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May 18, 2021

Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins IV (18+)
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Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins IV (18+)

“Oh, yes,” he muttered. Ada’s head swam as he sucked on her neck. “I knew you had it in you.”

Keeping one powerful arm around her waist, he cut through the water with the other, swimming swiftly to the far end of the pool. Ada could only hang on to his shoulders as he maneuvered her backward.

Shrouded in darkness at the back of the pool, Tunde’s head blocked out the pinpoints of light on the area. Ada couldn’t see his features or his expression; she could only feel the power in his body as he grabbed the rim of the pool with his right hand and engulfed her lips again. His muscled bulk pressed her firmly back against the side of the pool; her arms clung to his neck. What was going on between their mouths could only be described as making out.

And — oh Jesus, his left hand was roaming all over her body, squeezing and pinching her flesh in a way that should leave her feeling completely violated but just left fire wherever he touched.

She pulled back from his thrusting tongue, gasping for breath. He didn’t make it easy for her, keeping her lower lip between his teeth for a long second before he let go.

“Stop it,” she hissed. “Stop making fun of me. I know you don’t really want me.” Her stomach turned somersaults, and her pussy ached with arousal. He was too close and it was too dark and she was too excited and angry to even think about the crushing shyness getting in the way.

In response, Tunde grabbed her hand and pressed it over the hard bulge bursting through his swim trunks. Stunned and more than a little curious, Ada instinctively squeezed before she pulled her hand away. “Right,” he grunted. “I don’t want you. Keep thinking that.”

“You’re just playing with me.” This couldn’t be real. Her buzzing head, her heavy warm body, Tunde’s hand and mouth everywhere again as the water lapped around them.

“Maybe I’m just pissed Wale got here first,” Tunde rasped in her ear. “Did you think about that? And either he’s been lying to me, or you’ve been lying to him. You know what to do with a boy.”

“Fuck you,” she gasped. Was this conversation even happening? Was any of this happening?

“Ask nicely.” In the dim light, Ada could just barely see his cocky grin. His mouth swallowed hers again, and God help her, she was actually moaning into his mouth and sucking his lower lip. His roaming hand brushed against her heavy breast, then cupped it.

She cried out into his mouth. “Goddamn, your breasts are incredible,” he muttered. His big fingers felt much too good, squeezing her voluptuous flesh, and — yes — she was pushing her hard pearl of a nipple into his palm, rubbing against his touch as they kissed.

Suddenly he pulled back, his eyes flicking upward. Ada twisted, following his gaze. Wale stood above them by the edge of the pool, smiling happily.

“So she said yes?” he asked.

And right in front of her eyes, he skimmed his swim trunks over his hips and stepped out of them. Ada gazed. That couldn’t be his thick cock, engorged and pointing toward her and barely silhouetted in the dim light. But it was, and he was lowering himself noiselessly into the pool on her right side while Tunde fondled her breast from the left.

“Said yes to what?” Ada demanded. “What are you talking about? I haven’t said yes to anything — oh God,” she broke off with a moan. Tunde was pinching her nipple, rolling it between his fingers. He chuckled softly, but she could feel his pulse going faster against her arm twined around his neck, and his cock jerked against her thigh.

“Let us take care of you, Ada,” Wale whispered. He was right up against her now, cupping her chin like he was about to kiss her again. S

Something brushed against her leg underwater — his bare cock? “You need experience. You need to get over your shyness. We can help you.” And he was smiling at her like he was suggesting something perfectly reasonable.

“We?” She stammered. “Us?”

“Me and Tunde.” His voice was as patient as it had been when they were kids and he was explaining the rules of a game.

“At the same time? Are you crazy?” Her head was heavy or light, she couldn’t tell which. Tunde was running a finger inside the top of her tights, inches above her pussy, pulsing with need. “Both of you—”

“Both, or neither.”

“I don’t—”

“You can trust us, sweetness.” Wale clung to her neck. She tried to get her breath under control, but it wasn’t happening. Trust them? Definitely not Tunde, and she wasn’t so sure about Wale, either. “We’ve known each other forever. We’ll make you feel so good.” His voice was coaxing. Ada shuddered, water lapping her body, as Tunde caressed her belly, driving the heat between her legs higher and higher.

