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October 26, 2020

Crazy Lenny: The Marvellously Talented Habiba (Finale) (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: The Marvellously Talented Habiba (Finale) (18+)

I felt the man in Habiba’s pussy tense up and could feel his cock pulsing through her membrane as he came. As soon as he was done he disengaged himself from the tangle of flesh, presenting his cock to Toyin and I to clean. We licked and sucked on his cock together, our lips meeting around his slick, cum-soaked shaft, and it was like a whole new first kiss.

Habiba allowed us this tender moment until the man stepped away, and then she turned herself around and firmly planted her freshly fucked pussy, filled and dripping with cream, onto my mouth. Hesitation a forgotten concept, I happily slurped up everything she had to offer. Just above me, Toyin was doing the same to Habiba’s asshole. I jolted with over-stimulation as Habiba sucked my softening cock into her mouth. I don’t know if it was the cock ring or Habiba’s unimaginable talents, or both, but my erection ceased to fade. I wasn’t fully hard, but I was easily at half-mast, now squirming uncomfortably, my balls so recently emptied but somehow still blue.

When Habiba was done with us, she eased herself off of my face and stood next to me, casually toying with my nipples, with a sharp pinch here and there. Toyin’s other lovers had disappeared, and she kissed me once more before she stood up and walked around the side of the table. Pinching my other nipple along the way, she climbed onto the table with me. The attention to my nipples keeping me just hard enough, Toyin mounted me and managed to slide herself down onto my semi-erection. She laid herself down on top of me, kissing me tenderly and said, “I’m not ready for this feeling to end.” She wasn’t looking to fuck, she just wanted us to be together for what came next.

Or rather, who came next. When she broke our kiss I looked up at her, and she motioned with her eyes behind me. Letting my head hang back down again, I saw the mountain that had been in Toyin’s ass. He stood there slowly stroking his massive cock, pointing it at my gaping mouth. Toyin’s eyes widened with glee as her smile beamed up at him.

“Please, baby, just this one more,” she whispered. How could I refuse? If I were in any other position I doubt I could have taken even half of his length. As it was I felt like my jaw would unhinge just trying to get my lips around the head.

“You can do it, baby.” she purred encouragingly, “Go slow,” she said, I assume to him.

And he did. He stood there, allowing my mouth adjust to his size, patiently waiting for me to beckon him further by inching my lips up his heavy shaft. All the while Toyin kissed and licked at my lips and the monster disappearing between them.

At first, I thought “one more” meant one more load. I assumed he was just going to get himself as far in as he could and then use my mouth to get himself off. But when he entered my throat and kept inching forward, I realized he had no intention of stopping. My eyes bulged and watered as he pressed on into my airway, and I tried to shake my head “no,” but Toyin wasn’t ready to give up.

“Shhhhhhh, it’s okay.” she soothed. “I know it’s scary the first time. But if I can do it you can too. I know you can do it, baby. Please? For me?”

She wriggled her hips on top of me and I knew there was no escape. I couldn’t have refused her anything if my life depended on it. I closed my eyes and focused on breathing deeply through my nose. Still patient and gentle, he pushed forward again, finally closing off my airway entirely. I sucked and swallowed and strained to get him further down my throat before I passed out. He stood there patiently, easing his hulking beast into me. When I started turning red he slid back out, just a bit to let me breathe.

Holding himself back just enough for me to replenish my supply of oxygen before pressing forward again, each time a bit further than the last. So focused was I on the task at hand (or rather, mouth), I barely noticed the cockhead pressed against my anus. I did, however, noticed when it popped inside of me, slowly driving all the way into me to the hilt. As the newcomer bottomed out and hit my weary prostate, causing my overspent cock to twitch back to life involuntarily, I groaned around the behemoth in my throat, expelling the remainder of my air.

The mountain shifted backward again to let me catch my breath, as Toyin squirmed against me, feeling my own cock growing inside of her.

“Mmmmmmm, good boy! Does that help, having another nice, big cock in your ass? You can do this, baby. You’re just a good a filthy little cock slut as I am.”

The cock in my ass assumed a slow rhythm of sliding gently in and out. The only force applied was right as he bottomed out and thrust against my prostate, driving me forward to swallow the unending cock in my throat.

“Oh god, YES!” Toyin cried, watching me with wild-eyed wonder as I was spit-roasted again whilst inside of her. “Somebody get a fucking cock up my ass!” she cried. It didn’t take long to find a volunteer. Feeling her pussy tighten as her anal cavity expanded to accommodate another long, hard cock was like someone had flipped a switch. The sheer inexhaustible lust fueling the woman I love, pouring out of her like tangible inspiration, opened my throat beyond any preconceived notions I had about human biology.

