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April 20, 2021

Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake IV (18+)
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Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake IV (18+)

“Well, that’s really bad.”


“Honey,” Jide’s aunt said, “it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s only one day.”

“Yes, but it’s Christmas Eve.”

“I know, I know. But Jide’s here now. He’ll take good care of me, won’t you, sweetheart,” she said as she gave Jide a look that almost took his breath away.

“We’ll be fine, Uncle, don’t worry. I’ll take care of aunty, just like you would.” Jide couldn’t help but picture himself taking his uncle’s place in his aunt’s marital bed.

“That’s good. It’s Christmas and you know how special it is to your aunt. Be a good boy and spoil her, do whatever she asks you to do. I know she’ll make it up to you somehow.”

That’s exactly what I’m hoping for, Jide thought to himself. “I will, Uncle. You just take care of yourself and stay safe.” Jide’s eyes met his aunt’s. There was that curious little twinkle again to go along with that playful smile of hers. “And don’t worry, I’ll make sure aunty has everything her sweet little heart desires.” His aunt’s smile broadened as she almost blatantly looked him up and down, her eyes even lingering over the package hidden beneath his jeans. It was just for a second or two before she tore her eyes away, but he had definitely noticed it.

“Okay, dear,” his aunt continued as she turned her attention back to her husband. “I’m so sorry you won’t be able to make it home for Christmas.”

“I’m sorry too. You guys are still going out for dinner with Mr. Haruna‚Äôs family, right?”

This came as a bit of a surprise to Jide. They had done that special ‘Christmas Eve Dinner’ with the Haruna and his family in the past, but not for the last couple of years. As much as he had originally looked forward to possibly dumping a few loads into each of Mrs. Aisha’s hot mature holes, at this point, his full attention was on his aunty.

“Do you think we should, sweetheart?” Jide’s aunt continued. “It’s not going to be the same without you there.”

“Of course you should go. I know how much that dinner means to you, and you did buy that new dress for it, right?”

His aunt gave Jide a playful smile and shrugged her shoulders guiltily before looking back towards the phone. “Yes, you know I did.”

“Then go, by all means, the two of you go. Wear your new dress and have a great time. Did Haruna say that Fatima was going to be joining us this year?”

Jide took a second to remember who Fatima was, the Haruna’s skinny, and often annoying, teenage daughter. He hadn’t seen her in years. She had gone through a bit of a rebel phase as a younger teenager, not wanting to be seen anywhere with her parents, whether it be Christmas, or whatever, it didn’t matter to her.

“Yes, Aisha said that Fatima has really blossomed once they sent her to that private school. She’s 19 now, and quite an adorable little thing.”

“Fine then. You two go for dinner. Have a wonderful time, and just know that I will miss you both. I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

“Okay, honey. You stay safe. We’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too. Merry Christmas, honey. Merry Christmas, Jide.”

“Merry Christmas, Uncle,” Jide replied, and his aunt did the same before ending the call.

“Well, sweetie,” his aunt said as she slowly walked across the room, those wide hips shifting enticingly from side to side. “It looks like it’s just the two of us for Christmas Eve.” She slid her arm through his and started to lead him further into the house. She moved her head up and looked into his eyes, a flirtatious glint in them that made his blood stir. “Do you think the two of us can have a good time together?”

“I know we can, aunty,” Jide said as he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. He loved the feel of the side of one large breast pressing against his ribs. God, they’re big and so soft. “Like I told uncle, this is your special day. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” Jide paused for a second, wondering if he should say what he was thinking, and then decided to go for it. “Just think of me as your paid escort for the day. I’m yours to do with as you please, and any wish of yours is my command.”

They stopped where they were and his aunt looked up at him, her eyes misty with emotion.

“That’s so sweet, Jide, and I love you so much.” She stood on her tiptoes again and tipped her head up, wanting another kiss. Jide eagerly complied, only this time, the kiss was much softer, and a bit longer. His touch became bolder, letting the tip of his tongue trace teasingly along the line between her lips. He felt her tense for a brief second, but she didn’t pull back.

She just pressed her lips even firmer against his before finally breaking the kiss and stepping back, both of them breathless. She smoothed the hem of her top over the waistline of her skirt nervously for a second, and then looked up at him with her head bent to one side. This time, he could clearly see her nipples protruding beneath her tight top after their kiss, and, Damn, are they ever big, he thought to himself.

“So, you want to be my paid escort, do you?” she continued, giving him a playful smile.

“Whatever you wish, aunty,” Jide said as he put one hand across his chest and gave an exaggerated bow. The gesture made both of them chuckle, and did serve to break the bit of sexual tension in the air.

“Well, well, my own personal escort,” his aunt continued. “That does sound a bit naughty, but fun too.”

“It can be whatever you want it to be,” Jide replied, and even ventured a naughty wink in her direction.

“Well, I can’t expect my escort to perform his duties admirably on an empty stomach now, can I? Would you like some food?”

“That would be perfect.”


The two spent the next little while in the kitchen as his aunt prepared some food for both of them. The conversation flowed freely and, yes, those usual Christmas carols that Jide had expected were constantly playing in the background. After eating, Jide helped his aunt decorate the tree. He did most of the work placing lights and ornaments up high, but a couple of times she ventured up the ladder to place things just the way she wanted.

Jide was only too happy to hold the ladder steady for her. His eyes seemed drawn by a magnet as he looked up beneath the hem of her skirt right up into her intimate zone, a tight pair of black panties cupping her pussy.

His cock was hard all afternoon as he couldn’t keep his eyes off her exquisite body. Both of them seemed to make dumb excuses to ‘accidentally’ touch the other. A stroke on the hand here, a touch on the hip there, any excuse to come into some kind of physical contact, even though it was all perfectly innocent. Jide couldn’t help but wonder if his aunt was becoming as aroused by it as he was. Based on what he witnessed earlier in her bedroom, he was sure that she was.

Once the tree was fully decorated and they shared a glass of wine, his aunt suggested they each go to their rooms to relax for a little while before cleaning up and getting ready for dinner.

Jide was glad of the suggestion if only to get away from his thoughts about that incredible body of hers and try to cool down a little bit. His cock had been swelling on and off all afternoon, and he knew he couldn’t take much more without having to get off a load. So, he happily retired to his room. He threw himself onto his bed and laid back, his mind going into overdrive as he thought about the day.

That initial shock of seeing his aunt masturbating, and repeatedly calling out his name, had been a mind-blowing experience all on its own. And then the way she had acted when he kissed her. He could tell that the interest had been there, but each of them was too reluctant and unsure to break that taboo barrier.

Was she really that interested, or was it just like the fantasies that he had about her? When she masturbated and called out his name, was it just an outlet she used to satisfy her sexual cravings, or did she really want to fuck him? It was hard to tell for sure. Somehow, he needed to know the truth. And now, with his uncle stuck miles away for at least twenty-four hours, Jide knew that it was ‘now or never’.

There would never be a chance like this again. As he peeled off his clothes and looked at his semi-hard cock and bloated balls, he knew he could have wanked off a massive load in no time flat. But there were those ‘what ifs’ again. What if she really wants it, what if tonight something really…?

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