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March 2, 2021

Crazy Lenny: The Thing with Ngozi’s Mum [Finale] (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: The Thing with Ngozi’s Mum [Finale] (18+)


My hands went to my sides, in immediate compliance. ‘Might this get interesting?’, I mused, against all hope.

Even in the dim illumination of the living room past midnight, I could swear I could detect a playful glimmer in Ngozi’s mother’s eyes. Her manicured fingertips dropped to the belt once more and she started to leisurely loosen it from the tight knot, as my cock, which had never gone limp, rose to even greater arousal.

“It’s only fair,” said the older woman, as the robe eased off of her waist. “I’ve seen yours.” The robe dropped to the carpet, revealing a full set of mature and only slightly sagging full breasts, a surprisingly flat stomach; and a perfect pubic hair just above her slit;

She lifted one hand to her nipple and tugged on it teasingly, while the other lowered to nestle between her sweet thighs, and one long finger curled beneath her bush.

“Now, you’ve seen mine.”

I gasped audibly, somewhat in surprise at this turn of events, but mostly in sincere appreciation of her body, which by any measure, was more than worthy.

She walked towards me slowly, one had still tucked between her legs and now swirling around inside her cunt in leisurely strokes, and breathed seductively at me. “Your cock is beautiful.” I could only nod. What does a man say in that situation, when your girlfriend’s mom has commented favorably upon the size of your exposed cock, inches from her own pussy?

She continued, reaching out to grab my shaft in one hand while lowering her torso down, down, slowly, spreading her legs for balance. Was this really happening?

Mrs. Obioma brought her hand to her lips, provocatively dribbled a small stream of spit onto her palm, and began to lubricate my length with her saliva. “Lenny, that’s your name, right?” Again, I only nodded, I wasn’t about to waive my rights yet, figuring anything I said could and would be used against me in the court of Ngozi’s mom.

“Pleased to meet you, Lenny. My name is Ngozi’s horny, sexually neglected mother. But you may call me Mrs. Obioma.”

My eyes widened and I groaned in a mixture of pleasure and astonishment as she sunk her wet cunt onto my dick and commenced a rhythmic motion with her pelvis, up and down on my titanium-hard dick, a long-held fantasy coming true.

“Husband hasn’t fucked me in a month,” she said, seeming to think she needed to provide an explanation of sorts, not that I was seeking one. “And I think I should pay you a proper symbol of gratitude for not deflowering my eager daughter.”

I was now nodding so frequently I was beginning to resemble a lizard.

She brought my hands up to her big, bouncing breasts, and held them to her chest tightly, closed her eyes, and groaned out a soft rhyme. “Lenny, Lenny, the donkey, fuck my cunt now that my daughter’s gone.”

I suddenly realized that the age difference between Ngozi’s mom and me was about the same as between Ngozi and myself, and began to get comfortable with this whole arrangement. Of course, it helped that Ngozi’s mother’s surprisingly tight cunt walls were clamping onto my cock.

She continued to control the proceedings at her own pace, sliding my hands down to her backside to cup her luscious ass cheeks. She then squeezed her breasts for my viewing pleasure, plumping them, strumming her own nipples. She next walked her fingers down to her pussy, tapping her swollen clit lightly, and pulled her gash apart, and I was amazed at the pooled wetness that cascaded down and onto my stomach as she manipulated her kegel muscles.

She slid another finger over her swollen nether lips, aching and hot as I watched, mesmerized.

Just when I thought I was really close to shooting as her talented cunt pumped my thickness to the point of near-release, she pulled me out of her canal and grasped my throbbing cock with a hard squeeze. It was a pretty neat trick, gave us a break and showed me she had the mens’ control thing figured out…one more reason to adore older women. Ngozi who?

Smiling, Mrs. Obioma lowered her fabulous body, kneeling on the carpet in front of me, just as her daughter had a mere twenty minutes or so ago. “Let’s tease this beautiful thing a bit, shall we? Looked like my little girl was doing a pretty nice job if I do say so myself, but I don’t think she can yet do THIS…..”

The older seductress lifted her mouth to my cock and moved it along the underside of my shaft to my balls. Just like her daughter did, with amazing similarity, she slowly and softly licked them…teasing me with the featherlike touch of her tongue.

Then, with no warning, she swiftly engulfed them with her knowing mouth. With her teeth tucked under her lips, she slightly squeezed them as if biting. She sucked each of them, one at a time, in and out of her mouth. Try as she might, though, she could not get them both into her tiny mouth at the same time.

Mommy tightened the grip of her left hand had on my stiff cock and started to jack me off slowly while still sucking on my swollen, seed-filled balls. Her hand glided up and down my cock with such ease from all of the lubrication from her dribble. I moaned and gyrated as I felt myself about to cum. I could not believe it…I was about to cum from getting head, not from Ngozi, but from her mom!

