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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover V (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover V (18+)

Turning back, I got my first look at Yemi, my eyes widening to take her in. Yemi was standing in front of me wearing thigh-high black leather boots, skin-tight with a big heel on them, a tiny little black skirt so short it barely concealed her, and a tight brown corset type top that was squeezing her in and up in all the right ways.

With sexy dark eye makeup on and her hair down and curly, she looked particularly foxy and fierce, giving a smile as she saw me eyeing her up. She looked hungry and was ready to pounce; having been thinking of their night of lust and going without for a few weeks, she just wanted it badly now.

Pulling close to me, she slid her arms around me and pulled me into a deep, long kiss, her passion radiating through it as she held me before finally pulling away.

“I hope you want this as much as I do,” she said, looking earnestly into my eyes as if fearing rejection.

“I’ve wanted you for too long,” I replied, my arms sliding up her back, feeling the tight brown silk wrapped around her body.

“Just since that night, I can’t stop thinking about you, us, what happened; I just can’t go without it,” she said, looking down shyly, her hands sliding down.

“Then you don’t have to,” I said, and it was like she was waiting for a starting pistol. Her dainty hands immediately found my belt, undoing it and my jeans swiftly as she dropped to her knees.

“Thank god for that, if you’d said no…” she trailed off, grasping my hardening cock and stroking it for a moment before wasting no time in taking me into her mouth.

I gasped and struggled to stop myself from doubling over at the intense rush of sensation she delivered, sucking hard and working her tongue right from the get-go, so much so fast I wasn’t sure if I could stand it.

However, she backed off a little and got into a rhythm, sucking me firmly and bobbing up and down at a good rhythm, not pushing to make me come too fast, but clear enough to let me know that she could if she wanted, working her tongue over and around my head, varying her sucking a bit as she did, rubbing me into the soft insides of her cheeks.

“I really need this on tour; I can’t keep just going with my toys; I need proper sex,” she murmured in a pause, stroking me firmly at the same time before slipping me back into her hot mouth, sucking particularly hard this time, making me groan in pleasure as she started to work harder, going down deeper and faster this time before slipping off once more.

“Just have to have you around, indulge my every fantasy and need,” she said, not looking up as she went down on me again, using her tongue plenty now, pressing it into the underside of my cock and working it briskly around my bulbous head as she pulled back, taking her time with it now, just enjoying herself sucking my cock, before slowly sliding back off it, letting her soft lips just hang on the tip for a minute before pulling away.

“I can give you exactly what you want, and you get me,” she breathed, leaning close and flicking out her tongue to lap at my cock. I really couldn’t take any more of this fantastic but teasing blowjob now and grabbed her head, my fingers pushing through her soft hair as I took control, pulling her onto my cock, Yemi just giving a slight moan as she was dominated, sucking immediately on my manhood with a renewed intensity and starting to work her head powerfully up and down my cock.

Holding her strongly, I started to pump into her mouth, upsetting her rhythm a moment before she fell back into step with me, now letting me work harder and faster into her mouth, pumping my hard cock faster and deeper than she had been, aiming to push it right down her throat.

Yemi just kept sucking and working her tongue as best she could as I thrust my cock powerfully into her mouth, bumping the back of her throat and feeling it contract as I did so, starting to build up quicker now to really fuck her mouth.

Her throat kept me at bay as I started to pump into her, the fast strokes not getting the job done, so I slowed and pressed my cock deep into her throat, feeling it tighten then relax as I squeezed my cock into her mouth, hearing her give a slightly strained sound as I pulled her head down onto me till my balls pressed into her chin.

She gave a couple of almost-gags as I held myself there, revelling in the sensation of having my cock buried deep in the sexy singer’s throat before I pulled back so she could suck at my swollen head. However, I didn’t want to wait now.

I’d opened her throat and immediately ploughed deep into her mouth again, nearly down to the hilt, making her cough as I pulled back.

I quickly regained my old rhythm, Yemi doing her part perfectly now, sucking and slurping at my cock as I pounded it into her throat, pumping quite deep now. Giving her a little bit more was too much, and she started to gag, but right then, I just didn’t care and kept on going, quickly loving the feel of her throat tightening around the tip of my cock as she did.

Despite the fact I was slamming my cock into Yemi’s throat as she struggled to take it, gagging loudly on her mouthful of cock, she didn’t try and pull off me or stop; she just held my thighs and left me to hold her head and pump powerfully into her mouth, quite simply loving being treated like this.

However, as good as it was face-fucking Yemi, and I certainly wasn’t stopping, I really wanted to fuck her again. Her pussy had been a tight treat, almost as much as her ass had been, and I wanted another piece of it.

