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July 25, 2021

Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins II (18+)
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Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins II (18+)

“Oh. Uh, sure. Sure.” Quickly, she stepped back as he entered and closed the door behind him. His arm brushed hers, and her stomach lurched. God, she was wearing a nightie, and she had forgotten that until this second.

“I saw you watching,” he said softly.

Blood rushed to her head. So the twin on the veranda had been Wale. “Sorry,” she whispered.

“Don’t be sorry. I figured you were up in your room studying and wanted to have some fun. So go get your swimwear.”

Ada blinked at his authoritative tone. He was probably used to telling people what to do — telling girls what to do — and having them listen. The easy confidence in his stance made that much clear. And what’s more, it was making her stomach lurch again. Her whole body prickled.

“I’ll be right back,” she heard herself saying.

As soon as she made it up the stairs, she shook her head in shock. Had she lost her mind? No way was she going over there, and no way in hell was she parading around in front of Wale — or his friends, or definitely Tunde — in a swimsuit. The last time she went swimming, it had been with her family and she had worn a giant t-shirt the whole time that she had been out of the pool.

But just out of curiosity, she pulled her swimsuit out of her drawer and tried it on to see if it still fit. It was a two-piece. The waistband was high, but the top showed plenty of cleavage. The bottoms laced up on both sides, ending in cute little red bows, and the top laced up the middle. The kind of swimsuit she walked around in for her fantasies but didn’t have the guts to show off in real life.

Brushing her hair strands to the side, she took off her glasses and turned around in front of her full-length mirror, studying the body she had always considered a liability instead of an asset. Her curves were almost cartoonish, she thought, like a model’s and then some, with a narrow waist flaring out to her round hips and ass, and oversized breasts that threatened to spill out of the top of the swimsuit.

Without glasses, her big eyes looked like a doll’s, she thought disgustedly. Put them together with her little nose, her rosebud mouth, and her heart-shaped face, and it was basically a given that she needed to wear glasses to get taken seriously. Even if she had the guts to go next door and relax on a pool chair like she belonged there, she would stick out like a sore thumb among the party freaks dancing across the grass.

But for just a second, staring at the mirror, Ada let herself see a pretty girl. A…sexy girl. A hot girl, built for action and ready for a good time. The girl starring in her fantasies, who wasn’t afraid of boys and didn’t worry about what might happen if she let go.

A knock on her door made her jump.

“Are you okay?” Wale’s voice came through the door.

“Fine,” she croaked.

“Can I come in?”

“Uh—” She blinked as the door opened. Wale’s broad grin turned her prickling skin into liquid heat. Too startled to look away, she stared into his eyes.

“You look great. Let’s go.”

“I— I can’t.” She shook her head.

“What do you mean?” He crossed to her and put a hand on her bare shoulder. Oh God, why did he have to do that? His palm was so warm, his hand big and masculine. She could smell his male scent, cologne or deodorant or something else, salty and fresh. He didn’t even seem to notice that he was touching her, but she could barely breathe.

“You’re all ready. You don’t have anything else important to do.” He cocked his head teasingly toward the pile of books and papers on her desk next to her laptop. “Come have fun.”

“You don’t understand.” And she hated the way her voice dropped to a whisper. Dammit, when would she get past this insane shyness? When would she just be able to express herself like a normal person, as easy and comfortable as Wale was right now?

“I don’t do parties. I don’t hang out with people I don’t know.”

Wale looked surprised, but he didn’t take his hand off her shoulder. “You need to get past that. You’re going to university soon. Everyone you meet will be a person you don’t know and the parties—”

“I’m scared.”

Jesus, had she really just admitted that? And was Wale moving closer and putting his arm around her? He couldn’t be. Yes, he was. He was standing right next to her, right up close, with his arm around her shoulders. And all she could think was that she was in her swimsuit, with her skin more exposed than covered, and he was almost naked too, and tall and muscular and very male, and she was hot and cold—

“What are you scared of?” he murmured.

“People,” she muttered. “Guys especially.”

“Tell me,” he said softly. “Why guys?”

