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October 26, 2020

Crazy Lenny: The Marvellously Talented Habiba III (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: The Marvellously Talented Habiba III (18+)

When I felt the head at my sphincter, I involuntarily clenched. But when it didn’t immediately slam its way in I started trying to relax. In fact, he didn’t apply any penetrative pressure at all, to begin with. He simply placed the head of his cock to my asshole and held it there.

With Habiba riding my cock like a madwoman, I was bouncing back and forth enough that he just let my motions press his tip up against the outside for a minute or two. But then Habiba must have become aware of his presence, because I heard her moan/groan/ exclaim, around her mouthful of cock, “oh god, YES! Fuck his pretty little asshole!” She stopped humping on top of me, satisfied to compromise by settling into a slow, steady, grinding gyration.

This left me relatively still enough for the man at my back door to start moving forward. And move forward he did. He lodged the tip of his cock into the valley of my anus and very slowly started applying pressure. I could feel it building. I knew what would happen eventually, but I forced myself to relax. I closed my eyes and focused on the sweet, soft, slick, rigid cock sliding slowly in and out of my mouth.

I focused on the beautiful woman who was swirling her ass around on my crotch, clenching her muscles to squeeze my desperate cock buried in her bowels. Then, just as the pressure seemed like it was never going to stop, like it would just keep building until it destroyed my increasingly sensitive flesh, right at the exact moment that his thick, juicy cock head first breached my rim, a moment usually wrought with confusion, fear, and pain, I was given something else to focus on.

I had no way of knowing how long she has been watching, but there was Toyin. Her hair and makeup were a mess, and she was covered in cum. To put it mildly, she looked well and truly fucked. Just as my virgin asshole was filled with the live, raw, pulsing cock of another man for the first time, she was there, knelt down beside my face, and placed a tender kiss on my cheek, right next to the cock that was buried in my throat.

“I always knew you’d make a good little cum slut. Just like me.”

A low, guttural moan escaped from someplace deep inside me I’d never known. Just as her words left her cum-soaked lips, the hot, hard cock in my ass pressed against my prostate, sending my eyes rolling back in my head. Habiba clenched her anus, squeezing my own cock even harder in her ass. The throbbing member inside me slid back out for just a moment before pushing right back in and hitting home again, just a little harder.

“Do you like having that nice, fat cock in your ass, sweetie?” Toyin whispered to me.

And I did. And he knew it too. He pulled out again and slammed back into me. And again. And again. Slowly picking up his pace, that same low, animal growl coming from me every time he bottomed out. And before I knew it, he wasn’t just inside of me anymore. He was fucking me. Hard, fast, and deep. And I loved it.

And so did the loving, gentle cock that was still sliding in and out my mouth. As the man in my ass picked up pace, my moans became more intense, vibrating around the cock in my mouth. As both of us were fucked by our respective lovers, we were pushed together until the head of his member was well and truly buried in my throat, making the effect of my moans even greater.

And as they started fucking us faster, my moans became shorter and more staccato, creating a pulsating effect around the cock in my throat. And just when I completely let myself go and become lost in the wanton, carnal pleasure of it all, accepting Toyin’s words and accepting what I’d become, filling me with an elated joy and a strange sense of pride, the new me was rewarded by the cock erupting on my chest, filling my boobs with his cum. After the first shot coated my chest, he pulled back just enough to finish let the rest of his load fill my nipples, so I could actually taste it.

Toyin watched with rapt delight, and when the semen started leaking out the corner of my mouth, she eagerly leaned in to lick it up.

“Mmmmnnnngh, good boy,” she purred.

When he was finished, he left his cock in my mouth as it shrank, still bucking back and forth from the fucking he was receiving. I swallowed my reward and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock to thank him.

When he was completely soft he slowly eased backward and slipped from my well-fucked mouth, my tongue darting out to flick across the tip one last time. I looked up at the man who had just been in my mouth and saw his face for the first time. He was young, soft-faced, with blonde hair, slim, with gentle, green eyes. He smiled down at me as I watched his dark-skinned, androgynous lover thrust into him from behind.

