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Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 19] (18+)

“Who wants to go in the water?” Dele asks, turning towards the waves as he stands up. Yinka’s hands guiltily pull away from his sister’s ass cheeks as he considers the idea of using the waves to hide his erection.

“I’ll go with you,” Yinka answers much to Bisola’s dismay. Wiping his lotion-covered hands on his laps, he joins his brother-in-law and they race towards the water.

“Not me, I’m relaxing,” Bisola says, smiling to hide her disappointment about her massage being interrupted. Yinka’s hands felt so good and she could tell by the way he was touching her that he… that he… what? Wanted to fuck her again? Is that what she really wants, to commit incest again? Does she even know what she wants? Closing her eyes, she conjures up mental images of her brother lying back naked while she shows him what she’s learned to do with her mouth.

Yinka and Dele swam into the water side-by-side, each with his own motivation. Yinka dips under the water to hide the bulge his sister created in the front of his swim trunk and hoping the cool water will help it subside. Dele wipes his fingers under his nose, breathing in Lola’s erotic aroma before plunging both hands into the water and rubbing them together to clean off the pussy juice.

The two men spend the rest of the morning playing in the water, swimming, and wrestling like teenagers. After lunch, with their wives settled in with beach reads under a big shady umbrella, they continue swimming most of the afternoon. Lola and Bisola sit in their chairs, reading, chatting and cheering on their husbands, while men of all ages try not to stare at the sexy women in their pale bikinis.

After showers and a light dinner, the two couples finish a bottle of wine while playing scrabble on the bench. Lola smiles at Dele as she runs her bare foot up his calf, reassuring him that even though they haven’t had a chance to be alone, she appreciated the orgasm on the beach and understands what he’s trying to do for her.

The night is nearly an exact repeat of the night before but this time as soon as the lovemaking sounds begin from the adjacent room, Yinka rolls his wife onto her back and mounts her with an urgency she’s never seen from him. Still aroused from his morning encounter with his sister’s bare ass cheeks, he drives his dick deep into his wife’s willing pussy. With his eyes closed and the sounds of his sister’s moans penetrating the thin walls, Yinka fucks Lola with an energy that shows promising signs of leaving her well satisfied.

Lola has no illusions about what’s driving her husband’s passionate behavior. Her brain quickly makes the connection between Yinka’s earlier erection while touching his sister and his reaction to the lustful sounds from the next room. Although mildly disturbed by the incestuous inferences, right now she’s more concerned with how he’s pounding her pussy. Always good at thinking, she pushes her thoughts to the back of her brain, digs her nails into Yinka’s ass cheeks and raise her hips as she urges him on.

“Oh God! Ohhhh God! Don’t stop! Don’t stop,” Bisola’s cries fill Yinka’s ears and it’s just like she’s there in the room with him. He pounds Lola’s horny pussy while envisioning his sister’s naked body lying under him. The louder the sound from Dele and Bisola’s bedroom the harder Yinka fucks his wife. He’s slamming into her like never before and Lola is responding with her own moans of pleasure.

As Dele and Bisola lie on their backs catching their breath, he smiles at the faint but recognizable sounds coming from Yinka and Lola’s room. Maybe his idea is working.

“God what you do to me!” Bisola whispers as she cuddles up to her husband. Now it’s her turn to listen to the squeaking bed, tapping headboard and barely stifled moans coming from the other bedroom. Just before she falls asleep, her brain replays the day’s events, with special emphasis on her brother massaging her ass cheeks. What did it mean?

When Yinka rolls off of Lola, he kisses her gently on the lips before turning over. This is a sin!

He cautions himself. Even though I am not physically sinning with my sister, God can see my immoral mental sinning. Yinka feels his wife’s naked body press against his back as he fights to hold back his tears. Why can’t he be stronger?

*Lola is up early the next morning and leaves a note on the table that she’s gone shopping for foodstuff so they don’t have to eat every meal out. Dele wants to swim some more before the sun comes up expires but Yinka begs off, claiming he’s too tired. As Dele heads to the beach, Yinka and Bisola find themselves alone in the house. It’s the first chance they’ve had to talk alone since they arrived.

“What happened to our vow, Sis?” Yinka asks, not intending it to sound so accusing.

A few steps down the beach, Dele turns back to get his sunglasses and cream. Returning to the house, he walks in through the door from the garage and just before he calls out to Bisola, hears her voice rise in the living room. Freezing in his tracks, he listens to the building argument between her and her brother.

“That’s what I like to know?” Bisola says.

“What do you mean?” he asks, his face aglow with anger and confusion.

“You come up with this great penance, but I’m the only one who has to live it,” she yells.

“From what I’m hearing through these walls, you’re not living it very well,” he shouts. Dele stands perfectly still, listening and wondering what they’re talking about.

“Well, I was living it until about a month ago. I lived it religiously and it almost ruined my marriage,” she declares. “I’ve been lying there like an icy virgin, trying my best not to lose control and have an orgasm, while you’re climaxing every damn time you fuck Lola! Am I right?”

