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February 25, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Uloma & The Party (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Uloma & The Party (18+)


A little about my wife Uloma; Standing about five feet eight inches she is slender, dark, and has the perfect ass in my opinion. I’ve always been attracted to a woman with a firm butt that curves down nicely to wonderful thighs just as firm and well-shaped. That is what I have in Uloma. Her great body also has the nicest breasts in my opinion.

Full, firm, well-shaped, and capped by two luscious, sensitive nipples that are visible even when Uloma is wearing a bra that she does not at all really even need. All this and beautiful eyes, lovely smile, and sensual lips.

When we first met you would not even have known she was so gorgeous. She to this day doesn’t understand just how attractive she is and if it was not for my insisting she show her body off a little she would never think of doing so herself.

And this I did by often encouraging Uloma to forego her bra which would allow me to see and drool over her fantastic breasts and nipples out in public or I would buy her a form-fitting skirt that accentuated her perfect ass and legs. I could not wait to get her home and get her into bed.

Sometimes we did not make it to bed when I would pull her blouse open right in our entryway and wind up making love on the chair.

This was a lot of fun for me and I assumed Uloma enjoyed it as well. Sex was great and I knew when she had an orgasm. There was no hiding that.


I am not naĂŻve. I know I have an attractive figure and men have always found me desirable. But I did not care about that or play into that scene. Chidi was all I really cared about and while he liked me to dress provocatively I only did it because it excited him and that was fine.

What Chidi did not seem to realize or maybe care about was that it brought on unwanted attention from other men. I ignored it, but it grew annoying and some men were more aggressive than others.

At times when we were in a social situation either with neighbors or more so with Chidi’s business functions, some men would make a pass at me or brazenly grope me after drinking a bit too much.

One neighbor on the Christmas party at his house cornered me in his bar after sending me there under the pretense to pick out a Red wine. He followed me down to the basement and pushed me into a corner and began fondling my breasts and even tweaked my nipples rather crudely.

I pushed him away from me and hurried out of there, but my nipples were erect and I was acutely aware of the ongoing tingling that did not leave me until we got home and Chidi practically attacked me. He was excited that my nipples were so clearly erect without a clue that our neighbor had caused the reaction.

A few days later our neighbor profusely apologized to me personally and blamed it on the alcohol, but I felt like I had some responsibility for what happened. I never let on to him about that and just graciously accepted his apology.


Business was going great and my relationship with Uloma could not have been better. She was so damn hot and sex continued to be great. We were invited to a party by one of my new clients whom I had really hit it off with. He was a different kind of guy than most of my clients.

His name was Musa and he did not look the part of the successful business owner that he was. He was a big guy who looked more like an aboki than the clean-cut well-dressed suits I usually worked with. But, Musa was friendly and extremely outgoing. After Uloma and I attended a reception that his company threw, his interest in our relationship really took off.

He seemed to like Uloma right away and spent a good bit of time chatting her up which she seemed to be fine with. It was shortly after that luncheon he called me to offer up an invitation to one of his friend’s annual events at a house that sounded like a dream. He thought it might open up a few more doors for me as well.

I couldn’t wait to tell Uloma about it and much to my surprise she was not all that enthusiastic about it. After explaining the many possible opportunities that would be afforded us she finally came around and agreed to go.

The party was still a month off and Musa, Uloma, and I got together for dinner beforehand and I had lunch with him once before the event. He mentioned to me more than once what a great lady Uloma was and how lucky I was to have landed such a beauty.


Chidi’s business required me every so often to socialize with his clients either by attending dinners or an occasional party. At one such event, a reception party, I was introduced to his newest client Musa. Musa was a huge man who did not fit the norm of most of Chidi’s clients which at first was a pleasant surprise.

I say at first because Chidi’s typical clients were a bit smooth, self-centered men or women who expected to be treated like royalty and catered to. Musa, on the other hand, was a loud-mouthed extrovert, but overweight dressed poorly, and had a pot belly hanging over his belt that he did little to hide.

Musa seemed friendly enough at first and paid a fair amount of attention to me at the reception party. Refreshingly he did not focus on my breast even though Chidi had encouraged me to wear a sheer bra and light top that did little to hide my nipples. He did however touch me often usually on my hand or shoulder in the course of our conversations.