I assumed he was going to back away, but I should have known better. Instead, the two of them inched forward, until their point of contact was directly over me. I watched the rich, mocha tone of the second man’s cock slide in and out of the lighter, lightly tanned ass cheeks of the first. It was fairly mesmerizing.

“Lick and suck their balls, sweetie.” Toyin cooed from nearby, sounding slightly out of breath.

So I did.

I reached out with my tongue and ran it along with the gently swaying sack of the darker-skinned man. When he felt my attentions, he moaned his approval and lowered their union closer to me. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and his offering filled the void. I did my best with little room to maneuver to swirl my tongue around the tight, pulsating testicles. He simultaneously sped up but shortened his thrusts into the other man to accommodate my ministrations.

With my head tilted backward and then moved forward, I could see past them to the rest of the room again. And the first thing I saw was why Toyin had sounded out of breath. There she was right behind me on the floor, straddling an older gentleman with greying temples and a neatly trimmed mustache, riding his cock like she was born for it.

By her head was not one, but two men, who took turns holding her firmly by the head and feeding their considerably sized cocks into her throat. And behind her, was one of the largest men I’d ever seen in my life.

I’d no way of knowing just how tall he was from that angle, but the sheer mass and length of his thick, muscled limbs told me he was a mountain of a man. If you can picture a mountain on its knees. On his knees and just starting to work the biggest cock I’d ever seen into the tight ass of the woman I love. She felt his presence as he placed the tip to her rosebud, and she stopped her movements atop the other man.

I thought to myself, “there’s no way…” I guessed he was just going to put part of it, maybe half if he was lucky, and settle for that. I expected him to have to press forward a quarter of an inch at a time in order for her to adjust an accommodate the baseball bat disguised as an erection between his legs.

I expected her to wince and whimper, to scream or cry, or to turn back and stop him. But those expectations were about as accurate as the rest of those I had at the beginning of this night. Once he had her still, he gripped her by the hips and just leaned forward, sliding god knows how many inches of wrist-thick cock into Toyin’s ass in one, firm, dominant motion, until his thighs met hers.

It wasn’t fast, per se, but he did hit bottom with force. And she did scream. But it was not one of pain. I’d never heard such free and unfettered joy from her before. It was beautiful.

And then the night found more ways to surprise me. I had continued moaning with the second man’s balls in my mouth. Between that and the tight ass he was buried in, it should come as no surprise he didn’t last much longer. But when he did cum, he still manage to surprise me. He very quickly pulled out of the other man’s ass. And, with what had to have been a practiced move, the other man stepped out of the way, leaving just the two of us.

Before my mouth could even close reflexively just from being open and full for so long, the long, thin cock that had just been in another man’s ass slid right in and down my throat, and immediately started adding to the several loads I’d already swallowed that evening. At the same time, the man in my ass gave one final thrust, and for a moment I thought the two cocks would meet in the middle.

His hot, thick cum surged from the head of his cock, filling me inside like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was like the feeling of slipping your cock into a dripping wet pussy, but having the pussy fill you instead.

Meanwhile, the cock in my throat didn’t stay long. After his first shot spurted down into my belly, he pulled out and fired the rest of his slick, creamy load all over my face.

And that was it for me. I finally overcame the restriction of the cock ring and filled Habiba’s ass with my own cum. She squeezed with all her might, milking every last drop from me. The feeling of cumming, while simultaneously being filled and covered in cum… it was like coming home. I never wanted the feeling to end.

Once I finished thrusting and thrashing in orgasmic bliss, Habiba finally came to rest, still impaled on my slowly deflating member. The man who’d just coated my face stepped away, and there was Toyin, softly kissing my face and licking up the cum streaked across it. She was still being fucked from behind and below.

“Aren’t you glad we came?” she asked in a husky voice between thrusts. Looking in her eyes at that moment, even after all the years together, it was like we were meeting for the first time. And I fell in love with her all over again.


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