Mrs. Obioma, expert cocksucker that she was (it was a trait that clearly ran in the family), knew full well the effect she was evoking, she felt my cock getting harder…my balls getting tighter. She lifted her mouth from my testes and again squeezed me to a frustrating halt.

Reluctantly, but willingly (only because of what was to come), she moved away from my cock and stood in front of me. Her erect nipples stood taut, the areolas drawn up around them.

She grunted as her lithe, mature, sensational mid-forties torso body again to mount me, one hand waving and pointing to her cunt, like a maestro orchestrating our carnal composition to a crescendo. “I have to feel you inside me. I need to be fucked and fucked hard. You know what to do. Do me like I just did you, don’t hold back. I need to have your big cock deep in me, for my pleasure. Do me while I ride you.”

I watched as if hypnotized as her pussy blossomed apart and started to throb powerfully, right in front of my eyes. “It is almost painful,” she moaned. “I need to be filled. I need you inside me.”

Again, she straddled me, like a stallion. My cock was impossibly hard and pointed at her pussy, poised for entry. She didn’t touch it with her hands, she just let my rod find its target like the heat-seeking missile that it is. The thick mushroom-shaped head found her saturated, dripping opening.

The head of my cock was immediately covered with the juices oozing from her, more and more with each pulsation of her saturated inner walls. Her hot pussy was opening and closing…inviting me in completely. To come in and feel the warmth; the close, pulsating walls; the sticky cream that only a woman in heat can generate in such abundance.

She slid down on my cock, down slowly, deliberately…farther and farther until the back of her pussy apparently touched the tip of my cock…yet there was still a little more to go until I reached the bottom of her tunnel.

Pushing down further, I had all of my manhood inside of her at last. The head of my cock was pressing against her cervix. Her silky mound rested against my pubis. I felt her soft pubic hair against me. I felt her pussy caressing the perimeter of me. She rose on it, slowly so that we felt the opposite of what I just felt. When she could go no higher and dropped back to where we were…she sat there and savored the feeling again.

Her pussy spontaneously squeezed me. Then, she started to ride me, hard, frantic, up and down, pumping me. I met her determined strokes with my own, lifting her ass from the couch and back into synchronized rhythm with me.

We were pumping as teammates now. Ngozi’s mom’s eyes start to water from extreme pleasure. Her face contorted, her mouth opened to form a scream, but she must not scream. She was losing her breath…tears were streaming from her eyes. She quivered violently, then shook, then finally, she convulsed and bucked on her bronco. She was cumming as I have never seen a woman cum.

I had to hold onto her. I was afraid, happy, breathless, weightless. I pulled her to me for strength. I buried my face in her neck. I, too, had to fight the urge to yell, or scream, or cry out. I went up into her as far as I could and pushed there until I could go no farther.

My body stiffened. I could no longer move. My orgasm took over me. I was no longer in control. I screamed into Ngozi’s mother’s neck, “I am cumming.” But she already knew. I felt the walls of her wonderful pussy squeezing my pulsing cock as if they were trying to milk the cum from me. And they were.

My orgasm. Her orgasm. Not intimate, not tender. We had never even kissed. Just rough, raw sex with a hot MILF who just happened to have a daughter who was my virgin girlfriend.

Mrs. Obioma climbed off my still twitching cock and motioned to the front door without so much as a comment, never mind an embrace or a kiss. She picked up her robe and waited for me to gather up my clothes, stuff my cock back into my trousers, and gave me a steely, emotionless glare as I walked out.

I walked down the driveway towards my car, and just as I climbed in, I heard her call out to me quietly. Ngozi’s bedroom window was just above the front door. “Lenny.”

I turned to see her open her robe and plunge two fingers into her pussy and then lift them to her mouth, sucking our mutual excitement out of her cunt. ” Can you be here around two o’clock?”

This time, I took this invitation as an opportunity to be bold, but my voice remained muted, equally mindful of the position of Ngozi’s bedroom window.

“Tomorrow?” I contemplated for a moment, rubbing my chin. “Hmmm. I think I can make it. But only if I can have your ass.”

She smiled, somewhat bemusedly, somewhat condescendingly. “As long as you promise to maintain my daughter’s virginity, you can have it all, Mr. Man.”

Before she turned to go inside, she added, “You could have had it tonight. All you gotta do is ask. See you tomorrow.”

As I eased out of their driveway into their street, still oozing cum, I picked up my cell phone to see that there was a text message from Ngozi. I had never heard it in all the commotion of fucking her mother.

“I’m soooo sorry, Lenny,” the text read. “I hope she wasn’t too hard on you! You were down there 4 awhile.”

I hit reply, envisioning a horny but still virginal Ngozi anxiously fretting what her mom had doled out as punishment for catching her precious daughter in the act of sucking the big dick of a man ten years her elder.

“She was rough, yes, but nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“C U tomorrow after work, Ngozi?”

The next night, Ngozi sucked the cock that had ass-fucked her mother most of that afternoon.

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