Oh. My. God. He was rubbing her back, gently, and she felt like her body was on fire. Her crotch, especially. Her pussy was going to explode.

“I—just don’t trust guys. And I don’t know what to do with them.” She looked up from the floor. Wale’s head was cocked toward her, listening. His hand still stroked her back.

“I’ve never…I’ve never kissed anyone. I’ve never even let a guy touch me the way you are, since—” she broke off. She had said way too much. Any minute now, Wale would flee her house, repelled by her complete naivety.

He definitely wouldn’t be leaning toward her the way he was right now, turning his head and lifting her chin with his fingers as he—

His lips met hers in a light kiss. She stared at him, shocked, as he pulled back. His smiling eyes met hers. “Now you have,” he said softly. “Not so bad, right?”

It was a second before she found her voice. “That was a peck,” she said hoarsely.

“That wasn’t a real kiss.”

Wale’s eyebrows shot up. Before she could backtrack, he cupped her neck, twining his fingers in her hair, and pulled her close. No. Yes. He was kissing her, his lips soft and alive, the beer on his breath sexier than she could have expected, and — oh God, that was really his tongue snaking into her mouth, hot and wet, touching her tongue, even licking it. Her nipples were achingly hard, her whole body quivering.

Her hands were pressed against Wale’s chest — yes, his bare chest, feeling thick hair and hot skin. Her bikini bottoms were completely soaked with excitement. His other hand still toyed with her back, sending shivers down her spine and straight into her pussy. And her mouth was opening eagerly to his as he sucked on her lower lip. He let go all too soon.

“Come over,” he said softly. “We’ll take care of you.”

We? Meaning who, exactly? Him and Tunde? He had to be crazy. Tunde certainly wouldn’t take care of her. And even though Wale had his arms around her right now, caressing the back of her head in a way that made her want to scream from the fever pitch of excitement building in her, this couldn’t possibly mean anything to him that even came close to what it meant for her.

He had kissed a lot of girls, she was sure of it. Fucked a lot of girls, most likely. And if she went next door, he would probably introduce her to everyone, dutifully, and then forget about her.

“Not this time.” Her voice was soft. “I really can’t. But thanks.”

“Then come over after everyone’s left. When it’s just me and Tunde. You can handle that, right?” He smiled encouragingly at her as if he didn’t even notice that her thighs were quivering as he massaged her back.

Maybe you, she wanted to say, but not Tunde. He’s an asshole who won’t give me the time of day. What came out, weakly, was,

“I don’t think Tunde likes me very much.”

“Sure he does. Come over around nine. We’ll go swimming.” Wale grinned at her as he gave her back a final pat and unwound his arms from around her. She was rooted to the spot as he left the room. A minute later, the sound of the front door opening and closing sent a sigh of relief through her.

This hadn’t meant anything to him, she told herself, as she tugged down her damp bikini bottoms. It felt all too good to peel off her top and let her breasts surge free. Her nipples were hard, puckered with excitement, just begging to be pinched and caressed.

She shook her head quickly. Wale had been tipsy and horny and probably would have gone for anything woman-shaped. She just happened to be available. Or he’d felt sorry for her and had given her a pity kiss. Or…or…

Two seconds later she lay flat on her back in bed, moaning, rubbing her swollen clit, and teasing her birthday dildo in and out of the juicy entrance to her pussy. “Wale,” she moaned. “Oh god, fuck me, Wale.” She might stutter with boys in person, but in her fantasies, she was promiscuous, confident, all woman, and all about sex.

As her aroused pussy clasped the thick dildo, she imagined Wale on top of her, smiling like they shared a special secret, working his cock carefully into her most private place. And — oh God, Tunde was there too, watching exactly the way he’d looked at her in the supermarket, his eyes exploring every detail of her writhing naked curves beneath his brother’s muscular body as he smirked at her.

And stroked his hard cock. And— She groaned out loud as her tingling pussy clamped down on the rigid spear buried in her depths, her frantic circles on her clit peaking in a long spasm that left her gasping as she came again and again.

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