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September 2, 2020

Crazy Lenny: The Marvellously Talented Habiba II (18+)

Crazy Lenny: The Marvellously Talented Habiba II (18+)

My whole body was convulsing wildly. I was completely lost. I couldn’t have told you my own name. And just when I thought my mind would shut down and break in half, I felt my orgasm coming. And I knew there was no stopping it. Except that there was. Habiba pulled off of my cock and lightly bit the tip, causing just enough pain to stop my orgasm. She looked at Obi, then down at my cock.

He smiled knowingly. Before I could process whatever unspoken communication had occurred, they reached for each other and kissed with a passion that was almost vicious. they had switched places. Obi’s mouth was on my cock. Obi’s fingers, thicker and rounder than Habiba’s, were buried in my ass, pressing mercilessly against my prostate. Habiba kept pinching and squeezing one nipple while she attacked the other with her mouth.

Not being as experienced in deep throating as Habiba, Obi simply bobbed his head up and down on my cock, stroking the shaft with his free hand. Habiba looked up at my face, lost in ecstasy. Right before she pinched one nipple and bit down on the other, harder than anything I’d felt before, she whispered, “Cum for me.” And I did.

I never cum that hard in my life. It felt like the stream was going to tear my cock open. I clamped my hand down on Obi’s head and thrust my cock into his throat. Habiba held my nipple clamped tightly in her teeth, the other in between her fingers, as I blasted burst after burst of the hottest, thickest cum I ever produced, first, straight down Obi’s throat, until he backed off and started collecting it in his mouth.

It quickly became evident that there was no hope of him doing so successfully, as the torrent of cum seemed to never end. The excess began running down the corners of his mouth and down his chin.

After what felt like days, I finally stopped erupting cum, Habiba released my nipples from her vice-like grip, and I fell completely limp, slumping back against the booth and sliding forward and down.

Obi stood up and was immediately greeted by Habiba. Practically pouncing on him, she held his face in her hands and pulled his lips to hers. They kissed with a ferocity I have rarely seen. Then, Habiba descended upon me.

Grabbing me by the hair, she tilted my head back, covering my mouth with hers. I was beginning to expect the unexpected with this seemingly insatiable woman. What I wasn’t expecting was for her to release a torrent of my own cum, greedily devoured from Obi’s mouth, onto my tongue, swirling it around inside of me with hers.

Unable to muster any resistance at this point, I returned the kiss, and when she released me I swallowed. She gave my lips one final lick and a peck and whispered in my ear, “Good boy.”

She then immediately turned to Obi and sat him back down on the bench. She straddled his lap facing away from him and slowly sank down onto his cock. I watched with only mild curiosity, out of the corner of my eye. I was still too devastated from my own earth-shattering orgasm to muster much concern for their activities.

Which is why I didn’t notice, nor was I prepared for, when Habiba reached down and grabbed my nipple again. The initial, hard pinch woke me from my post-orgasmic daze. What really surprised me, however, was that the subsequent light, teasing manipulation immediately started rebuilding my arousal, just minutes after I’d cum.

She pulled me over and brought my lips to her left breast, putting her arm around my neck to reach down and continue her ministrations on my left nipple. I tried to duplicate what she and Obi had done to me, gently teasing around her areola and flicking my tongue across her hardened nubs before biting down with my teeth. All the while she was slowly gyrating on Obi’s lap with his cock buried inside of her.

“You like that?” she teased. “Come here.” My cock was already starting to rise when she directed me to stand, facing her. She pulled me in close, standing between their legs, positioning my nipples right before her lips. Then she really went all out. Redefining the boundaries of both rough and light teasing and torture, she licked, sucked, flicked, pinched, bit and even slapped my nipples like a lioness devouring its prey.

Before long my cock was completely hard again, and she reached down and started squeezing and stroking it, not with any intention of providing relief, only to build more tension. Then, when my cock was hard as a rock and I could barely see straight, she stopped. She leaned back against Obi, put her hand on my head, pushing me down to my knees and said, “Lick my clit.”

I couldn’t think straight. Being this hard so soon after cumming was actually physically painful. My mind was swimming with the torturous ecstasy she had put me through. I could not deny this woman anything. Somewhere in my logical mind, I realized that she was still riding Obi, his cock still deep inside her, slowly sliding in and out. I knew that generally speaking, her clit would be very close to where that was happening.

Certainly closer than I had ever intended to be to another man’s engorged penis. But looking into her eyes, I couldn’t locate any of this information, or process any reasonable method of telling this woman no.

As I leaned forward, she leaned back, making herself available. She and Obi slowed their movements until she was just barely moving, grinding the entire length of his cock into her pussy back and forth about an inch or so. Her pussy lips were already opened by Obi’s impressive tool, but I reached up and spread them wider. Her clit was so hard and engorged, it peeked out from its hood like a tiny cock. Almost in slow motion, I extended my tongue and flicked her eager little nub. It was delicious. She let out a small, anxious moan. Encouraged, I stuck my tongue out further and gave her clit a long, hard lick.

