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June 4, 2020

Do you pay for sex?

Hello Mortals,

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, and unlike Wande Coal, they dint snap my foto neither did I buy motor next day…… Now thinking about the new motor part, it wouldn’t be a bad idea…..Hmmm

I decided to take a short break after blogging non-stop for about a year, Yes! I have been blogging for over a year now, the rest was good, i kept postponing stuff day by day until finally I exhausted all the days of my vacation. Its not all bad news, we’ll be having more guest writers and also a few new sections will be added.

There is a new Nigerian web series in town, its called #howsheleftmybrother, its directed by Sanchez Aghahowa, it’s funny, am sure you’ll enjoy it, also @Odeera will be blogging here too for a while and Average Joe is also back on Wednesday, should be more fun than usual sha

Now, today’s post is a discussion, I would like to hear your reaction to the topic, either you believe in it or not.
The topic came from a discussion i was over-hearing with a few friends of mine, the argument involved both Big boys and upcoming boys.

Do you pay for sex?

Some people don’t see it as payment, they see it compensation of some sort….to this people I say; Keep deceiving yourself!

Now, it will be simple if she’s a runz girl or Olonsho as some people know it. Sorry for digressing but I have to; Let me ask you another question, whats the difference between ashewo & Olonsho?

Help us with your own definition?

I bet there is a difference, Ashewo are the ones you probably visit in that shady place or at Kuramo, don’t ask me if i have ‘carried’ ashewo before. The Bible says he without sin should cast the first stone 🙂

So, we can safely rest that case, can’t we? 🙂 No? Me, Iyam moving on!

Ashewos can also be picked from the different streets in Lagos, Allen, Opebi in Ikeja, Adetokunbo Ademola, Sanusi Fafunwa on the Island. Not forgetting that Adeyemo Alakija street, the way those girls pack their boobs is insane, its like they’re gonna fall out of whatever ‘container’ they’re in.

There was a time, I and and a couple of friends stopped to price, we were there for 45 minutes, we got a bargain for 3k sha, it was fair enough; Don’t ask me if we took the chic away, lets leave it as the gays in the military statement “Don’t ask, don’t tell!”

Olonsho on the other hand is that student that can skip school or let me just say they’ve more packaging that the regular ashewo, they’re more presentable and tend to be more rewarding in bed, stop looking at me like that, maybe am talking from experience, just maybe. I think the word Olonsho is razz maybe runz girl is better….

Back to the original topic, my opinion is that we all pay for sex one way or the other. Either she is your girlfriend, your parole girl, an Olonsho or an outright ashewo, we all pay. Shikena

I have heard guys say it some many times at different situations, most of them brag about the fact that they don’t have to pay for sex. Any guy whosoever will pay for sex; If you’re so bold to say that you’ve never paid her for sex, how about the transport fare you gave her when she was leaving, the money for that stuff she told you she needed, the perfume you bought for her despite it wasn’t her birthday, the pizza you bought for her and that stuff you helped her with.

You can swear that isn’t any payment for sex, cant you? You were just been nice, right? Same thing I thought too. Bruv, the difference with yours is just that you’re paying in kind; this is for all the guys that argue that they don’t pay for sex; You do if its not in cash, its in kind.

The reason why some guys pay for sex is simple; They don’t want sentimental attachment, they just want to have a good time and move on like nothing happened, they don’t want to cuddle, they don’t wanna talk after the sex, they just want the girl to sleep off or get out of the house. We all feel like that most of time, that’s the plain truth.

Sweetheart, dont say your boyfriend/husband isn’t like that, he always wants to cuddle, the truth is men also sacrifice a lot in relationships, its not everytime we want to cuddle after sex, sometimes we just want to sleep off and move into other activities like playing video-games or watching the match but ladies never wanna hear that. So, we sacrifice all of that for you and just cuddle like we really want to do it, so when next you see him, give him a big hug for me. 🙂

Another reason, some men would prefer to pay for sex is due to lack of game; I cant attribute this reason to any specific kind of guy either rich, poor, goodlooking or otherwise. Some guys just see it as a short-cut to getting into her pants without the usual ‘toasting’ and been the nice guy.

Another reason is because some people like adventure, am betting you’re wondering what sort of adventure is picking up a woman for sex; You’ld be surprised with how some people live their lives. They see the whole arrangement of talking to her and negotiating price very interesting. You might just find out that its part of some people’s bucketlist.

Now, Tell me, do you agree with my point that we all pay for sex one way or the other. Either in cash or in kind. Secondly, With the aid of examples, differentiate between an ashewo & Olonsho.

To the ladies, I don’t want this to rub you wrongly; Do you agree that we all pay for sex one way or the other?

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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