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January 15, 2021

Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins [Finale] (18+)
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Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins [Finale] (18+)

“Heard you were up early,” he said in a low voice.

Tunde shrugged, scraping eggs onto a plate. “Ada kept kicking. She doesn’t know how to share a bed yet.”

She smiled, but managed to say, “No, you just take up too much space.”

“Someone worked up an appetite.” Tunde gave her a knowing grin, filling her empty plate again and putting it in front of her.

Breakfast was quiet. The food was disappearing faster than she would have thought possible. And now that they were all dressed and sitting around the same table where they had played cards and had snacks together, a million years ago, shyness set in again. Feeling like a hot confident girl naked in bed with the twins, was one thing. But now she was having a hard time looking up from her plate.

Something soft flicked her cheek. Quickly, she glanced up to see a bit of egg lying on her napkin and Tunde eyeing her with that little half-smile.

“Grow up.” She was hot again.

“Make me.”

“Fine.” She balanced a tangerine on her spoon and catapulted it at his chest, aiming right for his chest. Immediately, water splashed her face.

“Are you kidding me?” she spluttered.

The whole front of her dress was wet, Tunde was holding his empty water glass with that innocent expression, and Wale just leaned back with his arms folded, looking amused. “Children,” he murmured. Ada threw a fruit at him too.

In seconds, she and the twins were pelting each other with fruit. The kitchen table looked like a battleground, and Tunde was shoving his chair back, coming toward her to do God knows what. Ada dove under his arm and dashed for the fridge, grabbing handfuls of ice. When he came toward her, she was ready for him with a cascade of ice cubes down his shorts.

“Your turn,” she said triumphantly.

The look of surprise on Tunde’s face was quickly changing to lust. “You’re going to pay for that,” he whispered, stripping off his shorts.

Faster than she could figure, she was pushed up against the humming fridge by both twins, her back pressed to stainless steel, her dress and hair completely soaked, smashing a strawberry into Tunde’s neck while he pushed a fruit into her cleavage.

Wale was working a large hand inside the top of her swimsuit to squeeze her breast, someone was trying to unzip her dress one-handed, and all three of them shook with laughter. Ada couldn’t remember laughing this hard in a long time.

“Stop tickling.” She tried to push Tunde’s hand away from her ribs. He just grinned and poked her side again, making her jump.

As she grabbed Wale’s shoulder for support, another hand moved swiftly up her skirt, pulling on her swimsuit underpants. She quivered when it slipped inside, stretching the fabric. Her dress dropped from her shoulders to the floor. Just as Tunde teased her ribs again, dodging her attempts to push him off, Wale fingered her melting pussy, exploring her tender entrance.

“You’re not playing fair. Both of you,” she said.

“You’re so wet, Ada.” Wale’s mischievous dimpled grin suddenly looked a lot like Tunde’s. Her pussy tightened around his finger. No, not his finger. Something else, something round, pointed and firm, textured and long, pressing into her moist core just a little.

Her mouth opened in surprise. “Is that — a cucumber?”

Wale’s smile deepened. He gently worked the berry further into her quivering cunt, bringing his thumb to her clit. Her legs trembled, and her grip tightened on his shoulder. Tunde leaned against the fridge, watching her, his eyes traveling to his brother’s hand between her legs and her voluptuous curves on display through her swimsuit.

“Are you going to go back to being that uptight bitch tomorrow, baby?” His voice was hoarse. “Or are you going to remember my brother fucking you with a fruit while I watch?”

Too aroused to laugh now, Ada moaned softly, opening her legs to Wale’s massaging fingers, closing her free hand on Tunde’s waist for support. Her head fell back against the fridge. She opened her mouth to attempt a smart answer, but Tunde’s lips met hers, his tongue hungrily plumbing her mouth.

That was it. She needed to feel both of them, couldn’t think about anything else. She slid her hands up the twins’ shirts, shaking with excitement as her palms moved over warm skin, thick hair, and hard muscle. Her lips tingled, going from mouth to hot mouth, sucking, licking, and biting. Wale kept teasing her pussy with the cucumber, pushing it into her pool of juices just enough for her to clamp down on its ripe roundness.