“What are you talking about?” he yells. “We took a vow! Penance for our sin of incest! You can’t just ignore that, Sis!” he argues.

What the fuck! Dele’s jaw drops as he listens from the kitchen. Incest? Yinka and Bisola?

Ohmygod! That’s what this is all about. Oh-my-fucking-god!

“Tell me you don’t climax when you fuck Lola!” Dele hears his wife yell. “Convince me you’re not getting off with your wife, every single time.”

“Of course I am,” he sighs, “but it’s quick and not intense and… and…”

“And what?” Bisola yells.

“And it’s never like it was with you,” he says so quietly that Dele almost misses it.

“I don’t believe you,” Bisola says and Dele realizes she’s about to repeat the lies that Lola told her. He backs farther into the kitchen, quickly opening and slamming the door.

“Anybody here?” he yells, bounding into the living room. “I forgot my lotion,” he says as he encounters his wife and his brother-in-law standing almost toe-to-toe in the living room.

“It’s in the bag beside the cupboard,” Bisola says, not taking her eyes off her brother. “I think I’ll join you at the beach,” she adds, quickly turning and following him down the hall.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us, Yinka?” Dele asks, coming out of the bedroom with the lotion.

“No,” he says quietly. “I’ll stay here and help Lola with the foodstuff,” he says, trying unsuccessfully to catch his sister’s eye before she and Dele leave the house.

Dele and Bisola walk to the beach holding hands, each distracted by their review of the brief argument. Dele’s brain is in the cloud; incest, penance and a vow to never orgasm, what kind of fucked up position is that? He squeezes his wife’s hand and wonders what’s going through her brain.

Bisola’s guilt almost overwhelms her as she feels her husband squeeze her hand. Dele is so good to her, but her impure thoughts of her brother keep invading her mind. Why! Why!

Dele and Bisola swam the rest of the morning, laughing and playing in the water. Constantly catching Bisola and helping her stay afloat; his hands are all over her gorgeous body. Squeezing her ass, touching her thigh or even cupping her breasts from behind, Dele doesn’t miss an opportunity to show his affection for his wife. Without realizing it they’ve drifted away from the public beach to a less populated area. Dele wants to talk to Bisola about what he heard but not before he’s shown her that he’s not upset.

With Bisola lying astraddle the water, Dele starts caressing her firm, round ass cheeks. Much like he did with Lola yesterday, he lets one finger slide beneath the fabric at the crotch of her skimpy bikini.

“Mmmmm. Someone will see us,” Bisola protests as she enjoys the feel of her husband’s fingers against her moist slit.

“There’s no one around,” Dele replies as he undoes the tie on his short. The water is hip level, which makes it perfect for what Dele has in mind. Pulling her bikini thong to the side, he slips two fingers into her slick pussy.

“Ohh!” Bisola moans. “We shouldn’t be doing this out here,” she adds without conviction as she spreads her legs, shifts her ass beneath the water, and against her husband’s hand. Dele finger-fucks her with one hand while freeing his erection with the other. Before she can protest any further, he steps between her legs and replaces his fingers with his hard dick.

“Ohhhhh lawd!” Bisola cries as Dele buries himself completely inside her hot, smooth pussy. Gripping her hips, he plants his feet solidly in the wet sand and pumps himself in and out of her. Bisola’s eyes are wide open and she looks fervently around for any would be the spectator. Finding none, she settles down, spreading her legs wider and rocking against her husband’s hard dick.

It’s the first time he’s fucked his wife from behind and even though her ass is partially covered by her bikini, he finds the experience incredibly erotic. Based on her moans and the motion of her ass, Bisola loves it too. It gives him hope that maybe she’ll agree to the doggie position in bed tonight.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Bisola moans as she grips his thighs and pushes her ass up to meet her husband’s demanding thrusts. They climax in a torrent of heavy breathing and the sound of his body slapping against her ass as he pounds his dick into her warm pussy.

“Oh God, Dele!” Bisola cries when her orgasm rips through her body. “We’re like a couple of animals mating out in the open.”

“You bring out the animal in me,” Dele smiles as he extracts his dick from her pussy and draws her bikini back over her opening. Dele bends down and kisses his wife, pressing his tongue into her mouth. Bisola wraps her arms around her husband’s neck and weaving her tongue around his.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” Bisola laughs, breaking the kiss. You will think we were horny teenagers.

“Just the sex-horny part,” Dele laughs, slapping her on the exposed part of her ass cheek. Dele leads Bisola to a secluded part of the beach where they sit next to each other, watching the waves and letting their breathing return to normal.

“I overheard the argument you were having with Yinka,” Dele says after a lengthy silence.

“Oh that was nothing, really,” Bisola says trying to sound nonchalant. Dele puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close to him.

“I love you more than life itself,” he says, kissing the top of her head. “I will always be here for you, no matter what. Do you want to tell me about the incest, the penance, and the vow?

“I… I… don’t know where to start… it happened long ago.” Bisola stammers. Dele turns her face to his and kisses her gently but passionately on the lips.

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