The mountain pulled back one last time, just long enough for me to take a deep, desperate breath, before sliding all the way into my throat until his massive balls rested against my eyes. And there he stayed until I ran out of air. And he would ease back so I could breathe, and then slide all the way back home again. Over and over again, my throat was stretched, my lungs were bled dry, and he would pull away so I could replenish them. Toyin was bucking wildly against the cock in her ass, my own bewildered member in her pussy just along for the ride.

She watched as we practiced our routine of stuffing my newly expanding throat, slowly picking up speed as I learned how to time my breathing to fill my lungs faster. Until finally, this monumental giant of a man, with his enormously unending cock, was actually fucking my throat. Not fast, mind you. It was slow, measured fucking. But it was fucking.

He slid in and out of me over and over, each time with a slightly harder little nudge at the end as he hit bottom. The man in my ass joined in our rhythm and the two cocks synced up, pounding my throat and my prostate at the same time. The man in Toyin’s ass, however, was hammering away at break-neck speed, slamming in and out of her like a man possessed. And she loved it. Every singular, over-sexed aspect of it. But it still wasn’t enough.

She paused in her oral love-making to my wide-stretched mouth, and screamed, “Somebody give us more cum!” She didn’t have to ask twice. In a matter of moments, there was another cock to my right, which Toyin immediately turned her head to swallow whole. Moments later there was another cock pressed against my left cheek as its owner stroked it quickly, nearing orgasm.

Harder and harder the man in Toyin’s ass pounded away at her battered rectum until she was continuously squealing like a stuck pig around the engorged member in her mouth. And then the cock to my left erupted, coating us both simultaneously in rich, warm sperm, coating my cock-stuffed face and her already cum soaked hair in the first of a new barrage of delicious cum. This brought her muffled screams to a fever pitch, her vocal cords vibrating like mad around the cock they surrounded, sending it over the edge to spew more hot thick cum down her throat. And that sent her over the edge to her own crushing orgasm.

She flooded my crotch with more female ejaculate than I could possibly imagine being produced by a single human being. She clamped down on my cock so hard I thought for certain it was going to snap off inside of her. I came like a broken dam, flooding her womb with my third, fourth load of cum? I’d lost track at this point. I never thought I’d have to count that high regarding my own orgasms in a single night.

As she and I both spasmed and clenched every muscle in our bodies in simultaneously mind-blowing ecstasy, we sent the rest of our lovers over the edge as well. Right in the middle of our orgasms, both of our asses were filled yet again with another load of liquid satisfaction. My own orgasm now heightened by the warmth flooding our rectums, I squealed out in blind, maddening elation, causing the behemoth in my own throat to finally explode as well.

Once again, I was coated and filled with cum while cumming myself. The mountain stayed firmly buried inside me while he came, well through the end of my own orgasm and that of everyone else in our sweat and cum-slicked mass of orgiastic human lust, just long enough to completely exhaust the oxygen in my lungs. And as the last spurt of his copious load slithered down my throat, my world faded to black as I drifted peacefully from consciousness, happier than I’d ever been in my life.

I awoke sometime later to the now familiar feeling of another warm splash of cum hitting my face. Toyin lay on top of me, my soft cock still just barely trapped within her pussy, cum still leaking out around my shaft. Someone had placed another table next to ours to support my head. The sperm washing over me now was clearly not the only serving that had come since I’d passed out. Toyin’s face and hair were a sticky mess of multiple offerings. I have no idea how long we’d been laying there, cheek to cheek in a loving embrace, while seemingly every man in the room took their turn covering us from head to toe in their seed. Sensing my return to consciousness, Toyin lifted her head ever so slightly, just enough to look me in the eyes as one man finished and another man began.

“I love you,” she cooed, through her cum-soaked lips, pressing them against my own.

“I love you too,” I whispered, as more cum splashed between our barely parted lips.

And there we stayed, just like that, for who knows how long. Some of the men pressed their cocks into our weak and weary mouths when they came. Every now and then someone would stuff a cock up one of our well-fucked asses, just long enough to deposit their load and walk away. Neither of us had any desire to move. I’m not sure I could have even if I had.

In fact, after some time, Toyin’s afterglow seemed momentarily interrupted, like some far off realization had just come upon her.

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