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Edymaniac: Canoodling with Friend’s Sister, Stella V (18+)

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Edymaniac: Canoodling with Friend’s Sister, Stella V (18+)

“Damn,” she said in a breathless voice and then shook with a silent chuckle.

He smiled and ran his finger over her right leg.

“I didn’t…” she had to pause to gasp and swallow. “Didn’t make a mess?”

Ikenna glanced down at the vibrator, finding it surprisingly clean, and then shook his head. “No.”

“Good. My god, I thought I was… I don’t know. You made me come so hard.” She then glanced at his still cock and moaned. “I did make a mess. Come here.”

He responded to her beckoning and knee-walked toward the head of the bed. As soon as it was within reach, Stella’s tongue ran up the length of his pussy-slick cock.

Ikenna groaned and watched her lick her juices off his erection. It was incredibly sexy, and he asked, “Taste good?”

“Uh huh,” she responded without pausing in her tongue bath.

After a thorough licking, she wrapped her hand around his cock, parted her lips, and took him in. Her cheeks puffed out for a moment when the head hit the back of her tongue, but she recovered, sucking hard all the way back to the tip and then letting it go with a wet pop.

“God, you’re so big,” she said as she stared at it and stroked it in her hand. “I’m half afraid it won’t fit in my ass.”

Though he tried not to show it, that made him wonder if she was about to beg off.

She quickly reassured him that wasn’t the case when she looked up and said, “That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try, though. Ready to put this big dick in my ass?”

He groaned, and she giggled when that made him throb hard in her hand.

Without letting go of his erection, she reached out with her other hand and retrieved the bottle of lube. Stella popped the top, slid her hand down to the root of his cock, tilted the bottle, and gave it a squeeze.

Ikenna sucked in a sharp breath through his nose when the slightly chilly fluid oozed over the head of his cock.

Stella moved the bottle in a small circle, letting the lube drizzle down his shaft around its circumference. She slid her loosely gripped hand up and down the shaft, spreading the lube over him, and then added more. By the time she was finished, he had a thick, all-over coating. She closed the bottle and gave it a toss, so it landed at about the midpoint of the bed, off to her left.

As she reclined on the mattress and bent her knees, she asked, “Is this okay? I like to watch, but if you want to do me doggy-style?”

He shook his head as he moved, sliding his knees across the sheets. He wanted to see far more than just her butt and back. Stella rubbed two lube-covered fingers over her forbidden hole, adding to what was already there from her toy. She then pulled her knees back toward her chest and grabbed behind them, presenting her puckered opening to him.

“I want it. Stuff my ass,” she sultrily encouraged him as he moved into position.

He took his cock in hand and sighed in anticipation as he took aim.

“But go slow,” she quickly amended when his slippery tip touched her ass.

The resistance he had felt with the toy was nothing compared to what he felt when he began to push. He had to slide his guiding fingers farther up the shaft and hold on tighter when his cock was trying to bend and slip off target rather than penetrate. On the verge of fulfilling a long-held fantasy, it was all he could do to heed her words and take it easy. He pressed harder and harder until he finally felt the slightest slip.

“Ah! Oh!” Stella cried as the mushroom tip slipped inside her, and her ass tightened around the shaft below.

Ikenna groaned from the unbelievable squeeze. That he had expected — though his imaginings paled in comparison to reality. The delight he hadn’t anticipated was how hot she felt inside. Stella was stiff and trembling. Her toes were tightly curled, her eyes narrow, and her brow furrowed. Her mouth hung open in a silent cry until, at last, she gasped.

Her words came out in a high-pitched rush, “Oh my lord, so fucking big.”

“Tight. Fuck,” Ikenna growled as the muscular little ring rhythmically contracted around him. He had to keep the pressure on because it felt as if her ass was trying to push him out.

Stella let go of her right leg, and when it slipped back toward him, Ikenna caught it and guided it over his shoulder. The reason she let go was evident when she began to tease her clit with lube-slick fingers.

“Give me… Give me a second,” she pleaded. “Let me get used to it.”

He nodded, perfectly content to feel the squeeze and watch her masturbate. “You okay?”

She offered a curt nod. Her fingers moved faster over her button, and she whimpered.

That alone was a treat, as only a couple of girls had ever let him watch them play with themselves — and not for very long. It was exciting to see something so private and intimate on display right in front of him. She seemed to prefer sliding her fingers up and down, rather than in circles like the other girls. She also tapped her clit and pinched it. The pinch drew a yelp out of her.

As the sound faded, her muscles slightly relaxed. Already pushing to stay inside her, a little over an inch more of Ikenna’s cock vanished in her ass before it clenched tight around him again.

Stella’s head lashed back, and she let out a choked-off scream. Her head snapped back up a moment later, and she stared at him stretching her ass. “Fucking god,” she growled.

“Feels so good,” he said.

“So full. More,” she said from between clenched teeth.

Ikenna pushed, fighting the resistance, and his enthusiasm got the better of him. In a flash, almost the whole of his hard shaft vanished into her. Stella shrieked, and her eyes misted over. The fingers of her left hand dug into the back of her knee. Her other hand curled into a claw above her pussy.

He pulled back about an inch upon seeing the obvious discomfort in her features, but she let out a snarl and barked, “More. All off it.”

He reversed course, and she growled until his balls settled against her. Then she gasped.

“Oh god. All in me,” she squeaked. Her fingers returned to her clit.

Ikenna throbbed in her canal. “So hot and tight. So good.”

Stella met his gaze with eyes that were narrow and still glimmering with unshed tears. “Do it. Fuck my ass.”

He withdrew — gasping from the feeling of her ass stroking his turgid flesh — but went too far. Her hips twitched, and he slipped out.

“Oh,” she cried, the sound somehow mingling both longing and relief. “Back in.”

That proved easier than the first time because her ass had gaped to accommodate his girth. Her chin dropped to her chest, and an unexpectedly deep growl escaped her as his cock violated her ass once more. He buried his cock in her ass, and she groaned as he immediately withdrew. A growl punctuated by a whimper accompanied his next slow thrust.

It was everything he fantasized about and more. He took his time, alternately watching her expression harden and her fingers between her legs. The sounds she was making were loud, primal, and almost ferocious. The heat increased as he slid in and out of her ass, making his growls and groans fall into a deeper register as well.

Stella dipped her fingers into her pussy, making squishy sounds as she fucked herself with them for several fast strokes. The slippery digits then returned to her clit.

“More lube,” she gasped when his excitement got the better of him, and he thrust a little faster.

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