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Edymaniac: Canoodling with Friend’s Sister, Stella III (18+)

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Edymaniac: Canoodling with Friend’s Sister, Stella III (18+)

Once he finally had enough breath to do so, Ikenna growled, “God damn.”

Stella let out a deeper, sultry moan when she licked up a dollop of cum that had made it all the way to his chin. “Did you come hard?” she asked with a knowing gleam in her eye.

His entire chest was covered in smeared semen and her saliva. “What do you think?” he muttered, punctuating it with a weary chuckle.

“I think I told you I was going to make you come bucketloads. See what you’ve been missing?”

That made him wince. The heat of the moment was slowly fading, allowing the blood that had abandoned his brain for the smaller head below to remind him of why he had been missing out.

“Here’s something else you’ve been missing,” she said.

Stella pulled her knees underneath her and then stood. He swallowed hard as she walked over on top of him and squatted down on his face. With bare, sweet, teenage pussy in his face, he did what came naturally, and stabbed his tongue between her pussy lips.

She rode his face hard, smearing it with her wetness. Ikenna lapped up her nectar, tongued her clit, and sucked the swollen little bud, drawing out whimpers. He tried a couple of times to reach the pucker of her bottom to return the favor, but she fought him, keeping him centred on her clit. She seemed determined — almost desperate — to come.

He decided he could live with that and devoured her barely legal pussy.

It couldn’t have been much more than a minute later when she began to convulse atop him and wail in orgasm. Ikenna dug his fingers into the cleft of her butt, holding her against his mouth, and kept licking. Stella screamed, squealed, lurched, and pulled his hair as the throes of her orgasm took complete control of her body. Ikenna revelled in how hard she was coming and did his best to prolong it.

Then, as suddenly as she had exploded in orgasm, she yanked his head hard, and lurched off his face. Her sloppy pussy left another trail of mess on his chest, and then she collapsed atop him with her hot breasts squished against his left cheek.

She remained atop him — gasping and wheezing for breath — for quite some time. Ikenna absently stroked her back, feeling her chest heave until her breathing began to slow. Eventually, she shivered, let out a quavering moan, slid off him, and flopped onto her back.

Ikenna smiled as he listened to her moan and watched her caressing her breasts with one hand and her glistening pussy with the other. He was lost in the moment until he saw the fading light coming through the curtains in his peripheral vision.

“Shit,” he exclaimed as he sat up. “Your brother’s going to be home soon.”

Her voice sad, and with a pout on her face, she said, “Oh, damn. You’re right.”

“Damn it,” he muttered under his breath. Ignoring the now cold and clammy evidence of what he had done, he slid out of the bed and began gathering up his clothes.

As he hastily dressed, Stella lounged naked on the bed, giggling and watching him. She let out a quiet moan of disappointment when he pulled up his boxers, covering his still-sensitive cock. Once he was dressed, he turned toward her but had no idea what to say.

“Go ahead, before Hakeem gets home. That was so worth waiting for. Grab my top out of the living room and bring it in here before you go?”

“Yeah, okay,” he said and then headed out of her room. Along the way, it dawned on him that the only reason he had stopped and gotten himself into this situation was that her bicycle wasn’t there. When he returned to the room with her top, he asked, “Where’s your bicycle?”

She gestured for him to toss it anywhere, so he put it down on her dresser. Then she answered, “I was reading over Hakeem’s shoulder when you two were talking about that, so I hid it in the garage where Mom and Dad’s cars usually are. Sneaky, aren’t I? Come on. You have to admit it was incredible.”

“Yeah. You made me come hard.”

“I loved it. You too, by the way. I needed that so badly.”

A half smile tugged at his lips when he said, “You did go pretty wild.”

“Uh huh. You know, this thing you’ve got with me being off limits is more or less all on you. Hakeem knows that I sucked off Ubong once, and he’s not pissed or anything.”


“He doesn’t want to know anything about it, but it doesn’t really bother him. Then there’s the fact that Hakeem fucked your sister a couple of times.”

Ikenna gave a violent shake of his head and exclaimed, “What?”

She laughed. “It was a rebound thing. They did it a couple of times, and then it was over. Neither of them is really into the other, but it happened. If anything, you still owe him one, if you want to think of it that way.”

He didn’t even know how to process that other than to shiver at the disturbing thought of his sister having sex with anyone.

“Go on. I know I don’t even want you to get caught in the house smelling like pussy. I need to get in the shower and brush my teeth.”


Stella blew him a kiss while pulling open a drawer to retrieve a pair of panties. He headed out of the room, still reeling from the whirlwind that he had been caught up in. He was a couple of miles down the road before he even realized that his face was still covered in drying pussy juice. The fast food napkin from the door compartment didn’t accomplish much, so he headed straight to the shower himself upon arriving home.

When Ikenna returned to his room, he found messages waiting for him — from Stella, of course. He opened the conversation to find an awkwardly framed photo of her bent over, holding the phone in one hand, and her ass cheeks spread apart with the other.

After that was a message that said, “You know, all you have to do is ask me. You can stuff my ass anytime.”

A few minutes later, just before he exited the bathroom, she had sent another couple of messages. “Actually, you don’t have to ask. Want to do me up the butt?” The second said, “I could meet you at your place after you come over b’ball tomorrow. Then you can shoot something up my ass.”

It was more or less a forgone conclusion at that point. He had already broken the bro code, found out he wasn’t the only one, and she was offering what was essentially his sexual holy grail. He took a deep breath, tapped, and saved her number under her name, making it official.

He pondered how to respond for a minute or two and then finally settled on, “Can’t wait.”


Ikenna knew better than to look at the messages Stella had sent him while he was at work. He even waited until he got home, despite his anticipation growing throughout the day. Best friend’s sister or not, he couldn’t wait to finally fulfill one of his biggest fantasies and fuck her ass.

Tonight was the night.

As soon as he was home, he opened the conversation and groaned. She had sent two pictures. One was of her on her back, with her legs in the air and a dildo pressed against her ass. The second showed her with that dildo buried to the hilt in her back door.

“Never had a dick as big as yours in my ass, so I thought I better warm up,” the final message read.

He was hard as a rock all the way through his shower. The plan was the same as the previous couple of weeks — go over to Hakeem’s and practice for the basketball competition. After that was when Stella was supposed to meet him back at his place.

Still hard and aching, he knew there was no way he was going to be able to think to shoot. He sent a message to Stella. “Why don’t you come ahead over?”

Her reply arrived fast. “Hoped you would say that. On my way.”

Though his friend’s house was only a few minutes away, it seemed to take her forever to arrive. She was grinning when he opened the door, and he saw a yellow bow in her hair, though it was a hair clip rather than a ribbon like the day before. It only emphasized to him that she was barely eighteen. Her tight t-shirt and tiny shorts demonstrated beyond any doubt that she was a woman — if only just.

Stella grabbed a handful of his cock as she stepped inside and let out a sensual growl. She grabbed a bottle of lube out of her purse, gave it a playful shake, and then nodded toward his bedroom.

He was a little embarrassed that he hadn’t even thought of it. If she hadn’t brought lube with her, he would have needed to go out and buy it.

He followed her to the bedroom, where she set the bottle of lube on the nightstand next to the bed. Then she hung her purse from the drawer handle, turned toward him, bit her bottom lip, and slowly crossed the floor. While there was arousal in her eyes, there was something else as well — something softer. When she reached him, she slid one hand around his waist, to his back, and looked up at him.

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