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July 10, 2020
Crazy Lenny: The stranger in the bus ride

Crazy Lenny: The stranger in the bus ride

Dearest Love,

You dropped me off at the bus station this morning, so I could retrieve the car my parents are lending us until ours gets fixed. I had no idea what the day had in store for me.

Oritse Femi sings a song called ‘Double Wahala’ in which he sings “Double Wahala for…” After this trip today, I think I understand that refrain all the better.

These trips on the bus are always interesting to me. I have ridden in bus a lot, mostly when I was younger, now occasionally, a bus ride is more convenient than driving and having to find parking and all that fuss. At the beginning of each trip, and at each stop to let people on and off, I always feel a bit of apprehension regarding who will or will not share a seat next to me. Its usually my luck that some person, an obese male or female, or someone with poor personal hygiene will decide to sit next to me the entire trip. On this trip the bus was surprisingly empty, about 10 people altogether.

Because I’m antisocial, I made my way to the back so I wouldn’t be surrounded by people, who were mostly at the front. The bus left at its scheduled time and I breathed an inward sigh of relief as no one had sat next to me or even where I could see them.

The bus drove into Ojota bus stop, our first stop, and only two people came in. The first was an elderly woman who sat just behind the driver as is typical. The second person to come on was a young woman, I estimated in her early twenties, but I really have no idea how old she really was. I noticed her right away because she was attractive and very sexily dressed. She was probably between 5’0 and 5’5″ tall, had curly hair, (closer to a ‘Nadia Buari’ than a ‘Cynthia Morgan’ in appearance) – somewhat pouty mouth, full-featured, busty but well proportioned. She was wearing a light blue, clinging top and a short (mid-thigh) black mini-skirt. After pausing a moment, she made her way toward the back of the bus, looking for a place to sit. She stopped at the set of seats across from mine, turned her back to me and reached up to lift her bag into the overhead compartment.

As she did this, (I had turned to watch what she was doing) her skirt raised up, revealing the bare curve of her buttocks; in that brief glimpse I couldn’t tell if she had panties on or not, all I saw were her butt cheeks, and only the lower portions where her buttocks met her legs. I quickly turned my head away, afraid that she would see that I was looking at her, yet at the same time my heart quickened and I could feel the beginnings of an erection growing in my pants.

I heard her giggle, then she turned and asked “Excuse me, would you mind if I sat by the window?” gesturing to the seat next to me. Of course, I replied that I didn’t mind at all, somewhat surprised that she didn’t take one of the vacant seats across the aisle. Before I could stand up to let her by, she dashed sideways, facing me, into the window seat, her breasts (nipples hard and straining against the fabric of her top) nearly brushing my face as she slid past and saying “oh, sorry.” By now, my dick is completely erect.

As the bus got underway, I tried my best to put her out of my mind, reading my book, an interesting but tedious history of the Ghanaian Literature. Before long, however, I felt her leg pressing against mine and I looked down to make certain I wasn’t accidentally crowding her, intending to move over and give her a bit more room. However, what I saw was her with her legs partly spread, pressed against my legs with her skirt pulled up so I could see her sheer, black panties, fingers of both hands caressing her inner thighs.

Having seen this, I immediately looked away, starting to get up when her hand came to rest on my leg. Not waiting for me to say anything, she whispered “see my new panties? I just got them a couple of days ago, this is the first chance I’ve had to wear them, what do you think?.” Not knowing exactly how to react to this, my dick harder than ever, I said that they looked very pretty, very sexy and that her boyfriend must surely enjoy them.

Laughing at this, she moved her hand to my crotch, her fingers tracing the bulge of my throbbing dick and said: “I saw you watching me when I got on the bus and liked how you looked at me, it made my pussy get wet.” I started to say “Madam, this is very awkward.. ” when her hand closed around the shaft of my dick and she leaned into me, her breasts pressing against my shoulder and said

“Here’s how this works, you touch me, I will scream, if you touch yourself, I will scream.. in either case, you will be thrown off the bus and probably arrested. All you can do now is watch, and enjoy the show, maybe you’ll even cum in your trousers… if you’re lucky.”

With this warning, her fingers still gripping my hard dick through my trouser she settled back into her seat, lifted up, pulling her skirt up more, rubbing her fingers over her pussy lips. Watching this I could see that her pussy was nearly completely shaven, only a small, very short patch of hair remaining above her lips. She reclined her seat, slipped her panties to one side, and pressing her middle finger between her pussy lips.

I could see her biting her lower lip, eyes narrowed as her finger slipped back and forth. Stifling her moans she continued to work her finger back and forth, her wetness becoming more evident. As we pulled into the Maryland bus stop, she slid back up, licking her finger off, stroking it lewdly in and out of her mouth and over her tongue ring as I watched.

When no one got on the bus at Mobolaji Bank Anthony and we moved off again, she grinned and said “good, time to play again,” this time using both hands, one to spread her lips apart while she used fingers of the other to enter her now, very wet pussy, playing with the strands of sticky juice, wiping some on my trousers and giggling. With her fingers spreading her pussy open, I could see that her clit was pierced and decorated with a small, silver ring.