“We used to know each other. We’re different now.”

“Yes and no.” Leaning forward, he gave her a soft, sticky kiss. “What do you think?”

Ada turned to Tunde, not trusting herself to answer. He hadn’t said a word this whole time. “Say something,” she said softly.

Tunde’s hand slid into her wet hair, wrapping it around his fingers and pulling her head back. “I want to fuck you,” he murmured into her exposed ear. Shock and arousal shot through her body at the way he punched the work fuck. “I want to fuck you hard. I want to penetrate your tight little virgin pussy and fuck you again and again. Fast. Deep. Over and over while you plead for more.”

She thought she would pass out, and Wale was murmuring “Easy, Tunde. She’s never done this before,” as he slipped a soothing arm around her to rub her shoulders. But she had. In her fantasies, she had talked dirty, fucked guys on desks at school, taken one cock after another.

Her whole body was shaking with lust now, her neck was being sucked and she didn’t even know who was doing it, Tunde’s fingers were undoing the lacing on the side of her bikini bottoms, and totally of its own accord, one of her hands let go of his neck and moved through the cool water to wrap around — Jesus — a hot naked cock, hard and pulsing but unbelievably soft on the surface.

“Mmmm, yeahhhhh,” Wale groaned by her ear. He groaned, she thought, shocked. She made a guy groan! “That’s so good, Ada.”

Oh God. She was dizzy, her breasts begged to be squeezed again, her pussy needed to be filled. Two gorgeous guys she had known since she was a kid were promising her things she could only imagined. There had to be some catch, but fuck it, who cared.

“Yes,” she panted. “Yes, yes, I want to.”

Water rushed against her bare pussy, lapping her sensitive lips, as her unlaced bikini bottoms were pulled from between her legs. Light touches on the tops of her breasts made her shiver, goose bumping in the night air: Wale was unlacing her top. She gasped as a large hand cupped her pussy, giving her mound a quick squeeze, and saw that half-grin on Tunde’s face.

She glanced up, blinking, as the sound of wet bathing suit slapped the concrete behind her, and noticed the twins looking not at her, but at each other. “Where we said?” Wale asked his eyes on his brother.


Tunde’s gaze flicked over Ada’s full, exposed breasts as Wale peeled away her top and dropped it poolside. Her mouth dropped open. How much had they planned this? What the hell was going on? Honestly, they were all a little drunk, and— But Wale was already heaving himself out of the pool, reaching down a hand to her, Tunde following and pulling off his swim trunks.

Hands grasped hers, guiding her in the near darkness to the trees in the back of the yard. Someone was running their hand over her ass. God, she could barely see, and she was completely naked, trying not to stumble, clinging to their hands, dripping wet in every sense of the word, hot and cold all at once— They stopped short.

“Time to climb,” someone said in her ear.

As her eyes adjusted to the faint light, she saw where they were. In front of her, a muscular male body swung its way up wooden bars nailed into a wide door. Their room.

“Help her, Tunde,” said a voice from the top.

Help from Tunde was the last thing she needed, and he was already fondling her heavy breast again and thumbing the tight bud that cried out for attention. The other hand lightly smacked her ass. “Up you go, girl,” he whispered. “I’ll be under you if you can’t handle it.”

Girl? Ada reacted angrily. Tunde had teased her by calling her a baby when they were kids, and she had hated it.

“You’re the one who can’t handle me,” she snapped and swung herself up the stairs. The effort made her sweat. She wasn’t a skinny little girl anymore, but no way was she relying on Tunde for help. She had expected him to laugh at her retort — obviously, it was ridiculous — but she only heard his breathing below her. The knowledge that he could reach up, any second, and palm her ass or her bare pussy sent butterflies through her stomach.

Wale’s strong hands took hers, pulling her up and into the blackness of the room, easing her back onto a soft pile of — blankets? Shock washed over her body. They really had planned this!

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