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March 2, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Uloma & The Party III (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Uloma & The Party III (18+)

Musa’s hands were still busy, but now busy unbuckling his trousers. Uloma heard the sound of his zipper being undone and then the feel of a massive penis hitting her thighs. She glanced down and saw the truly largest cock she had ever seen or even imagined for that matter. Easily twice as long and twice as thick as Chidi’s penis, Its head was like a plumb and flared out even wider than its shaft.

Musa began rubbing his cock head all around her pussy’s lips and slit from top to bottom.

Uloma was wet and more turned on than she could ever remember, but this was a point of no return. Letting Musa fuck her with a cock this big was too much for her to let happen. Already she had allowed Musa to do things to her no one but her husband had done and being fucked here by Musa in a stranger’s bathroom was unthinkable.

She began to plead with Musa to stop. “This has gone too far and they needed to stop now!” But Musa was having none of that.

In response to her pleas, he took hold of her head with his big left hand and began kissing her once again as he had done earlier. All the while he continued to rub his giant cockhead against her ever moistening opening.

With his thick tongue pressed deep into Uloma’s mouth, Musa began to push his overly large cockhead into Uloma’s delicious pussy.

“Oh my god!” Uloma mumbled through his tongue as his the thick plumb like head slipped into her. Musa stopped pushing for a moment to let Uloma get used to his size. At that moment there was a light knock on the bathroom door and they both listened as Uloma’s husband Chidi called out her name inquiring if she was in there.

Uloma looked in panic into Musa’s eyes silently pleading for him to let her go. He did not. He just kept a slight pressure against her pussy and looked back down at her with his eyes full of lust.

Uloma responded to Chidi’s question and said, “Yes Chidi, I will be out in a few minutes. I think I had a little too much to drink.”

Chidi was horny and was hoping to have a little fun with Uloma. He asked; “Uloma, let me in are you alright?”

As Uloma thought how to respond, Musa evilly pushed his enormous cock a few inches deeper into Uloma. Uloma bit her lip trying not to scream from the overwhelming sensation of being stretched and penetrated by Musa’s cock.

She managed to say; “I’m on the toilet Chidi, just wait for me with Musa, I think he went out towards the bar.”

Musa loved that one and pushed another couple of inches of his cock meat deeper yet into his captive. He began to now slowly stroke in and out of her stretched cunt with half of his length, gaining a little more with each thrust.

Chidi meanwhile thought he heard a grunt or something like a moan from within the bathroom, but with all the noise from the party could not be sure. He stayed for a moment longer before responding to Uloma.

“Okay Uloma, I will wait for you near the bar. Come look for me when you’re done. You’re not getting sick are you?”

Uloma was now getting fucked like she never had before. With her husband just a few feet away on the outside of the bathroom door, she stopped thinking about him and was being overcome by the powerful thrust by this baboon fucking her.

She did manage to say; “I’m okay Chidi, I’m uhhh…uhhh…okayyyy…Chidi…uh…oh god you’re so deep into me Musa!”

“What?” Said Chidi.

“I will…uhg…be out…uhg, uhg, uhg…soon!”

“Okay Uloma, come and meet me in the bar.”

Finally, Chidi left and it was a good thing because Musa now embedded his entire length into the now excitedly panting and moaning wife in front of him. She was so wet and the look on her face was priceless. He knew women looked at him as ugly and joked about his size behind his back, but when he decided to take one they always changed their mind and his bulk became his asset.

He pressed forward and held his cock deep into the panting women. “God she was tight and so wet,” he thought and then told her so. He would pull his cock almost completely out of her soft clinging pussy then fill her again to the limit. Over and over he repeated this long stroking of her and she was his.

Uloma clung to his shoulders as he fucked her so intently she was losing her breath and getting dizzy. Her head rested back against the mirror with her eyes closed only occasionally glancing up into Musa’s eyes who just stared down at her.

Something happened inside her body and mind. Uloma completely submitted to this man, body, and soul. She had always felt in control or at least as a partner in sex with her husband, but this was different. She gave herself up to the fucking she was getting and it felt like a drug. Uloma was high from it, breathless and intoxicated from the extreme arousal of being so thoroughly taken. She began an orgasm that rocked her from head to toe and it seemed like it would never end.

Musa fucked her now harder and furiously plowed his cock into her slapping his belly against her widespread thighs and pelvis. He was ready to explode into her and bent down and again began to ravish her mouth. He held her hips in his hands lifting her into his pounding cock and finally came deep inside her holding her tight against himself.

Uloma panted; “Oh my god you’re cuming inside of me. I can feel you filling me full of your sperm!”

“And you love it, exclaimed Musa! You love having my huge cock buried into your delicious married pussy don’t you”

“Say it Uloma!” he demanded! “Tell me how much you love me fucking you!”

“Damnit Musa I do love your huge cock up inside me and your big hands all over my body! I never thought I would, but I do! I have never been fucked like this in my life!!”

“You will again Uloma! This pussy is mine now and I will be fucking you a lot more. I will come to your home and fuck you in your bed or at my office and just about any place I feel like it!”

With that said Musa slid his deflating cock out of Uloma’s quivering pussy and back into his trousers. He left her there still dizzy from what had just occurred.

Uloma’s life was changed this night forever. As she slowly recovered, her senses were still fully engaged, but her mind and state of being came back into focus.

She again locked the bathroom door, removed what was left of her clothing, and thought a quick shower was needed.

Stepping over the rim of the tub the spray of water was a wonderfully invigorating as she felt the sweat and copious amount of Musa’s sperm that had been dripping down her thighs wash away. Uloma felt refreshed and her skin still sensitive, tingled as she toweled herself dry.

Her panties and bra were gone and slipping her dress back on there was now not any possibility of hiding her extended nipples. She liked the sensual feel of the thin material clinging to her body as she reentered the party that was still going strong. Uloma’s eyes were at half-mast with that smokey sensual quality that did not go unnoticed by other males mingling about the room.

For Uloma had the party just begun…?

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