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April 20, 2021

Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake III (18+)
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Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake III (18+)

“Fuck, baby…you’re gonna make me cum,” she gasped out as she let the swollen nipple slip out of her sucking lips. “Deeper, baby…harder…give it to me…fill your aunty up with that cum of yours.”

Jide’s heart was pounding like a jackhammer as he watched his aunty’s hips pound savagely against her pumping hand, the two ends of the dildo driven deep inside her needy body.


Jide could only stand there, gasping as he watched his aunt’s body start to shake and convulse as a massive climax ripped through her. Her shapely hourglass figure was trembling and quivering as wave after wave of blissful delight coursed through her. Her head was thrown back into the pillows and her eyes remained closed as she rode out her orgasm, her hand continuing to move the dildo in and out of her tight holes.

He watched as her huge naked breasts, spit-covered and now totally spread out over the full breadth of her chest, jiggled enticingly as her body shook, her release continuing for a long time before the luxurious sensations finally started to fade away.

When her quivering started to slow, Jide drew back, but just couldn’t stop looking while she drew in deep breaths of air as she recovered. Still shocked, he watched as she slowly withdrew both ends of the dildo from inside her, each end coming out with a nasty sucking sound and dripping with her juices.

“Come here, baby, let me lick you clean,” he heard her say as she brought the glistening toy to her mouth. Her lips opened and she slid the pointed finger end into her mouth first, her lips closing down and her eyes hooded in bliss as she licked and sucked the creamy cunt-honey off the toy.

“Mmmm, we taste so good together, baby,” she muttered as she turned the dildo around and brought the fisted end to her mouth. “I love it when my boy fucks me in the ass. You’re so big, and go so deep. I love it.”

Jide gasped as she licked at the shiny rubber fist, soft moans of blissful pleasure emanating from deep in her throat. As he watched her tongue run all over the glistening toy, he realized that he was on the verge of being discovered. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he moved to the side and then back. He turned and leaned against the stair for a few seconds, trying to gather his thoughts.

He felt dizzy thinking about what he just witnessed, but the rock-hard cock pressing against the front of his jeans told him that it was real. He turned and looked back at the bedroom door, hoping his aunty hadn’t heard him when he moved. The one thing he knew was that he had to get out of there. His aunty would be embarrassed if she knew he had been spying on her.

Holding onto the handrail to steady himself, he walked quietly down the stairs and made his way out of the house as quietly as he could. He got into his car, put it into neutral, and let the gentle slope of the garage ease him back out onto the street. He started the car as quietly as possible and drove away, his brain swirling. He drove to a garden a short distance away and parked, unable to even move.

“Damn,” he said out loud, smashing his fists on the steering wheel. “What the fuck am I going to do now?” His cock was still throbbing like crazy, wanting attention. But a lot of ‘what ifs’ started ping-ponging this way and that in his brain. ‘What if aunty wants me as badly as I want her?’… ‘What if I really had a chance to fuck her? Was she really calling out my name when she came?’

Those thoughts and more caused him to sit there and think about what had just happened. He was thrilled by all of it, as totally unreal as it was. And yes, his aunt looked absolutely breathtaking coming like that, her curvy body flexing and shaking like a wild thing.

It was, without a doubt, the hottest thing he had ever seen. Jide had watched a lot of porn in his time, and nothing came close to the show his aunt had just put on in front of him. But now, what to do…what to do?!?!

He took a number of deep breaths, willing himself, and his cock, to calm down. He was so near the edge that he could have whipped out his penis and reached orgasm in seconds flat, but…based on what he had just seen, this was no time to undo his trouser and masturbate.

He got out of the car, leaned against the roof, and took a few more deep breaths. He walked at a quick pace, he strolled around the area, before finally deciding what to do. He pulled out his phone. On the second ring, she answered.

“Hello, Jide.”

Just the sweet sound of his aunt’s voice sent a pang of need right back to his cock. “Hi, Aunty.”

“Where are you? I didn’t expect to hear from you for a few hours yet.”

“The interview got moved up yesterday so I was able to get away earlier than I expected. I drove to Benin and stayed with Uche last night. I left his place a short time ago and now I just made a stop and grabbed something to eat. I’m only about thirty minutes away. I figured I should give you a call and let you know.”

“Oh honey, that’s wonderful!” Jide could hear the pure joy in her voice.

“What time is Uncle due to get in?”

“He was supposed to get in at 5:30 but he just called a few hours ago. His flight’s been delayed. I guess because of the weather.”

Now, wouldn’t that be something, Jide thought to himself. “Okay, hopefully, it works out okay for him. All right, I’m going to get back in the car now. I’ll see you shortly. Do you need anything?”

“Just you, dear. Get home as soon as you can. I’ve missed you so much.”

