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Crazy Lenny: The Forbidden Encounter [Finale] (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: The Forbidden Encounter [Finale] (18+)

Sleep came and went during the night. I was so used to sleeping alone that now, having two women in bed with me did wake me up several times. I didn’t mind at all because I would turn and snuggle with one as the other spooned in behind me, I was a woman-sandwich, what a lovely way to sleep.

As I began to become aware of sunlight, I also was becoming aware of a soft, smooth hand rubbing on my cock. As I opened my eyes, Bukki was staring at me, smiling.

“I feel so horny this morning, Lenny, I hope you do, too,” she whispered.

“Let’s not wake your mom, okay?” I whispered back.

“Why don’t you two go ahead and fuck, I’ll just watch,” Temi said as we both laughed. She was awake the whole time.

Bukki pushed me onto my back, got up over me, and wiggled her nookie down over my cock and began oscillating back and forth. Oh, yes, Bukki was so good, she felt so good and tight around me, lovely.

“You two look so nice. You’re really making me wet, you two.”

“You’ll get your turn, Mom, just be patient.”

I did reach a hand over to fondle Temi’s breast as her daughter fucked me up and down nice and slow, just right for a morning loving. It was serene and dreamy, just laying there under such a beautiful young woman, her breasts so soft under my touch, so intently yet so determinedly, rocking me to heaven.

“You two look so nice together and pretty sexy, I might add. This is getting me rather worked up. I may not let Lenny out of bed for a while, breakfast may have to wait.”

“I may need a while to recharge my batteries, Temi, I’m not fifteen anymore, remember.”

“Yes, that’s true, so breakfast it is. Well, as soon as my daughter finishes fucking you.”

“Yes, Mom, I do want to finish, mmm, oh, I really do.”

“Yes, I don’t want you to stop now,” I added.

“Oh, I’ll bet you don’t,” said Temi knowingly. “I’ll go start the tea while my daughter finishes you, Lenny. Enjoy.”

“You have a terrific mom, Bukki, one that’s so relaxed with your sexuality, I just can’t believe it.”

“Well, Lenny, we’ve been fucking together since I was eighteen, usually in the room together, often next to each other in the bed. So, sure, we’re pretty used to each other. And, you already know, my mom loves to fuck. Her daughter’s just the same.”

“Yes, I’m learning that to my great pleasure.”

And great pleasure I was having. Bukki’s tight pussy was pulling up on me giving me the most wonderful sensations, then her pushing down ended in a twist back and forth that just sent shivers across me. Delicious.

“That is so good, Bukki, when you pull up, you tighten around me and it just feels wonderful.”

“Good, I want to make you feel good, Lenny, it makes me feel good, too. I’m really getting close, I think. We may be eating breakfast pretty soon if this is up to me.”

I was getting close, too, as she kept pulling up and pushing down, oh, it was so good. As I held her, she whispered, “I hope you never move away, Lenny, this has been so nice.”

“Yes, I was so surprised when your mom brought you over. And, then with the jacuzzi and all. And this. Well…”

“You’re not the first guy we’ve surprised. Not by a long shot. My first boyfriend in university, I brought him home for a weekend, and when we were fucking in my room, Mom came in, I knew she would but he almost died. He scrambled pulling the sheets up as she took her clothes off and got in bed with us. We didn’t date much after that, I hope you don’t get scared off, too.”

“No, Bukki, the benefits are simply just too great for me to be scared off.”

She ground her hips down on me, twisting back and forth, saying, “Good, I know Mom is happy as she can be and I am, too. More by the minute, Lenny. I’m really getting close, mmm.”

Well, I was too, along with getting fairly hungry. Granted, I was just laying on my back, Bukki was doing most of the work, all I was doing was having my heart pump the blood keeping my cock erect, but I was getting closer, too. Then, it happened.

“Umm, umm, UMM, UMM, uh, oh, Bukki, oh, what a wonderful woman you are, mmm.”

Bukki started to tremble and moan as she reared her head back and closed her eyes.

“Oh, OH, UUH, oh, oh, mmm, oh, Lenny, that was wonderful. Mmm, yes, Mom was right. She knew I’d like you,” and she bent down and we kissed for several minutes until we heard Temi calling us to breakfast.

Bukki bounced up off my cock, grabbed my hand, and said, “Let’s go eat, I’m starving. Sex is so much hard work, right, Lenny?”

“Well, you were doing most of it, Bukki.”

“You cummed, that takes something out of you, right?” she was saying as we walked into my kitchen to the smells of tea, scrambled eggs, and bread.

I walked over to the stove, wrapped my arms around our gracious and naked chef, and gave her a nice kiss for all her troubles.

As we ate, we did make ourselves familiar with whatever parts we wanted to touch or fondle, my cock, at times, being tended to by two different hands.

Then, “Lenny, why don’t you and Mom go have some fun while I clean up in here?” Temi took my hand and led me right to my bedroom, got on the bed, and patted the spot next to her.

We embraced each other and kissed for a minute, then Temi said, “I’m so glad that Bukki has taken to you, Lenny, I just knew she would, you are one sexy man.”

