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Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Finale] (18+)

“Are you feeling left out?” she asks, reaching her other hand towards Dele’s crotch. Ohmygod! Bisola’s brain shouts, this is my dream! With her husband’s dick in one hand and her brother’s in the other, Bisola’s dream morphs into reality and she lovingly strokes them both. Obviously, her husband is finding this whole sharing thing very arousing and she accepts his implied consent and releases his dick to shift her body sideways on the couch.

Getting up on all fours, she lowers her face to her brother’s hard dick, leaving her ass waving in the air towards her husband. He caresses her smooth ass cheeks and contemplates eating her cum-filled pussy.

Yinka is helplessly aroused and wonders to what level of orgy they’ll all fall when he feel his sister’s mouth close around his cockhead. Oh God! Kissing his wife while his sister is… Oh God! They are all doomed, he thinks as his hips respond and he thrusts his dick farther into his sister’s mouth.

Hearing her husbands gasp, Lola breaks the kiss and is dumbstruck by her sister-in-law’s boldness. She looks to Dele for reassurance and sees him playing with his wife’s ass.

“Fuck her,” she mouths to Dele when he looks up. “Fuck her ass,” she mouths. Dele raises his eyebrows then pulls his legs up to kneel on the chair behind his wife. Aligning his dick with her soaked pussy, he grasps her hips as he glides it in.

“Mmmpppphhhh!” Bisola moans around Yinka’s dick as she moved her head up and down. With her husband pumping into her pussy, she attacks her brother’s dick with renewed vigor, dancing circles around it with her tongue. Yinka moans and pulls Lola’s lips back to his, frantically shoving his tongue into her mouth. Lola wants more than a kiss and feels like this may be her best opportunity to get him to eat her, while he’s out of control with passion.

“I need your tongue elsewhere,” she moans as she pulls her head back and stands up on the chair. Slipping her left leg over her husband’s torso, between Bisola and the back of the chair, she positions her wet pussy in front of his face and presses against his lips.

“Your tongue, Yinka. I need your tongue,” she whispers. The aroma is overwhelming and Yinka responds like a drug addict getting a fix, pushing his tongue into his wife’s soaked pussy as he continues to thrust his dick into his sister’s talented mouth.

Bisola is breathing through her nose, but it isn’t enough. She gasps for air around her brother’s thick dick but that doesn’t do it either. Her husband has already ignited several mini orgasms in her pussy and she needs more air. Continuing to corkscrew her hand up and down her brother’s shaft, she pulls her head up and bumps her face against Lola’s ass cheek. What the???

At first, she’s perplexed as to why Lola’s ass would be there instead of her brother’s face, but it quickly dawns on her what they’re doing. Ohmygod. Glancing over her shoulder at Dele, the interconnectivity of the four of them becomes apparent. Holy shit! She had seen this on videos and thought it was totally fake. She had been certain that real people never did anything like this. Guess that was wrong.

Another quick orgasm explodes in her pussy and she lowers her mouth back to her brother’s dick. Feeling his wife is sufficiently aroused; Dele licks his finger and starts toying with her puckered asshole. His fingers return to his mouth several times until he has enough saliva around Bisola’s ass to lubricate his finger’s entry. Pushing the tip of his middle finger into her crinkled opening, he twists and turns, corkscrewing it back and forth while he continues to fuck her pussy.

Bisola gasps when her husband starts playing with her asshole but it sends pleasure signals through her pussy and she unconsciously relaxes while she spreads her legs a little farther apart. Sucking on her brother’s dick, she has a momentary flash of two cocks vying for time in her ass and pussy and she rocks back against Dele’s finger when he starts pushing it in. Is this what it would feel like to be fucked by two men, she wonders.

To say that his wife’s reaction surprises him would be an understatement but Dele is not one to question his good fortune. While she’s in the mood, he pulls out from both holes and quickly aligns his dick with her saliva-coated asshole. Pressing his juicily lubricated cockhead into the opening, he tightens his grip on her hips and shoves his dick deep into her ass.

AgggggghhhhHHH!” Bisola cries just as her brother’s cum explodes into her mouth. Her ass takes a backseat as she frantically starts swallowing her brother’s cum, sucking out every drop as he jerkily shoots several more loads before settling back down on the couch. Bisola lets his spent dick fall from her mouth and braces herself against her husband’s onslaught.

By this time her ass has loosened up sufficiently to be an almost pleasurable experience but Bisola misses the stimulation in her pussy. She again envisions two cocks alternating their pounding into both openings and imagines her brother in her pussy with her husband in her ass. She sighs, but without the other dick, she reaches between her legs to provide her own stimulation.

Once he’s cum, Yinka’s brain seems to re-engage and focuses on the deployment of his tongue. What is he doing? He starts to pull his head back, but Lola has other ideas.

“Don’t stop, honey!” Lola pleads, smashing his face more tightly against her fiery pussy and holding it with her hands. “I’m almost there.” Lola is rocking her pussy against her husband’s face trying to get his tongue to make more contact with her clit. Yinka pushes his tongue deep into his wife’s pussy, thinking that’s what she wants.

Lola rides his tongue but it’s not enough. She shoves her hand down between them scratching his upper lip with her long nails as she rubs her clit towards a powerful orgasm. As she thrusts her hips, her ass cheeks smack Bisola in the face and Bisola playfully bites Lola’s ass, sending her over the top.

Quite shocked that her playful bite sent Lola into convulsions, Bisola returns to her own pleasure and fingers herself to a very satisfying release just as Dele starts shooting cum into her ass.

When all four of them have disentangled their limbs and are catching their breath, Dele starts to laugh.

“Well, I guess we don’t really need to have our discussion about what happens when we get home, do we?” he asks, looking at the naked bodies sprawled across the couch. Both women laugh with him but all Yinka can manage is a self-conscious smile.

“We still need some kind of arrangement or schedule,” Lola says. “I travel quite often and I don’t want to miss out.”

“When you’re out of town, do I get Yinka and Dele all to myself?” Bisola teases, but her heart is pounding in her chest as she imagines the scene playing out.

“You liked having both of them, huh?” Lola asks. “I could get used to the four of us together, too,” she smiles thinking about the pleasurable bite on her ass.

“I wouldn’t mind being the recipient of the kind attention the two of you were giving Yinka,” Dele smiles, looking at Yinka for acknowledgment of the pleasure. He just smiles shamefaced at the thought.

“I’m all for a schedule, but I know you like a little spontaneity too, Lola,” Dele says, stretching as he gets up from the couch.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” Bisola smiles as she stands up to join her husband. “But right now, we need a shower.” Taking his hand, she leads Dele up the stairs as Yinka watches the jiggling of her ass cheeks with each step she ascends.

“We have a couple of hours before we have to check out,” Lola says playfully to her husband.

“Shall we join them in the shower?” he asks, surprising his wife.

“Why not just all get naked in the hot tub?” she teases but then jumps up from the chair and reaches her hand out to him before he can respond. Yinka takes his wife’s hand and they run upstairs to surprise Dele and Bisola. Lola’s breasts bounce provocatively as they hurry up the steps and Yinka wraps her in a tight embrace her at the top of the steps, squeezing her firm breasts against his chest.

“It’s been quite a week,” he says.

“That’s an understatement,” she smiles, kissing him before they walk toward Dele and Bisola’s bedroom.

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