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March 4, 2021

Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins IX (18+)
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Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins IX (18+)

“Try sucking harder,” Wale gasped. Oh God yes, he was actually gasping. And he had been so controlled last night, telling everyone what to do. She sucked harder. A salty trickle greeted her tongue. “Lick underneath. Yes, Ada. You’re so sexy. You feel amazing.”

As she followed Wale’s directions, heat rushing through her body from his words, Tunde’s tongue and fingers finally took her over the edge. Her tingling pussy found release in slow, deep spasms.

She moaned loudly around Wale’s cock, unconsciously sucking in rhythm with her orgasm, shuddering as her hips lifted off the bed. Tunde just kept licking and licking her, and she kept coming and moaning in a flood of heat and light that curled through up through her pussy, her ass — which Tunde was still firmly massaging — and her belly in waves that shook her from head to toe.

She was barely aware of Wale fucking her mouth more firmly, groaning long and low as creamy fluid spurted onto her tongue. Oh — he was coming in her mouth! Lost in the throes of her orgasm, she sucked harder, urging him to fill her mouth with warm liquid.

Wale groaned again, his thick cock jerking between her lips as her tongue slid over a sensitive spot. Finally, he eased his cock out of her mouth, cupping her face in his hands. Tunde’s head was still between her thighs, lapping at her spasming pussy and holding her legs open with his elbows.

Panting for breath, she looked up at Wale questioningly. His cum tasted a little bitter in her mouth, a new flavor, and while she didn’t exactly love it, running to the bathroom to spit it out right now would just be so rude…and it was so sexy to know she was tasting him… Slowly, as he nodded at her encouragingly, she swallowed. His eyes lit up, sending another jolt through her body.

“That was amazing,” he murmured, angling his body off of hers and stretching out next to her. “I’m sorry I didn’t warn you, Ada. You just felt so delicious.”

“I liked it,” she murmured.

Lips slick with her own juices kissed her hard. Her hands met a muscled male back, a body climbing over her. A thick rod slipped between her legs, nudging her aching opening.

“Tunde…not now,” she protested, pulling back from the kiss. His eyes glittered. Primal energy coiled his whole body. His hands gripped her waist. Was she really lifting her hips, rubbing her pussy against his hot flesh, even as her sore entrance throbbed?

“Not now? Are you sure, baby?” Wale rolled her firm nipple between his fingers, and she cried out.

“I can’t,” she moaned. But her whole body tingled.

“You can,” Wale said soothingly in her ear. “Tunde’s going to go easy on you.” Flicking her eyes upward, Ada saw him give his brother a significant look. Tunde nodded grudgingly. “Okay, baby?”

Ada stared up at them. Two identical male faces looked back at her — one glazed with lust, the other relaxed and reassuring, both waiting. The soft bedsheets rubbed against her ass. Her pussy still clamored for touch, needing so badly to be filled. Slowly, she nodded.

“Okay,” she whispered, reaching for Tunde’s shoulders.

Running his hands up over her legs, Tunde squeezed and massaged her thighs, pushing her knees toward her breasts. The head of his cock pressed against her wet cunt, rubbing against her tenderness, and then he sank into her.

“Tunde.” She grabbed his chest, pulling on the hair. He growled softly.

“I’m so fucking close to cumming from eating your hot little cunt,” he whispered. Then he kissed her. Oh God — his tongue, coated in her juices now, thrust into her mouth. He fucked her agonizingly slowly, though Ada was sure that any faster would be even more agonizing. Aching pleasure swirled outward from the center of her pussy. And — yes, fingers were stroking her clit. Wale’s hand cupped her mound.

“Come for us, sweetness,” he whispered coaxingly in her ear. “Come on my brother’s cock. Tunde hasn’t felt you come on his cock yet. He doesn’t know just how incredible it feels. Show him, baby.”

Yes. Oh God — yes. Exquisite tightness gathered in her core, all the more intense for the edge of discomfort as Tunde slowly fucked her tender pussy. Her thighs ached as he held them close to her breasts, the position making her pussy available to Wale’s gentle caresses.

Tunde’s tongue was still buried in her mouth, teasing, and exploring. She yelped when he bit her lower lip. His cock felt huge in her pussy, every nerve ending alive to his thick rod.

“You’re beautiful, Ada,” Wale murmured. His fingers on her clit were bringing her so close to ecstasy. “You’ve always been so pretty, but you’re gorgeous now. You’ve needed this for a while, haven’t you? You’ve needed to be with both of us.”

“Yes,” she moaned into Tunde’s mouth.

“At the same time.”

“Yes.” A whisper.

“Taking you over and over again. Showing you that you can do anything. That you can handle so much more than you ever thought you could.”

“Yessss…” she hissed, exploding in a froth of cream on Tunde’s cock. Wale’s patient fingers kept circling her clit, drawing waves of pleasures through her contracting cunt. Tunde growled, pulling back from her mouth to stare into her eyes, and the pure animal lust on his face made her cry out and come harder, her pussy quivering around his thickness.