“Oh, me, too, Temi. She’s really something and I guess you two have quite a history together, with guys.”

“Oh, yes, I guess we do. I remember the second time I walked in on her fucking a boyfriend when she was home from school. I again took off my clothes and got in bed with them. That was some weekend. After her young man’s initial shock, he was very cooperative, I guess he had the time of his life. Came back several more times, even sent me pictures of himself naked. I still have them in a drawer somewhere. He was a good lover. But, I’m in bed with even a better one right now.”

“Well, aren’t you nice. I think I’d better try to earn that accolade,” and I got up between her legs and licked along her inner thighs and all around her pussy.

“Oh, Lenny, honey, I am so hot, I think you better just get up here and fuck me before I explode,” and I lost no time pressing my cock up deep inside her.

“Mmm, yes, oh, that’s so nice, Lenny,” she said softly while she moved under me as I stroked in and out of her.

It was nice. While Bukki was a little more exciting to fuck, her mother was pretty entertaining in bed as well. It still amazed me that they shared men between the two of them. It was seeming that Temi was open to continuing what we had started and I looked like Bukki would be part of that, not all the time, but when she would be home from college. I was certainly amenable to fucking them both. How fortunate for me, right?

“Well, Lenny, you had me so hot and wet, you just slid right into me. It feels great. You certainly are making both of us very happy. We’re not too much for you, either, that’s nice. I worry sometimes that the two of us could just overwhelm some poor guy who wasn’t expecting to get us both.”

“No, Temi, I was just thinking how nice it is, actually. I mean, you’re right next door and I hope we will continue what we’ve started, that pleases me a lot. And to have Bukki join in, is fine with me, you’re very much alike, actually.”

“I’m sure you’re too much a gentleman to say it, but sex with a twenty-year-old college girl must be very nice indeed.”

“Oh, Temi, we both know I’d be lying if I denied that. Of course, Bukki would excite any man. But the both of you is beyond what I’d ever hoped, that’s for sure.”

“Well, I’m happy that we have you, Lenny. Now make me cum, dear, I’m really ready.”

So, I took nice, long strokes, speeding them up, knowing I was pretty close myself, as Temi started to moan and twist her hips around as I fucked her.

“Oh, Lenny, I’m there, oh, just…UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, oh, oh, mmm,” and I gave one last push deep into her as she jerked her hips up and down as I felt my cum rising as I slowly sank down over her kissing her deeply as we both continued to move, enjoying one another.

I knew that I could relax and let my orgasm happen as I stroked back and forth while Temi moved under me.

“Come on, Lenny, do it now, Lenny, mmm,” and she moved around and around as I felt myself getting closer and closer.

“Oh, I am close, I’m…UUH, UUH, oh, Temi, mmm, oh, oh,” and I lowered over her kissing her as she raised her legs up around my back and pulled me tight into her as my cock spurted her full.

“Mmm, you’re a wonderful lover, Lenny, a real dream,” and we kissed for a few minutes then I rolled off her as Bukki came in the room, still naked, and sat on the bed.

“You two have a nice time?”

“Better than that, dear, Lenny did your mother quite well, he’s a wonderful lover.”

“Yes, he is. I can testify to that as well,” and she got up behind me and lay down sandwiching me between herself and her mother as their hands gently caressed me. I could enjoy this the rest of my life, I thought.

It just felt as natural as could be, laying there between two women, all of us naked, sated with sex, relaxed, peaceful, as they each petted me and pampered me.

We slept for about two hours, each bathed in the others’ warmth and closeness.

Who began moving first, I don’t really know, all I know was that Bukki had put her hand over my limp cock and was rubbing it with the palm of her hand. I turned my head back toward her and she was smiling at me as she kissed me on the cheek, then poked her tongue in my ear.

The rest of the day was one of three naked people, two women, one man, having sex almost continuously, only interrupted by a mid-afternoon lunch and a late afternoon nap. I have never, in my lifetime, had so much sex for so long a time. We were all three sore by Sunday afternoon but very happy.

Bukki was headed back to school but Temi and I made another jacuzzi date for the next weekend. She called me on Wednesday to ask me to come for dinner and spend the night because she didn’t want to have to wait until Saturday to have sex again. I cheerfully agreed with her assessment and spent the night, though with little sleep.

Our relationship continued and grew, the sex remained wonderful and led directly into us falling in love. We continued to be joined by Bukki when she was home and she was most happy that we were happy and in love.

About a year ago, I asked Temi to marry me and we were wed shortly after. Our honeymoon was in the Bahamas with an adjoining room for Bukki. Yes, our threesome continued even through the honeymoon and to this day.

Bukki is home for the holiday now and we all three sleep together every night when she’s here. We sold Temi’s house and now all enjoy the jacuzzi every night. Naked is the dress code for the jacuzzi and has become the dress code for the rest of our time together as well.

Bukki is having her new boyfriend visit over the next weekend, she’s told us that he’s a pretty open kind of guy. I guess we’ll find out if she’s right.

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