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April 17, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XV (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XV (18+)

There was a long silence after Tayo finally finished recounting his tale. He hadn’t told her about the video he had taken. He could use that if she refused any of his later demands.

“You must think I’m a horrible person.” Chinyere could feel the tears burning in her eyes. She was a horrible person. Hearing back all of her recent behavior made her hate herself. How could she have been so heartless? “But there’s something you need to know…” She was about to confess that she wanted to end her relationship with Gbenga. She had not been happy for a long time now, but Tayo interrupted her again.

“I know that you like fucking older men. I don’t why. That part I don’t get. You’re beautiful, you could have anyone. So you must just enjoy it. Are you even in love with my brother?”

This took Chinyere by surprise. “Tayo…That’s a hard question to answer. There’s many…” She was so upset she could hardly think.

“…That’s a no then. So you don’t really love him, but you carry on pretending you are. Why? Is it because you want people to think you’re normal? Because I can understand that. People don’t think I’m normal and it’s not very nice.” Tayo watched as Chinyere’s jaw lowered with each word he spoke. He had hit the nail on the head, he reckoned.

How was this possible? Was this boy a mind reader or something? She sat there in stunned silence trying to absorb everything he said. “I…I don’t know what to say.” This had to be the most embarrassing moment of her entire life. How could she explain things which she didn’t even fully understand about herself?

“Don’t worry. I’m not planning on telling Gbenga any of it.”

“Really?” Chinyere looked suddenly hopeful, but she could sense in the pit of her stomach that there was a “but” coming.

“I can keep a secret, but…” Here it comes. He wasn’t the only one who could read minds. “…there are a few things I might ask you to do for me. Seeing as you don’t seem to mind cheating on Gbenga. Maybe you could…you know…maybe you could buy my silence?” Tayo hoped to god this would work. He held his breath and waited.

The shock of Tayo’s confession was starting to wear off. Chinyere narrowed her eyes and stared at the visibly shaking young dude sitting across from her. He was acting like the big man, but she could tell he was finding it all rather uncomfortable. How was she going to play this? Truthfully it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Tayo did tell Gbenga everything. She was going to break up with him anyway. But still, she would prefer it if she could let him down gently, rather than have his heartbroken by hearing about her transgressions from his younger brother.

Chinyere moved closer to Tayo, smirking at how he flinched when she put her hand on his knee. “Seeing as you seem to have me all figured out already. You must know that I don’t like being told what to do.” She put on her best seductress tone, as she dragged her sharp fingernails up along his skinny thigh.

“You might think you have me cornered here, but you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing. I doubt you even have what it takes to handle a girl like me.” Images of his giant cock flashed in her mind as she breathed the words into his ear. She knew he had the right tool for the job, but whether or not he could use it effectively was another thing altogether.

Tayo whimpered weakly. His bottom lip was trembling as he felt her nails inching closer to his swelling cock.

“You’re playing with fire Tayo. Careful you don’t get burnt.” Chinyere nibbled his ear gently. It was too much for the poor young guy. He sprang to his feet, fearing he might cum in his trouser at any second.

Luckily for him, the sound of the shower ending broke the tense atmosphere that had filled the small room. Gbenga didn’t even look up as he walked from the bathroom into his bedroom, rubbing his hair with a towel. If he had he would have seen his younger brother bent double in the middle of the room, trying to hide his hard erection, while his beautiful girlfriend was sat on the chair giggling at him.

Tayo ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

The small fool! I’ll teach him for trying to blackmail me, Chinyere thought. Buy his silence? What stupid movie had he pulled that one from?

She sat for a good while mulling over what he had said. It occurred to her that her sex sessions with Kwesi and Issa now had a new level of eroticism to them. The knowledge that she was being watched the whole time by a horny young virgin, who also just happened to have a massive cock, was strangely exciting her.

The more she thought about him wanking his huge dick over her, while she rode the shit out of the old men, the more her pussy dampened and her nipples hardened against her top.

In his hurry, Tayo had left his phone on the side of the sofa. Puzzle pieces started falling into place in Chinyere’s mind. Remembering that he was watching something on his phone while wanking last night, she picked it up and looked in the video library. “He couldn’t have, could he?” She whispered to herself.

There was only one video in there. She pressed play.

