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March 5, 2021

Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins V (18+)
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Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins V (18+)

Before she could react, there were warm hands everywhere, two large male bodies on either side of her, naked and hot and muscled. Hot lips kissed her deeply. An insistent tongue worked its way into her mouth. Palms slid over her shaking thighs, smoothing away the goosebumps and burning her skin everywhere they touched. In the near-total darkness, with no idea which twin was which, she felt the house spinning around her. No room for shyness now.

This couldn’t be real, anyway. Only a fantasy. Eagerly, she explored broad backs and shoulders, squeezed muscular arms, tangled her fingers in chest hair. When her thumb met a tiny hard bead of a nipple, she couldn’t resist stroking it the same way that her own nipple, so much larger, was being stroked and teased. Whoever was kissing her hissed softly. She tried pinching the nipple and was immediately answered with a much harder pinch on her own nipple.

“Tunde!” She yelled instinctively. “Ow!”

A low chuckle rasped against her left ear as fingers continued to crush the sensitive tip of her breast. It excited her more than she could ever have thought, blood rushing to her breast and her pussy. “I’m glad you knew it was me.”

Lips met hers again, and she didn’t know if they were his or Wale’s. Another mouth closed over her nipple, hot and eager, suckling the firm bud with deliberate swipes of the tongue. Meanwhile, her belly was being caressed so gently, right above her pussy, that she thought she might come just from the pleasure of it. Her thighs were completely slick with juices. She trailed her fingers along the stroking hand and up the muscular forearm, exploring. Wale, on her right.

“Let’s find out if you’re ready,” he murmured.

Ready for…what? But his hand was already sliding down over the dark curls framing her pussy, massaging her sensuously. Ada cried out as his fingers met her soaked outer lips. A shudder racked her body.

“Yes.” His voice was calm and soothing in her ear, but she could hear the excitement under it. “So ready, baby.” Instinctively, she arched her back, hoping his fingers would slide into her swollen cleft, but instead he spread his fingers, two resting on each outer lip, holding her pussy open. Cool air met her most private place, and she heard Tunde laugh softly at her low moan. “She needs you, bro.”

“What? I don’t need Tunde,” she snapped. “I— oh God.” Thick fingers suddenly met her sensitive inner lips, sending sensations through her aroused pussy that were stronger than anything she managed on her own.

“Oh, God. Oh God—” She could only whimper as Tunde rubbed her exposed pussy with firm, assured strokes, and gasped at a sudden fullness. The fullness eased up for a second, only to be replaced again, stronger, bigger, sharper. She realized he was fingering her. How many fingers? Two? Three? She had done it to herself, of course, but his were so much bigger, and he was flexing them inside her cunt, massaging her, wriggling and thrusting in a way she couldn’t have imagined.

“Tunde,” she gasped. “Too much—”

More fingers found her clit, making her jump. They must be Wale’s.

“Better, baby?” His breath stirred the wet hair on her neck. The pressure spreading open her pussy eased up, and his gentle soothing caresses on her swollen bud contrasted with Tunde’s strong fingers stretching her pussy, until she was crying out, even growling, one moan after another ripped from her mouth. She had completely lost control, she thought dimly. She sounded like an animal, and she couldn’t stop. Words pierced the haze in her head.

“My brother told me you’ve never been kissed before this.” The voice was heavy and teasing. Tunde, she realized. “But your pussy is telling me you’ve been fucked before this.”

Somehow, she managed to speak. “Not– by a guy,” she panted.

“So a girl took your virginity?” Tunde’s voice was even more teasing.

Oh God, her pussy was starting to clamp down on his fingers. Wale’s circles were so stimulating on her clit. She felt him sucking on her neck.

“No,” she whispered. “I can’t tell you.”

“Tell us,” Wale said encouragingly. “You can tell us anything.”

“I have…” Oh God. She was going to come soon. Her pussy was so aroused, so sensitive to Tunde’s penetrating fingers and Wale’s strokes, she could barely breathe. “I have a dildo…I bought it for my birthday…I just need it so much sometimes…”

“You bad girl,” Tunde breathed. “You hot little slut.” And at the same time, Wale was whispering in her ear, “That is so sexy.”