Suddenly, he plunged into her quivering pussy and began fucking her in earnest. Only then did Ada realize how much he had been holding back. Pain and pleasure twisted together as he fucked her cunt, thrusting deeply, coming into her eager pussy while he looked into her pleading eyes.

All she could remember next was cuddling between two hard bodies, drifting back to sleep.


A voice in her ear woke her.

“Making us breakfast,” Tunde murmured. The bed creaked as he got up. Sleepily, Ada rolled over into Wale’s embrace.

“Did Tunde say breakfast?” he mumbled, wrapping his arms around her. “Tunde never makes breakfast. Hope it’s edible.” Wale was so warm that she relaxed into his powerful arms, only half-awake. It felt good to be held. He smiled when she wrapped an arm around his back and pressed her cheek against his shoulder.

“He was up early this morning, too,” she whispered after they cuddled for a few minutes. “Making me some hangover cure.”

“Really? Tunde?” Wale seemed more awake now. He gave her a speculative look. Then his face relaxed into a smile as he stroked her back. One hand cupped her heavy breast. “Wanna shower?”

Oh boy. Yes…but no. “I think— I need a couple of minutes to myself,” she said softly.

“Take your time.” He caressed her breast before letting go. “Your stuff’s in the bathroom.”

Ada rolled to the side and stood up, glancing over her shoulder. Bright hot sunlight filled the bedroom now. She was aware of her nudity and Wale’s appreciative eyes on her exaggerated curves, and to her amazement, she didn’t feel any need to hide her body. Instead, the question she had been waiting to ask burst out.

“You planned everything, didn’t you? What Tunde said to me in the pool last night was all an act.”

“What did Tunde say to you in the pool?” Wale looked up at her curiously. She had to remind herself that even if the twins didn’t keep any secrets from each other, they weren’t telepathic.

“He called me an uptight and spoilt, a buttoned-up ice princess who thinks she’s better than everyone else and said he hadn’t talked to me in years because I hadn’t talked to him.”

“Not an act.” Wale shook his head. “He didn’t think this would work.” He seemed about to say more, then changed his mind, waving her towards the shower.

In the bathroom, Ada blinked her wide blue eyes at her reflection in the mirror. That was definitely her, naked from head to toe, but she barely recognized herself. Her messed-up hair was swept to one side. Her lips were swollen from kissing the twins and sucking Wale’s cock. Her hard nipples stood out proudly. Her hips had swayed voluptuously, confidently, as she walked into the bathroom. And to top it all off, there was a smile on her face that just wouldn’t leave.

Quickly, she turned on the shower and stood under steaming water, scrubbing her skin until it washed away the smell of sex. It felt a little awkward to use the twins’ mother’s shampoo, but she made do with a small squeeze and soaped herself thoroughly. Her stomach growled.

When she toweled off and put her swimsuit back on — it was the best she could do since she hadn’t brought any underwear — she noticed it was dry. Wale must have dried it. Thoughtful of him. Quickly, she laced up the top, feeling proud of her deep cleavage for the first time, and tied the red bows tightly on the sides. On went her dress. Next came her glasses — fortunately still intact. She finger-combed her hair. Now she looked familiar, like the Ada the rest of the world knew, except…looser. More relaxed. She wondered if anyone would notice.

Downstairs, she blinked at the food that greeted her when she walked into the kitchen. Tunde nodded to her from the stove, giving her a brief stare as he stirred eggs.

She cleared her throat. “Can I help?” Hard to believe, but it had been easier talking with Tunde when they were naked in bed together than it was now, standing in the kitchen fully dressed. The throbbing soreness between her legs wouldn’t let her forget what they had done just a little while ago. She eyed his polo top and shorts, draped over his muscular body. College. Seemed like a million years away.

“There’s fruit in the fridge. You know where all the dishes are.”

Sounds of the washing machine swished through the wall from the next room. Sheets, Ada thought. Wale must have put their parents’ sheets in the washing machine. And he should have some believable excuse for the new sheets on the bed when his parents came home. The kitchen itself was sparkling clean, with no sign of yesterday’s party except the bin overflowing with bottles.

Quickly, she rinsed them, put it in a bowl. Then she sat down at the familiar kitchen table, not trusting herself to say anything else right now.

The food did smell good — Tunde’s cooking appeared to be edible — but jeez, she had never seen so many bread and eggs at once. Of course, the twins were manly, tall muscular guys who probably ate three times as much as she did.

But when Tunde put a plate of food in front of her, she realized she was starving. Three minutes later, it was empty. She ate oranges from the bowl of fruit on the table, focusing on the sweet juicy fruit and feeling the heat rising from her body as Wale strolled into the kitchen, wet from the shower. He clapped his brother on the back.

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