“The foolish bastard!” She hissed. Chinyere watched the video of her getting fucked in the back of Issa’s taxi for longer than she needed to, unable to pull her eyes away. She had never seen herself having sex before. It was weirdly exciting. So it hadn’t been porn he had been watching last night at all. He had been wanking over her again, had he? Oh, he was going to pay for this. She deleted the video and set his phone back down.

Gbenga couldn’t find out about what she had done. It wasn’t fair on him. So if Tayo wanted to play games with her then she was going to play along, but he was in for a big surprise if he hadn’t planned on playing by her rules. The poor boy had no idea what he was in for. She was in charge, the sooner he accepted that the smoother his ride would be.

Her hand slipped down between her thighs and she started to rub her tingling sex. Oh god, what was she doing? He looked like a small child! But that cock of his…that was no small boy’s cock, that was a pornstar sized cock if ever she had seen one.

“Are you going to get ready, baby?” Gbenga walked into the parlour fully dressed and ready to go.

Chinyere whipped her hand away from her throbbing pussy. “What? Err yeah…I’ll be ten minutes. Is that ok?”

She jumped in the shower once Tayo had vacated the bathroom. Her urge to masturbate was almost overwhelming, but she knew there wasn’t time.

She picked out the bright red set of lingerie that she was planning on wearing yesterday. Her panties had miraculously appeared back in her drawer. Chinyere chuckled to herself, recalling Tayo’s detailed story.

It was a warm sunny day, so she decided to wear her blue top with a pair of white shorts. Chinyere wasn’t sure how much they would be walking but guessed it would be sensible to wear her sandals. She didn’t want to intimidate Tayo too much anyway, she was already a few inches taller than him as it was. So she pulled on a pair of black sandals which went nicely with her outfit.

None of them could decide on what to do, so Gbenga suggested they jump on a bus to Freedom Park.

Fifteen minutes later and they were on the bus headed into the city. It was really crowded with no spare seats, so they all stood. Gbenga at the front, Chinyere in the middle and Tayo behind her.

Tayo couldn’t believe how Chinyere had reacted to his proposition. He thought she would either just flat out refuse him or retort with anger. But to say that he didn’t have what it took to handle her. What did that even mean? Was she consenting to let him try? As unbelievable as that seemed, he could no longer resist the urge to test her responses.

He stared down in awe at the fabulous outward curve of her round juicy ass. About an inch of her smooth brown skin was on show above her shorts and below the line of her top. He could see two cute dimples in her lower back, either side of her spine. The temptation to finally touch her was overwhelming to say the least.

Willing his shaking hand to move, he began to very lightly stroke one of the dimples, with the tip of his trembling finger.

Chinyere shuddered as she felt his gentle teasing touch. She arched her back and bit her lip to stifle a giggle as he tickled her some more. Let the games commence, she thought with a wicked grin.

Amazed that she was allowing him to continue, Tayo got slightly bolder with his tickling. He danced his fingers up and down her lower spine, before slipping them around to her hip, where he gently caressed and stroked her waist.

Chinyere was rather uncomfortable, so was finding it nearly impossible to remain still. She occasionally twitched and jerked when he found a really sensitive cluster of nerve endings, but she tried her best not to move. His delicate touch was something she hadn’t been expecting. It was starting to really turn her on. Especially as it was all happening right behind her boyfriend’s back. Literally this time.

Tayo could see that Chinyere’s thighs were starting to rub together. Even with his lack of experience, he knew he must be doing something right.

He moved his hand down onto her tight shorts. Chinyere gasped as she felt him lightly start to trace small circles with his fingertip, onto her now tingling ass cheek. It wasn’t as ticklish as before, so she could cope with it more, but it still felt really nice to be treated with such a fragile tenderness.

She could hear Tayo’s breathing quicken and knew it was exciting him just as much as it did her. The thought that she was the first girl to ever let him do this to them, was a strangely thrilling one. Most men would’ve wanted to just grab her ass and pinch it hard, so it came as a rather pleasant surprise to be teased like this in such a delicate thoughtful manner.

Tayo had to adjust his cock so that it was tucked up into his belt. Luckily his oversized t-shirt hid his prominent bulge from view.

He thought Chinyere was about to stop his fun when she reached her own hand back. But he was stunned when instead, she entwined her fingers with his and started to slowly rub their fingers together sensually. It felt truly incredible. His cock strained against his belt in a bid to break free.

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