With another good few hard strokes into her throat, really deep, so my balls smacked into her chin, making her gag more again, I then plunged right in and held at full depth for a second, then suddenly pulled out of her mouth, making her cough and wipe at her mouth as my erection sprung away from her soft lips.

“I won’t be able to sing tomorrow night properly,” she gasped, looking up with a slight smirk, clearly loving that she’d just got her throat pounded by me.

“As long as you can scream tonight, I don’t care,” I said with a smile of my own, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her up from the floor, then turning and shoving her roughly down on the cheap motel bed, which gave a creak, something it was going to be doing plenty more of tonight.

Grabbing Yemi’s legs from where they hung over onto the floor, I took hold around the ankles of her thigh-high boots, pulling her legs high into the air, keeping them dead straight to just marvel at her wonderful flexibility as I turned her hips, giving me a clear view straight up her tiny skirt to show she was not wearing a scrap of underwear, which was fine by me as I got a look at her neatly shaved pussy, sporting a tight little arrow that pointed straight down at her clit, the rest of her smoothly shaved to perfection.

“If you needed any directions,” she said with a teasing smile.

“I found it in the dark; I think I can manage,” I said with a grin, hooking her leg over my shoulder as I reached down for my rock hard cock, pushing it down and pressing it to her dripping wet entrance, giving a swift thrust and burying myself in her, both of us groaning loudly as she squeezed up tightly around me, feeling a rush of pleasure.

I started to pump, slowly at first, to open her sweet pussy up a bit before I increased the pace, holding onto her thighs now, her legs hooked over my shoulders as I pumped my achingly hard cock into her sweet, snug pussy.

She groaned deeply in pleasure, rocking her hips with me as I really began to fuck her, aiming to give us both the release we needed after weeks of sexual tension since our first drunken, lustful encounter.

“Oh fuck…” she groaned, writhing in pleasure as I held tightly to her sexy, toned legs and pumped deeply into her, slamming into her now, feeling her wonderfully warm body as I drove every inch into her needy pussy, making her jolt with pleasure, a good orgasm already on its way for her, evidently close anyway because she was so turned on.

I wasn’t exactly far away thanks to the sensational blowjob she’d opened with, and having gone without sex just like her since we’d had sex before, and my hand just wasn’t the same.

I intended to keep focused and hold it back till Yemi was done, though, which didn’t seem like it was going to take longer, especially as her hand slid down her tight, toned stomach, through the sexy arrow straight to her clit, which she immediately began massaging quite firmly, giving a shiver and tense as she did, hitting the spot exactly right as I started fucking her harder and faster, aiming to get her off quickly.

Pumping down into her, I rolled her hips, so I pressured her G-spot, which, combined with her vigorous clit rubbing, did the trick, picking up the pace just a fraction more to really make her scream, the sound of ecstasy bursting from her like beautiful music as I fucked her hard, wailing her pleasure to the world as she came for the first time today, and I was intent on making sure it wasn’t the last time.

But that would come later, as her squeezing pussy made her feel even more inviting and spurred me to pump long and hard into it, loving the last twitching clenches of her orgasm fading around me as I thrust deeply into her luscious body, holding her legs tight as I hammered her, aiming to fill her up now, feeling the sensations beginning to build.

“Pull out, when you’re gonna…don’t do it in me,” she gasped, holding onto the bed as I rode her ass hard, fucking her as deep and fast as possible, loving the feel of pounding in against her gorgeous butt.

“What, why not?” I breathed, feeling hot now from my fantastic exertion, pulling my shirt off quickly over my head to save time.

“I want to blow you to the end, please, just let me,” she breathed, looking up at me imploringly between her flexible legs, which I had bent back quite tightly over her body.

“Ok,” I said simply, smiling as I pressed her legs back even further, Yemi just smiling naughtily back as she kept her legs dead straight, showing off just how well she could bend as I pushed them back down onto her, holding her toned calf muscles as I now pumped directly down into her, making her grunt in pleasure at the new angle.

She gave a deliberate squeeze of her pussy to help me along as I held her tight and chased my own climax now, thumping down into her, making sure she took every inch. It seemed her flexibility wasn’t limited to just her limbs, as despite being lovely and tight, she still stretched out to swallow up every last millimetre of my cock.

And that lovely tight pussy had me almost on edge now, Yemi raising her hips to meet every thrust between her tight legs as she was pinned back on the motel bed. She seemed to know before me that I was going to come, feeling the twitches and characteristic hardening of my cock in readiness.

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