jolt to his already blazing libido. “Oh god, aunty, you look…you look absolutely incredible.”

She stepped back and did a spin, her dress flying teasingly away from her spectacular legs. “So, you like the dress? Do you think it looks all right?”

Jide could only smile and shake his head. “It…it looks amazing. Seriously, that has to be the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” she said as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek before leaning in and casually whispering into his ear, “I was thinking of you when I picked it out.”

Jide almost collapsed as those words registered in his brain. If his cock wasn’t fully hard before, it definitely was now. He was so aroused that he knew if she said anything more like that he would cream in his trouser.

“Would you like a cold drink, sweetie?” his aunt asked as if she could read his mind. He did notice that as she stepped back before asking him, she let her eyes drift down quickly over the front of his trouser. “You look like you could use one.”

“Y…yes, please,” Jide stammered out in reply.

His aunt strolled across the room to the refrigerator, her hips swaying seductively from side to side. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, those long legs of hers seeming to appear and reappear magically as the slits in the dress gave sinfully teasing glimpses of those shapely thighs with every step.

“I hope you don’t mind if I don’t offer you a beer,” she said as she turned and passed him a soft drink. “I’d like my escort to drive and it would be nice to celebrate my baby boy being home by having an extra glass or two of wine tonight.”

Jide didn’t mind one bit. He wasn’t much of a drinker to start with, and he definitely wanted to keep his wits about him. And if his aunt wanted an extra glass of wine, well… “No, that’s fine, aunty. Like I said, I am at your command. If being your driver is part of those duties, then I’ll stay sober as a judge.”

“You can have some wine at dinner if you like. After all, it is Christmas, and I do want my boy to help me celebrate.” She traced her fingertip teasingly down his chest, the light touch making him shiver. “You will help make this a Christmas to remember for me, won’t you, sweetheart?” She looked up at him, all shiny and innocent, which just served to make his throbbing cock pulse even harder.

“I’ll do anything I can to make you happy, aunty—anything.”

Her lips turned up in a smile, and she tipped her head to one side. “Be careful what you say…I just might hold you to that.”

“As I said earlier, your wish is my command, my lady.” He gave another bow again, this time made more difficult by the stiff iron bar in the front of his pants.

His flourishing gesture made his aunt laugh. “Oh sweetheart, I am so glad that you are home. I’ve missed you so badly.”

“I really missed you too.”

“Thank you so much for saying that, sweetheart. But c’mon now, don’t tell me you haven’t met any girls at Port Harcourt to at least take your mind off your studies every now and then.”

Jide shrugged. Of course, there was no point in telling her about those times he had fucked that lecturer of his or the time he got picked up in a supermarket by that sexy woman who took him out to her jeep and sucked him off while her kids and husband were involved in a football match in the field right across the street. She had wanted it bad. She sucked his cock like she had been starved of cum for years.

As he held her head in his hands and moved her sucking mouth up and down on his thrusting cock, she swallowed his load hungrily, moans of pleasure emanating from her throat. And she just kept sucking, that first flowing batch of semen only whetting her appetite. She was good all right, good enough to get two loads in a row out of him and, he just realized now, he did not even ask her name.

Or the 40-year old woman who had eyed him up when they were both fueling up their cars in the filling station. That look she gave him told him all he needed to know. Five minutes later they were both in the filling station’s bathroom and he was hammering it into her up against the wall, with her biting her fist as she came like a wild thing. MILFs, all of them, and none of them meant anything to him, other than the fact that they provided an opportunity for him to fantasize about his aunt with each one.

He realized now as he looked at her that all of those women were curvy. To his aunt’s question, he simply replied, “No, nobody. I’ve been too busy studying. Just like you taught me.”

“Well, you know what they say: all work and no play make Jide a dull boy.” She reached up and ran that long red-tipped fingernail provocatively down his chest again. “You don’t want to be a dull boy, do you?”

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