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February 25, 2021

Diary of Ordinary Gerald: Mr. Nobody (18+) [Premiere]
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Diary of Ordinary Gerald: Mr. Nobody (18+) [Premiere]

Written by IGwe

My name is Gerald. I’m from Edo state, 20 years old and I am ordinary.
Yes. Read that again. I am ordinary. I could literally walk into the spotlight and still manage to not hold attention.

At least that’s the going description about me in the social circle I am in right now.

It’s very easy to be ignored when you stubbornly refuse to give away information about yourself-or at least in tiny bits and pieces. Try it. Get a new circle and don’t give anything about yourself easily and watch your life unfold in an infinite mass of rumored possibilities.

Rumor. The bane of friendship. Anyway, I digress.

Did you hear me say I’m ordinary? That obviously meant that I couldn’t get laid. I had none of the pizazz or flair that went with bedding ladies. I only had basketball and in only that was I stunning.

At 5’7 that wasn’t surprising at all. But I am not a virgin and this is how it all went down.

See, I was the star point guard of my school’s basketball team. The shortest, yes, but the quickest, peskiest guard south of the FCT. That brought a lot of attention to me in my freshman year.

Winning a prestigious sports competition for my school and becoming “Rookie of the year” did nothing to help my life in the shadows.

Off the court, I was a disaster. I couldn’t hold eye contact, was painfully shy and I was failing in school too. I had this extremely bizarre habit of walking out on conversation mid-sentence due to the overpowering nature of my shyness.

But the ol’ body had other ideas. With my deficiency in the pillow arts, I didn’t exactly know if girls would find my tool impressive. Measured it one day and it came up a 6″ long.

Impressive? How the hell would I know? But porn tutorial videos and an avid readership on porn stories websites told me everything I needed to know. I was armed, I hoped I was ready, I just needed a partner.

Enter: Hannah. 5’4 Mass communications student. Curves to kill for, eyes to ensnare unprepared males(honey brown), and a round bubble butt topped off with small perky breasts. And her nipples.

Her nipples. You could put a hanger on it-with a three-piece suit attached, and she would be my undoing.

Hannah and I were polar opposites. Where I was conservative, she was liberal, where I was liberal, she would not touch it without a face mask. A perfect attraction. She got a direct entry into the school and on the first day I met her, she walked up to me.

She actually didn’t mind my coldness, she could see right through it. The Social Sciences faculty is still my favorite building in the whole school.

Fast forward to the semi-finals of an intra-school tournament. I had just received the ball at the free-throw line and, as usual, had taken off for the other half for a basket.

Approaching the rim for a simple lay-up, I heard a sickening CRACK. I had hazy notions of falling to the ground and feeling the most extreme pain in my back and head. A player, attempting to block me had slammed into me instead.

I had a wrenched back and a sprained ankle, and it was the clinic for me.

I didn’t know who won or lost but I do know Hannah was with me way into the night. I was going in and out of consciousness but I was fully awake by 11 pm with a huge hard-on.

Now I thought I was alone but I turned over and there she was. I tried at first to hide it but she said

“You don’t have to hide, I’ve seen quite enough of him.”
“How long was I out?”
“A few hours. You took a nasty fall during the game”
“Who won?”
“Typical Jerry. Survive a fall that would kill most people and bother only about the game. Your team did.”
At that moment I could have died happy but then Hannah had other ideas.

“Does your member really stay up this long?”
“Its just morning wood. Might need to pee soon.”
“Explored your sexuality recently?”

Who asks for fuck like that? Is this a prank? am I on camera?

“Uhhhh. What on earth do you mean?”
“I mean have you had sex recently?”
“What’s it to you?”

She had by this time come to sit beside me on the bed.
“Let’s just say I care. And I have a mind to soothe that Lil guy’s heat”

In the midst of all this talk, her hands had gone from just stroking my thigh outside my hospital wear to that sensitive point where my thigh meets my torso.

Using nails and palms and tiny little pinches to promise me a deeper ecstasy.

And it was working. I couldn’t believe it but it was working. Marvelously well. I had produced more pre-cum in that instant than I had the whole year.

Seeming to read my thoughts, she simply closed the curtains, locked the door
(Such presence of mind would keep us both from being expelled in later escapades. Fact: just after having sex for the first time, virgins will have a sex drive through the roof for an average of 3 months unless the sexual experience was particularly bad.)

Now this evening, Hannah had worn a black BYC tee-shirt, tucked into a purple flared skirt (two of my favorite colors) with intricate black designs. She would later say that she had other designs for my victory night until the Injury took me out.

I was fine when she kissed me, I felt nothing much when she sucked on my nipples with butterfly touches of her tongue, I had lava in my chest when she trailed a wet tongue to my navel, but when she tongued my dickhead, my world went white.

I was vaguely aware of a marvelous, warm feeling on my dick until I came back to the world fully.

Whether I’d been out for two hours or two minutes I didn’t know. All I could process was Hannah’s tongue cooking up a major storm on my dick with her swirling tongue. She would lick around my dick cap and, without warning, would plunge me to the warm depths of her throat. I was in heaven as a kaleidoscope of erotic images filled my head.

She didn’t let up on the sucking and she would occasionally stop, leave a trail of drool connecting her mouth to my penis and stare at me with burning eyes before swallowing me whole again.

She would go excruciatingly slow on the down suck then with amazing speed bring her mouth to my dickhead and linger there leaving me quivering. She repeated this process about five times before I felt that familiar tingling sensation in my lower back that spread to my entire body.

She seemed to have noticed it as well as she forgot about all the sexiness and went down on me properly.

A most sloppy blowjob, her head bopping up and down on my dick at speeds I was sure would ruin her throat. Hannah didn’t seem to mind however as an explosion the likes of which surely took out Hiroshima took over my body in spasms that lifted my hips into the air.

“Nnnnggggggg” I groaned to maintain our silence.

She didn’t let up and continued to suck me into her mouth working my cum out of me in spasms of pleasure. After what seemed like years to me I stopped cumming. And watched Hannah do something I’d only seen on the internet.

She blew a cum bubble, giggled, and swallowed my cum. Fucking amazing!
“Virgin cum is always sweeter, they said. But it just tastes like cum to me”.
“That was insane!” I replied from somewhere in my befuddled brain.

“Insane does not even begin to describe the things I will show you, Jerry.”
“There are things better than this? Oh, show me.”
“Well, you’re not in luck because a guard will be here any minute now, I think.”
“Fuck the security, tell me what is more beautiful than this.”

“A woman in orgasm. Looks good in porn, feels better in real life.”
I could just picture her writhing and moaning and clutching her nipples and the thought woke my member right up.
“Oh no you don’t, nothing more for you tonight”
I looked at the clock and it was 3 am in the morning.

“When will you show me more?”
“If you’re a good boy and get well, the day you’re out of here”

“And just to whet your appetite….,” she slid a hand sexily up her skirt to her mound and stroked herself. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

She stroked herself while sitting on the clinic chair, her legs wide open for me to see her bald mound, glistening in the light.

Then she stopped, brought her fingers to my lips and let me catch a whiff of her musk before I took her fingers in her mouth.

She tasted of an aroused female. Though I had never tasted it before, I knew it was so.

Written by IGwe

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