Right as her hands found both the firm bulges pressing through the twins’ shorts, squeezing their cocks hard and shivering at their groans of pure need, a rumble outside the kitchen made her freeze. The twins both looked up, alert. The gate was opening.

“Kitchen table. Now,” Tunde hissed in her ear.

Ada had never seen two people move so fast. Wale pulled his hand out of her swimsuit, tossed the cucumber in the sink, dashed to the dustbin heaped high with last night’s beers, and carried it deftly upstairs. She could only imagine him stashing it under his bed. Tunde leaped to the table, clearing the aftermath of the food fight.

“Do it. Sit down,” he grunted out of the side of his mouth. Ada’s first instinct was to dive into the nearest closet and stay there until the coast was clear, or maybe forever, but obediently, she wriggled into her dress and sat down at the table, fumbling with her zipper.

Gulping the rest of her water, she tried to breathe normally. She marveled as Tunde, with total efficiency, swept up the ice on the floor, put the scattered fruit in the trash, carried a pack of cards lying on the counter by the door, and threw a handful down on the table in front of each place.

By the time the kitchen door opened, Ada and the twins were sitting calmly at the table with their cards fanned out.

“Ada!” Mrs. Olanikan exclaimed. “What a lovely surprise.”

“Thanks, Ma. Hello sir.” Her heart hammered in her chest. “I hope you had a nice trip.”

Mr. Olanikan carried a suitcase over the doorstep. “We didn’t expect to see you here. It’s been a while.”

“We asked Ada to come over ’cause she was all alone in her house.” Wale was all sympathetic concern.

“Tunde, what happened to your neck?” Mrs. Olanikan looked worried. Great, Ada thought. A bit of orange peel still clung to Tunde’s neck where she had smashed it in, and now that she saw it, she wanted to lick it off.

“Ada threw an orange at me.” Unconcerned, he wiped it off with his napkin. ” She is so immature.”

“Ada, do your parents know you’re here?” Mr. Olanikan asked.

“I’ll tell them,” Wale said, pulling his phone out of his pocket. “I have their numbers. We would hate for them to think she’s in trouble.”

Ada, sweating under her dress and hoping the twins’ parents wouldn’t notice the water-soaked fabric, could only imagine what he was texting: Hot sex last night with your daughter and my brother. Don’t worry, she was in good hands. Very well-behaved. You would be proud.

Mrs. Olanikan smiled, setting her purse down on the counter. “It’s so nice to see the three of you spending time together again.”

“The twins are great hosts,” Ada said, smiling back. Someone’s knee pressed hers under the table. Her pussy still tingled from Wale’s touch. Her heart rate had rocketed through the roof, but she couldn’t resist. “You’ve raised them well. They really know how to make someone feel at home.”

And even if she didn’t dare actually meet the eyes of those hosts right now, a little curl of excitement wound out from her stomach along with the nervousness. She was starting to see why Tunde liked walking the line of getting in trouble. It was a rush, to get away with something.

“Glad to hear it. Especially about this guy.” Mr. Olanikan slapped Tunde on the back. “Be a good influence, okay, Ada? He’s been trying his best at the university, but we have a feeling he’s partying a lot. Half the time, we expect a call in the middle of the night saying he’s been arrested.”

She did manage a look at Tunde then. She had expected a shrug or that cocky smile, but instead, he frowned and turned away. His eyes looked a little red.

“Please come over again soon, Ada,” Mrs. Olanikan said, as Wale walked her to the door. “We hope to see you often.”

She could only nod. As soon as she walked through her own front door, told her parents hello, and pleaded off going shopping to spend some quality time alone, she ran straight upstairs and locked her door.

Stripping off her sundress and swimsuit, she jumped into bed, sliding one hand into her dripping pussy and the other to her heavy breasts, burying her moans in her pillow, and massaging herself to a deep, slow orgasm as she remembered everything that had happened with the twins.


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