Oh God, the sensations swirled in her pussy to complete overload. She cried out as her pussy contracted around Tunde’s thick fingers, setting off her release.

“Oh, yeah,” he whispered. “Uh-huh. That’s right, baby.”

Ada could only sob with pleasure as she twisted against the twins’ hands, spasming again and again with exquisite tightness around Tunde’s probing touch while Wale played with her melting clit.

“Enough,” she moaned finally. “I can’t take it anymore.”

Fingers eased out of her still-spasming cunt, slick with cream. More fingers gave her clit a final caress, making her cunt twitch and contract. The salty scent of her pussy met her nose.

“Taste yourself, baby,” Tunde whispered. “Lick my fingers.” And oh Jesus yes, she was taking his fingers eagerly into her mouth, swirling her tongue over them as he stroked slowly in and out of her mouth just like he had in her pussy.

Unthinking, her hands reached out to both sides, running over hard male bodies and smooth warm skin until her palms closed over two engorged, hot, pulsing cocks. The sudden identical groans from both twins would have made her laugh if she wasn’t still unbelievably turned on, her pussy tingling and begging to be filled again.

Tunde’s fingers wrapped around her hand, moving her palm over his cock rhythmically. “Like this,” he whispered. “Don’t fight me. Do what I do.” His cock felt amazing, Ada thought, so soft and hard at the same time, heavy in her hand. She tried the same movements with Wale’s cock, but his hand wasn’t over hers; he just stroked her arm, and she wondered if he was content to let her explore. Then she felt him shifting position.

“Open your mouth,” he whispered. Obediently, her lips parted and met satiny hot skin, smooth and rounded. His cock, she thought hazily. He’s putting his cock in my mouth. Wale’s cock was thick and she had to open her mouth wider as he fed it to her, stopping when the fat head and an inch or two of the shaft were engulfed in her mouth.

“Lick it, sweetness,” he whispered. Tunde’s breathing was coming faster on her other side, and he moved her hand faster over his meaty penis. But Wale didn’t seem to be in any rush. He caressed her hair, rubbing his thumb over her cheek, and murmured reassurances. “Swirl your tongue over the head. That’s right. Just like that. Good girl, Ada.” He was massaging the back of her neck now. “You’re doing so well.”

She was a bad girl, she was a good girl — who knew what the truth really was. All she knew was that she was sprawled naked in the twins’ room, her creamy pussy aching for more touch, her head heavy like this was a dream, everything warm and slowed down a little in the darkness with a cock filling her mouth, another filling her hand that felt harder and harder, fingers in her hair, a palm rubbing her belly so intimately that she was moaning now around Wale’s cock, and—

“Let go,” Tunde whispered. His hand left hers. Startled, she let go of his cock and heard him moving. Hands spread her thighs firmly, and she moaned more loudly when two thumbs stroked her wet pussy lips, spreading them open. Then she cried out, her voice muffled by Wale’s cock, as something thick and hard prodded her tight entrance.

“Tunde,” she hissed, pulling her mouth off Wale’s cock. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing, baby?”

“You can’t just— come up and—” Her head was spinning again. “This is my virginity we’re talking about.”

“Which one of us do you want first?” Wale murmured. His hand was still in her hair. “You decide.”

First? Oh, God. She had known this was where things were going, of course, she had known, but it was really— they really— They really both expected to have sex with her. Maybe one right after the other. And no matter how many times she had fantasized about being with more than one guy, the reality was…real. This was real. Completely real, and not in her control like a fantasy. And so much hotter.

She opened her mouth to say that she wanted Wale first, but Tunde was rubbing his cock all over her juicy pussy, setting her on fire. More cream oozed out of her pussy, and she knew from his hiss of breath that he could feel it. She couldn’t stand the thought of him pulling away from her, losing the contact of his fat head with her slippery cunt.

“Tunde!” she cried out. “Please, Tunde…”

He let out a long exhalation. “Please what, baby?”

She didn’t think she could be embarrassed at this point, but her face was hot again. “You know,” she panted.

“Say it.”

She breathed in and out. The room was very quiet. Outside, the crickets chirped. Wale’s hand had stopped moving in her hair. Everything was still.

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