Jide could hear the emotion in his aunt’s voice and having seen what he witnessed just a short time ago, her words warmed his heart and fired his libido at the same time. He decided to press things a little bit. “I’ve missed you too, aunty. More than you can imagine.”

“That’s so sweet. Well, I’m right here waiting, so be as quick as you can.” And with those final words, she was gone.

The thought of her waiting for him, stretched out on her bed like that, had Jide climbing the walls within his perverted brain. He drove to a nearby supermarket and bought a cold drink, loving the feeling of the ice-cold coke as it slid down his throat, helping to cool his rising internal temperature.

He took his time sitting in the car park, sipping his drink. Finally, feeling that enough time had elapsed since he had made his call, he tossed the empty bottle into a dustbin and headed home.

As soon as he drove into the garage, his aunt raced out of the house, her hair shining like as she came towards him, her gigantic breasts bouncing beneath her tight top. In a split second, Jide saw that it was a soft blue sleeveless sweater that hugged her ample curves like a second skin.

The vertical lines of the fabric flowed in and out provocatively around her huge bust. As she got closer, he could see the outline of her heavily-structured bra beneath the tight sweater, with tiny shadows making it clear where her nipples were.

Damn, those breasts look incredible, Jide said to himself as he forced his gaze down from her big boobs. Below the top, she was wearing a black cotton miniskirt, the hem of the skirt ending mid-thigh. The skirt was nice and tight in the butt, emphasizing the impressive curves of her buttocks. On her feet, she wore sandals, perfect with her casual outfit. Against the color of her skirt and shoes, her legs looked amazing and nicely toned.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re home,” she said as she came up to him and threw her arms around his neck. She lifted her face to his.

In the last thirty minutes, Jide had been thinking about what he would do at a time like this. He decided that this was not the time to be shy, but he had to make sure not to overstep any boundaries either. He still didn’t know where his aunt’s head was at, but he decided to take a bit of a chance. They normally kissed on the cheek for both their hellos and goodbyes, with just the occasional quick peck on the lips every once in a while.

Jide caught her by surprise when he brought his mouth down and pressed his lips firmly against hers. At the same time, he slipped his arms around her lower back and pulled her close, feeling the massive swells of her soft breasts pressing against the front of his shirt.

He kissed her firmly as he held her against him, but without using his tongue. He could feel her kissing him back, but he could feel that she was shaky, unsure of what was happening. With a final playful bite at her plump bottom lip, he broke the kiss and pulled back slightly, his arms still holding her close.

“Whew, easy there,” his aunt said playfully as she blew a stray of hair off her face. She kept her hands locked behind the back of his neck and he was happy to see she seemed to be in no hurry to break their embrace. He could have sworn he felt the swell of her stiff nipples pressing into his chest.

“Sorry, Aunty. I’m just so happy to see you.” God, she is so incredibly beautiful, Jide thought as he looked down into those gorgeous eyes of hers. They seemed to be twinkling with both excitement, and something else that hit him right in the groin. If only he knew what she was thinking?

“I missed you so much too, dear,” she said before standing on her tiptoes and kissing him once more. He was happy to see that she initiated the ‘lips on lips’ kiss this time. And he responded in kind, this time letting his hands slip down slightly to softly smooth over the full round cheeks of her curvy backside.

He was happy to see that she was in no hurry to make him move his exploring hands either. The kiss was sweet, but deliciously sexy at the same time, and this time it was her that ended it by biting at his bottom lip before backing away, her gorgeous eyes twinkling playfully.

“C’mon, sweetie. Grab your box and come inside. I want you to help me finish decorating the Christmas tree.”

“You haven’t done that yet?” Jide asked as he pulled his box and bag out of the boot.

“I was waiting for you to come home, and your uncle is useless at that kind of thing.” Just then they heard the phone ring inside the house. His aunt took off in that direction, his eyes feasting on the provocative sway of her curvy buttocks. He couldn’t get the image of that ‘fisted’ end of the double-dildo driving deep into that bouncy ass just a short time ago.

“Oh honey, really?” were the first words Jide heard when he walked into the house. He spotted his aunt on the phone in his uncle’s study. She looked at Jide when he came in and mouthed the words ‘it’s your uncle’ in his direction. Jide put his stuff down and leaned against the door frame of the room, wondering what was going on.

“You’re kidding,” his aunt said, her face showing her concern. “Wait a second, Jide just got home. I’ll put you on speaker.” She pressed the button and put the phone down. She nodded towards her son.

“Hi, Uncle. Can you hear me?”

“Welcome home, my boy. I’m glad for your aunty’s sake that at least one of us could make it.”

“What’s going on?”

“I was just telling your aunt. First, they told us our flight was delayed for two hours. Now, the bad weather has gotten worse. The whole Kano is affected, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. The airline is putting us up in a hotel nearby, but that’s all we can do. It looks like I won’t be able to get home until tomorrow.”

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