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September 5, 2020

Crazy Lenny: The Office Affair of Jumoke III (18+)

Crazy Lenny: The Office Affair of Jumoke III (18+)

At that point, I couldn’t distinguish words amid the jubilant clamor from my comrades. I did pick up on the word “bukkake” and swear my dick got even harder with that thought in my head. With Jumoke’s words, all of us men discarded at least our trousers, while a couple disrobed completely.

I intended to keep the shirt and tie on throughout. Bello and Ifeanyi then picked the girl up and carried her the few feet onto the conference room table. Once she was sitting upright on there with both her legs out to her right side, we men surrounded her and began to fully undress her so we could go right into the most intense portion of the interview.

Edet pulled the loosely hanging shirt off Jumoke, while I pulled her legs out and quickly ripped her thong out from under her miniskirt, careful to leave the skirt and her sexy shoes intact. She would be leaving those items on for the duration of the interview, along with the jewelry.

With every obstacle out of the way, it was time to finally test Jumoke. After discarding Jumoke’s thong, I grabbed the chick’s ankles and pulled her to the edge of the table. Her bare ass rubbed against the surface, and one of her heels caught the wood and made a brief scratching sound, leaving a nick in the material.

Once she was seated there with her legs dangling toward the floor, I pulled her off, down to her feet, and turned her around so that her back was facing me and my hard dick was pressed against her lower back.

The scent of her hair at my chin filled my nostrils, and I couldn’t help but touch her hips and work my way up to her boobs, where my hands settled for a moment before I gently pushed her forward over the table.

Jumoke rested forward on her elbows and looked over her shoulder at me while the cheers of four other men began to rumble around us. I took my cock in my hand and looked down just in time to see Jumoke shift her legs apart, her high heels scraping against the carpet.

With my other hand, I pushed the miniskirt up just slightly and then ran my finger down to Jumoke’s moist opening before guiding the tip of my cock against it.

Jumoke cooed as soon as my dick made contact with her pussy, and I worked to shift just the head of me inside her before putting both hands on her hips and thrusting forward. As more and more of my cock sank into my young employee, my buddies encouraged me on, cheering louder and louder until I was balls deep inside the girl.

The noise around me reached a fever pitch once I started to thrust in and out of Jumoke while she was bent over that table. I held onto her tightly and moved my pelvis back and forth slowly at first as my hard prick filled Jumoke’s wet insides but picked up my pace as I gradually worked Jumoke up to more intense fucking. The faster I went, the more my friends encouraged me and complimented Jumoke.

Jumoke kept herself still but moaned and cried out as her boss banged her hard from behind. After a couple of minutes, she pushed her upper body up by straightening out her arms and leaving her hands planted on the table, arching her back as I pounded her pussy. That sexy pose made me bang her only harder. Her bright pink fingernails scratched against the table while she took my steady fucking, which was only the beginning of the intense sex Jumoke would be receiving this night.

Jumoke continued to moan and affirm me while her new man friends affirmed her as well. I fucked her Doggystyle over that table for just several minutes before I slowed down and pulled out, offering her to one of my buddies. Bello was the next in line, so he prepped his dick and then stepped up behind Jumoke as soon as I moved away. Within seconds, Bello was holding onto Jumoke’s hips and drilling her from behind just like I had been a moment prior.

As Bello fucked Jumoke over the conference room table, I moved over to the other side of that table so that I could watch Jumoke’s getting taken head on. Then I pulled out my phone and began to record. I seldom made any evidence of group escapades like this one, especially considering the professional risks involved in this particular scenario, but my lust didn’t allow me to resist.

With the steady slapping of Bello’s hips against Jumoke’s ass, I pointed the camera right at the girl whose hair and breasts swung forward with each thrust into her sexy body, her arms still outstretched and holding herself up. “We need to document this interview for HR purposes,” I said to Jumoke. “Can you explain to us again why we should consider you for this promotion?”

Jumoke rose masterfully to the occasion again. “Because I’m going to let each one of these big, strong men take turns fucking me,” her answer came amid deep inhales, and her words were thrown a bit because she was constantly being pushed forward by Bello’s thrusts. “Then I’m going to let them all fuck all my holes, all at once, until they’re ready to coat my face with their cum.”

A spew of excitement and expletives erupted from the other men while I just grinned, immensely pleased with my good friend and top employee who was performing as well as any porn star. “My kind of girl!” exclaimed Edet, who moved in behind Bello, clearly preparing for his turn.