I notice that his hands were soft but huge. I mean bizarrely so. His palms were the size of a plate and his fingers long and incredibly thick. He was not at all what I would consider good looking and his mannerisms were to some extent rather vulgar. You would think he drove a bicycle on a farm before you would ever think he ran a successful billion naira business.

We met again at a dinner he invited us to where it was the three of us and one other gentleman whom Chidi was mostly engaged with selling his services to. This left me again listening to Musa going on about various subjects some interesting and some not.

At this dinner, I began to see a side of Musa I did not care for. He at times put his fat face too close to me as though confiding a secret to me and took the occasion to touch my knee or neck with those big hands of his. He was checking me out much more so than I liked and now I caught him glancing at my breasts or legs when I would get up for any reason.

I had agreed to go to Musa’s friend’s party and after this dinner, I really wished I had not done so. As the party drew near Chidi surprised me with a new outfit to wear to the event. It was really a cute silk skirt and top that while I loved on the one hand felt a little nervous about on the other. It clung to my butt and accentuated my breasts, but not in a cheap or vulgar way. The cut, quality, and color of the silk were simply elegant so I was happy to wear it.


Finally, the event at Musa’s friend was here. I was excited to finally see this house I was told would be impressive. I bought this amazing outfit for Uloma to wear specifically for this party. I saw it on a mannequin at a shop near my office at Lekki and thought it looked great on this mannequin, but would be a knock out on Uloma.

When she came down our stairs from our bedroom wearing it I simply thought “Wow! Will I make it through the evening before jumping her bones.” It clung to her bubble butt and outlined her breast which even with her wearing a bra her nipples were clearly evident. My kind of outfit!

We arrived at the house with the party in full swing and it did not disappoint. Musa was nowhere to be seen at first, but his friend seemed to know who we were and came up to us and introduced himself. A nice looking guy as tall as Musa, but fit looking and just as gracious. His name was Wole and he introduced us around to a few of the people he was near and I immediately saw the potential Musa was talking about. A tray of drinks came around with Musa right behind it.

Musa gave us both a hug and whisked Uloma away to help prepare a few more drinks somewhere further in the house. I took this as an advantage to focus on the men and women Wole had introduced me to.


We arrived at the house and it was beautifully set back amongst trees and that made you feel like you were in a forest. The area was simply elegant while at the same time rustic. Upon entering we were soon greeted by the host and owner Wole, Musa’s friend. Wole introduced us to several people near him and Chidi was right on his game of chatting with a keen interest in the potential of new clients.

At one point a tray of drinks was served up and Musa was right behind the server. He was dressed as usual without much thought to his appearance, but again as usual was wordy and friendly, hugging both me and Chidi. Within minutes he led me away while asking me to help him prepare additional drinks at a bar in the living room.

It took us nearly an hour to get there as we were constantly engaged in conversations with other guests who all seemed to know and hold Musa in high regard. It made me feel better about being with him away from Chidi and I just hoped he would stay respectful.

What I did not see was Musa occasionally pairing off with other men checking me out as though I was some kind of prize trophy for the taking.

We arrived at the small bar that was L-shaped with bottles of various top-shelf liquor already opened on the stone counter. Musa ushered me in ahead of him to the small space behind the counter against the wall. He set up some glasses and instructed me on what and how much to pour in each glass. The lighting was not great back there, but Musa seemed to know what bottle was what just by the shape of it.

He also had us sample the different kinds to learn exactly how they should taste. The server would come by and grab a few onto their trays or a guest would simply come by for some conversation with us take a glass and move on. It was actually a lot of fun.

Musa was touching me here and there, but nothing out of line until I felt his huge hand come to rest on my waist just above my rear. His hand covered most of the small of my back and I was impressed by that, his touch was extremely gentle and almost caressing. One of the women I was introduced to earlier came up and began a conversation with me.

Her name was Adesuwa and she was a little older than I was but beautiful and very engaging. Musa joined in the conversation and while hidden from our new friend’s view his hand slipped down my side over my hip and back again. While his touch remained gentle I began to feel this was going somewhere I was not comfortable with.

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