While her fingers of one hand stroked inside her pussy, she used her other to play with the clit ring, alternating pulling at it and massaging her now swollen clit. The driver announced that we were driving into the Idiroko, but then continued on as no one was waiting to be picked up there either.

As we continued further, I could see her body growing more and more rigid, her breathing becoming more labored, and she started making little whimpering sounds, straining to keep from making more noise. Just as we drove into what was to be our 5-minute lunch stop, her back arched, her face flushed her hips began thrusting. As the bus halted, she heaved a deep breath and said: “oh my god.. the first one was so good, I can’t wait for the rest…” Looking at me, she smiled and said, “you can’t get off, we’re going to stay on while everyone else eats.”

As I started to protest this, she looked at me as if to say “do you really want me to scream?,” and I sat back, maintaining my silence. During the remainder of the lunch stop, she turned, hooking her leg over mine so I could better see her pussy as she lightly stroked it with her finger tips.

“See” she said, “I get so horny at times, and all I want to do is get off as much as I can, and I like for a man to watch me, I like that feeling of power, control over him.” Then

“Do you like my piercing? I just had it done about 4 months ago, it feels soo good when I play with my pussy.” To emphasize this she tugged lightly at the ring, causing her whole body to suddenly go rigid, her eyes rolling back in her head. “Oh, god!” she said “that nearly made me cum again just like that!.”

Once the lunch stop was over and the bus loaded up again, she continued masturbating so I could see. Her fingers, two this time, penetrating her pussy getting her hand wet with her juices and stopping occasionally to lick them clean. At one point, she moved her hand to my crotch stroking it, her fingertips rubbing the wet spot showing that precum now poured freely from me. “Do you like my little pussy? Is it pretty? Do you want it? Do you want to fuck me?”.

Afraid of what would happen if I didn’t answer, I replied “your pussy is very pretty.. and I want it very much, I want to taste it and feel it around my dick.” Smiling, she tightened her fingers along my dick, stroking it up and down “You play along very well, maybe you’ll be rewarded for that.”

As we approached each successive stop, she would begin playing with her clit ring, spasming almost instantly in climax, each one more intense than the last one. Mangoro (no one got on), Idumota (one person got off.. the bus that is), Omole – each of these stops was preceded by a series of her masturbating, stroking her pussy inside, then the playing with her clit ring, and ultimately her climax.

Shortly after leaving the Omole, she began masturbating more intensively, her fingers playing with her clit ring, stroking her entire pussy with fingers of both hands. All through this show my dick had been throbbing, leaking large quantities of precum, resulting in a growing spot of moisture on my jeans, I was so aroused that I could barely keep my hands of myself or her.

Watching her touching her self that way, watching how her face contorted and spasmed, I think I saw her come to climax two more times. Then, as we approached the outskirts of Ikeja bus stop she began pulling the clit ring taught with one hand while stroking the swollen shaft of her clit with the other. She was having trouble keeping her body from flailing, her hips bucking, her moans threatening to get loud enough for everyone to hear.

Suddenly, her back arched again, her body went completely rigid, and a gout of hot cum gushed from her pussy, coating her hand, her thighs, and the seat that she sat in. She appeared almost to be having a seizure the way her body spasmed.

Before long, she regained her composure, sat up, blinking at me, and smiled, giggling softly. “Oh, My… excuse me a moment,” she said as she got up, walking drunkenly as the bus put her off balance, sliding past me raising her skirt so I could see her pussy pass just in front of my face, the smell of her pussy and her cum heavy on her body.

I turned and watched as she went to the toilet at the back of the bus, astonished at what I had just witnessed, also somewhat amazed that I hadn’t cum in my pants. She returned shortly, looking somewhat refreshed, the glow had gone from her face somewhat, but still looking a bit unsteady. Again, she moved past me to get to her seat, this time with her ass facing me, and again, lifting her skirt so her body, slickened with her juices was mere inches from my face. As she passed by me, she dropped something in my lap and, sitting, said “as a reminder, I don’t think you want to forget today, I certainly won’t.” Just then we pulled into the Ojuelegba bus stop, where she got up, leaned over, kissed my forehead and whispered: “thank you.” 

simply watched as she gathered her bag from the overhead compartment and walked off the bus.

Once she left, I looked down at what she had dropped in my lap, realizing it was her panties, now soaked through and through with her juices, and heavy with her scent. Getting off the bus, I imagined everyone had seen and heard what was going on, but, surprisingly no one even so much as glanced my way. I held my book in front of me to hide the still large bulge in my trousers as well as the wet spot (I could feel the precum now drying on my leg).

While I waited for my ride to arrive, I couldn’t stand it any longer, went into the men’s room, locked myself into a stall, and stroked my dick until I came all over those panties.

You are laughing now, exclaiming how naughty I am to make such things up. Before you decide this is simply a fantasy that I’ve created, I suggest you go look under your pillow. Fact? or Fantasy? You decide.

Your loving husband,

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