This time her moan was low, guttural, and loud. This wasn’t so bad, I thought. Feeling bold, I parted my lips and captured her clit between them, rolling it between my lips, flicking it with my tongue, and occasionally grazing it with my teeth. The first time I bit down gently on Habiba’s clit, her pussy spasmed, her entire body lurched, and she let out one of the most unique sounds I ever heard from any living creature.

Obi had been patient up till this point, but with her pussy squeezing his cock and her writhing and screaming like a wild animal, his body reacted all on its own. He started bucking his hips, slamming his rock hard meat up into her. I tried to back off, but Habiba grabbed my head and held me fast to her clit. I tried to clamp down on her tender button, but their fucking had resumed a quicker pace, and I suddenly found my slightly parted lips sliding across their union.

When she slammed down on his cock, I was happy to be sucking on her delicious clit. But when he lifted her up, his cock, stroking its way out of her, I found my lips sliding along his wet, glistening shaft. My first thought was revulsion. It was one thing to have my cock in Obi’s mouth. That was his choice. And I couldn’t help it if it felt good. I had already been so close to orgasm. But this… To have my lips on another man’s penis.

It was disgusting! Wasn’t it? I always assumed it would be. But now, having little choice in the matter, I was able to explore the matter fist hand and learn from experience. Suddenly I realized, pistoning in and out of Habiba’s sopping wet pussy the way it was, Obi’s cock was completely saturated with her juices. And her juices were delicious. Plus, there was something fascinating about how hard his cock was, but still so soft, smooth and pliable.

And it was alive. With its bulging veins, the whole bulk of it throbbing and pulsing, there was something primal about being this close to it. Feeling it inside my lips as I watched it do its work. And then there were Obi’s moans. Low and deep, unmistakably male, almost savage.

And something about them made me want to hear more, his yearning and satisfaction becoming instinctively motivational. Knowing that I was providing him this pleasure made me feel good.

And it made me want to make him feel better.

I opened my mouth a bit wider, then filled the gap with my tongue. They both noticed immediately. Obi’s groan was one of surprise. Both that it felt so good and that I would ever do such a thing. Habiba’s was one of satisfaction, and an immediate hunger for more. She growled, and clenched her fist in my hair, but eased her hold on my head, allowing me more freedom to work. They even eased their fucking to a slower, steadier pace.

Now that I was accepting my situation and showing some initiative, they wanted to see how much further I would go on my own. Not wanting to disappoint, I stuck my tongue the tiniest bit out of my mouth and slowly, very tentatively started working my way further from her clit. Before I knew it, I was halfway down his shaft.

I then realized that my tongue was extended to its maximum reach and flattened against his throbbing member while I desperately tried to apply as much of my surface area to as much of his as possible. Still, at the end of each stroke, I was reintroduced to her clit, which would also get a long, pressing lick, or a quick suck or nibble.

Habiba would lurch and fuck like a raging bull every time I met her bulging little nub. Somehow we managed to find a rhythm, their pleasure mounting to new heights with every thrust. Habiba’s moaning had graduated to a new level, and she alternated between wailing and screaming the foulest obscenities at the top of her lungs.

“God, yes! Lick that cock, you filthy little slut,” she snarled at me. “You gonna be my good little cocksucker? Hmmm?” She teased.

Hearing her words spurred me on. Her voice, her commanding tone, her powerful sexuality made me desperate to fulfill her needs, no matter how outlandishly depraved. But at the same time, hearing myself called a cocksucker made me realize just how far this had already gone, and consider what the inevitable conclusion might be.

“Ummm, yes!” She purred. Then, as if reading my worried mind, “Okay, slut. Obi was kind enough to suck your nice hard cock and let you cum in his mouth. You ARE going to be a good little cum slut and return the favor, AREN’T you?”


Somehow my mind registered that this was a line I had yet to cross. Upon doing so, I was sure it had to be one I didn’t want to cross. I tried to back away from their union, intending to politely decline and apologize.

They had other plans. In addition to the two of them holding my head in place, out of nowhere as soon as I tried to move, there were two large, strong hands upon my shoulders. I couldn’t see who they belonged to, but I knew I was trapped.

There was no escape. Habiba and Obi started really picking up speed, slamming her drenched pussy up and down on his cock furiously. At this point, my tongue has retreated back into my mouth out of self-preservation, but the strong hands from behind are holding me in place so that while Habiba’s pussy rides Obi’s cock, her clit rides my nose. She’s screaming almost uninterrupted, gasping for breath two or three times a minute.

Finally, she cries out, “I’m going to cum!”

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