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Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 20] (18+)

“It’s alright,” he reassures her. “Start from the beginning and we’ll get through this together.”

Dele is anxious to find out what happened between Bisola and her brother so he can disregard this foolish vow of penance. It’s obvious that Yinka has come up with some complex process for them to atone for their sins and until recently it has had a significant impact on each sibling’s sex life.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Bisola recounts the night of incest with her brother, explaining how she was drugged the first night but how she insisted they repeat the act the next morning when she was clear headed. Her face plagued with embarrassment as Dele listens intently to her rationalize how she was trying to free her brother from guilt. Dele hears the tremor in her voice and senses her heart beat faster when she talks about sex with her brother.

Bisola feels like she’s going to confession after years of hiding a horrible sin. The tremendous relief of unburdening herself of her guilt keeps her talking about her brother and her dreams. Between sobs, she describes her dreams and how wet she got when he rubbed lotion on her legs and ass cheeks.

Dele is surprised! Yinka must have been rubbing Bisola’s ass cheeks while he was getting Lola off right next to them. What a mess! His mind is floating with what he’s just heard. Bisola is undoubtedly still lusting after her brother’s affection and the way Bisola described his ass rubbing, Yinka apparently feels the same way. No small part of this is how Dele and Lola’s relationship fits into Yinka and Bisola’s incestuous fantasies.

“I won’t contest a divorce,” Bisola says, taking Dele’s silence as a condemnation of her actions, “but I don’t want to hurt Yinka and Lola.” She pushes back from him and starts to stand up.

“Wait a minute,” Dele grabs her and pulls her back down next to him. “I said we will get through this together, didn’t I?”

“But… that was before…”

“No buts! I knew about the incest before I said that. I knew about it before we made love a few minutes ago. Honey, the last thing I want is a divorce.” He lies down, pulling her down next to him and kisses her tenderly.

“Oh Dele, I really don’t deserve you.” Bisola cries as she clings to her husband. They lie in the sand, holding each other as the waves crash along the beach. Dele is the one to break the silence.

“Based on your dreams and what happened yesterday, I say you still have sexual feelings towards your brother.” Bisola starts to protest but knows it wouldn’t be honest so she just nods her head again.

“It’s okay,” Dele reassures her. “With what happened between you two, I think it’s only natural.”

“You do?” Bisola asks incredulously.

“Yes, everyone remembers their first love and especially their first time. Yours just happened to be with your brother.” Dele says with more confidence than he feels.

“You make it sound almost normal,” Bisola whispers, cuddling closer to her husband.

“Maybe not normal, but certainly not unheard of. I’m sure you’re not the only family relation who secretly…” Dele leaves the sentence hanging as he tries to think of what to say next. He’s surprised to find himself wondering what it would be like if all four of them knew about each other’s feelings. Would they willingly share their spouses? Would Yinka be okay with Dele fucking Lola as long as he gets to fuck Bisola?

“It’s still incest! It’s still a sin, no matter how frequently people do it,” Bisola stammers. “I can’t believe you’re trying to justify it.” Dele silently laughs at his fantasy being shattered. There is no way Yinka or Bisola would ever agree to live like that. Their upbringing would never allow it. Damn, he doesn’t even know if Lola would agree to something like that.

“Okay, it’s wrong.” Dele replies, “but so is how we’ve spent the first year of our marriage. I don’t believe you have to atone for the rest of your life for one mistake. Yinka was wrong about the penance and he was wrong about the vow you took.” Dele’s mind is starting to question Yinka’s motives. Was it really penance or did he not want his sister enjoying sex with anyone else? But then why would he adhere to it with Lola? Because the only woman he really wants is unattainable? God, what a mess!

“It wasn’t some little mistake, Dele,” Bisola says quietly. “Shouldn’t there be some consequences to what we did? We can’t just say oops and then forget about it.”

“Apparently not,” Dele answers. “Neither of you has forgotten about it. You still dream about it and from what Yinka said to you this morning, so does he.”

“What do you mean?” Bisola asks, surprised at how anxious she is to hear about her brother’s feelings even after all that’s happened.

“When he said fucking Lola was never like it was with you,” Dele says, the words coming out harsher than he intended.

“Oh,” Bisola says, her mind wandering to her brother and the confused relationship they’ve had. She watches Dele stare out into the ocean wondering if he’s looking for answers or just trying to clear his mind of all the disgusting things he’s just heard.

“I think you and Yinka have unfinished business,” Dele finally says. “Neither of you will be able to give your all to a healthy relationship until you’ve resolved the sexual tension between you.”

“How do you suggest we do that?” Bisola asks, conflicted about what her husband is implying.

“How do you think?” Dele asks, kissing his wife’s forehead for reassurance of his love.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Bisola sits up and gapes disbelievingly at her husband.

“As a matter of fact, I’m not,” Dele says quietly. “Think about it, Bisola. You lost your virginity to your brother, you still dream about having sex with him and you get aroused at his touch. Doesn’t that sound like some unfinished business?” Bisola stares into her husband’s eyes, searching his soul for some level of insincerity but finds none. He actually wants her to have sex with her brother.

“Why?” she asks him quietly, “Why are you saying this? Do you want me to have sex with Yinka?

Do you think it will somehow improve our love life? I think we’ve made a lot of progress in the past month, don’t you think this could ruin it? This is unbelievable,” Bisola says, shaking her head.

“You two are the ones who are dreaming about each other and have spent the last year abstaining from sexual enjoyment with your spouses,” Dele answers. “I think you may have created a mythical sexual experience that only exists in your memory.”

“What if it isn’t mythical?” Bisola whispers. “And what about Lola? There is no way I can do this to her.” Dele weighs the merits of telling Bisola about his relationship with Lola and decides this isn’t the time.

“What’s the alternative?” Dele asks. “You and Yinka continue to dream and keep believing in a mythical sexual experience that is detrimental to both your marriages. I honestly think you will be helping Lola and Yinka’s marriage in the long run.”

“Jesus, Dele,” Bisola says exasperatedly, “You honestly think that adding the sin of adultery to our existing sin of incest is going to help their marriage? which weed have you been smoking?” Dele laughs and squeezes Bisola’s shoulder, pulling her down against him, before he answers.

“Fine,” he says. “Like I asked before, what’s the alternative?”

“I don’t know,” Bisola whispers. “I just don’t know, Dele,” he feels her tears against his chest as he kisses the top of her head.

“We don’t have to solve this right now,” he says. “This has been a lot to absorb. Let’s let it boil for a while and see how it looks later, okay?”

Bisola nods, wiping the back of her hand across her eyes.

“No matter what, remember how much I love you,” Dele says.

“I could never doubt that,” Bisola answers, hugging him tightly. “I can’t imagine any other husband being so… understanding or… open-minded? What you’ve suggested… I love you so much, Dele!”

“I love you, too, baby.” They lie quietly on the sand, each lost in their own thoughts.

Although Dele sincerely wants to help Bisola, he also has the ulterior motive of making his affair with Lola seem inconsequential in comparison. It’s nowhere near what Bisola and Yinka would be doing. If he’s honest with himself, in some small part of his brain he also finds the idea of his wife fucking her brother very arousing. He smiles as he contemplates how to help Bisola make her dream a reality.

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