Edet did get his turn a minute later, followed by Sani and finally Ifeanyi. I stopped recording after a couple minutes, but I kept the camera handy for the rest of the night. Sani was the lucky one who was the first to make Jumoke cum, so he was greeted with a roar of cheers before he stepped aside from the convulsing whore.

Once Ifeanyi was fucking Jumoke fast and furiously for a few minutes, causing Jumoke to yelp and moan uncontrollably from the black cock that was stuffing her, he let up for just a moment to flip Jumoke onto her back and then, with the girl’s legs straight up in the air, went right back to pounding her pussy while her nails scratched against the table on either side of her. All throughout, the rest of us guys cheered on Jumoke and whoever was getting his run with her.

Since I was the understood leader of this gangbang, Ifeanyi waited for my cue before he slammed hard into Jumoke one final time and pulled out. Jumoke shrieked and then laughed as those black balls slapped hard against her taint one more time before she was suddenly vacated, causing her shaking legs to fall from their perch on Ifeanyi’s chest and just hang in the air.

Jumoke wouldn’t be empty for long, now that it was time for the real decadence to begin. Sani hopped onto the table beside Jumoke, who had now been lying flat forward over it after being fucked hard from behind by five men in a row.

I came up beside her and helped her back up onto the table to join Sani. Soon, Jumoke had one high heel planted in either side of Sani’s hips, her boobs facing the ceiling and on display for the rest of us men, while Sani’s legs hung over the edge as he pressed his cock against Jumoke’s ass. This hole had yet to be ventured into tonight but not for much longer. Jumoke lay still, her back against Sani’s chest as she anticipated the intrusion into her back door.

“Yeah, fuck that fucking ass!” Edet shouted as soon as Sani began to push his cock into Jumoke’s dark hole. Jumoke screamed at first as inch after inch of thick cock penetrated her butt, which I imagine hadn’t gotten much use in a while. However, remembering that she was in an interview, the young girl calmed down, took deep breaths and forced a smile as she took all of Sani into her ass.

“Who wants us to make a Jumoke sandwich?” I asked the rest of the boys. They unanimously cheered in the affirmative. “How about you, Miss Jumoke?” I asked my friend.

“Yes, boss,” she said, her smile almost hiding her discomfort as she still adjusted to the member in her ass. Then she lifted and spread her legs, her high heels pointing toward the ceiling. “I can provide lunch for you every day if I get this job.” That expression was kind of cheap, but so help me, it still turned me on. Of course, her widespread, high-heel-clad legs may have had something to do with it, not to mention her stuffed asshole.

I stepped up between the legs of the couple on the table, the rowdiness of the crowd that was watching us not diminishing in the least. Jumoke used her hands to spread her pussy for me, and I looked down with untamed arousal at her open vagina and stuffed asshole. With one hand, I pushed my member into her pussy, which was even tighter now, thanks to the cock on the other side of the membrane that separated her two holes.

“Fuck!” Jumoke cried as my cock impaled her pussy. “Shit!” More profanities escaped those lips as I sank deeper and deeper until both Sani and I were to the hilt inside the same bitch. Once my balls were touching Jumoke’s stretched out taint, I wrapped my arms around her thighs, holding her legs against my chest and resting her ankles on my shoulders as the three of us adjusted to our positioning.

Almost simultaneously, Sani and I began to thrust up into Jumoke. Jumoke cried out initially before a devilish smile spread across her face. At that moment, as I slowly pushed into and pulled back in her tight, wet-cunt, I looked Jumoke in the face and was take away by that gorgeous yet sinful smile, those glimmering green eyes and that luscious long hair that was already pretty messily framed her head as it hung down in Sani’s face.

My eyes traveled down to her boobs, which rose and fell just slightly as she began to adapt to what was happening to her. Already I noticed faint traces of sweat between her breasts.

Increasing the power of my thrusts, I slid in and out of Jumoke while Sani moved a little faster in and out of her ass at the same time. Before long, I was timing my movement so as to sink into Jumoke’s twat when Sani pulled back in her ass so that we were sawing in and out of her in no time, taking turns going deep inside her.

To my surprise, Jumoke showed no signs of pain; instead, she writhed and moaned, a big grin on her face the whole time as Sani and I double-penetrated her.

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