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April 20, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XII (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XII (18+)

Being referred to as a boy only angered Tayo further, especially when Chinyere didn’t correct him. She tried to lift his head up, but he immediately slumped back onto her breasts, pushing his face even more firmly against her soft ample flesh. Her breast felt so wonderfully soft against his face. It made his cock throb painfully in his jeans.

Chinyere wondered briefly if he knew what he was doing, but shrugged it off quickly. He was clearly very drunk, it wasn’t his fault.

Eventually, they managed to drag the apparently drunk brothers into the flat. Issa let Gbenga slump onto the bed and threw the blanket over him, even though he was still fully clothed. Then he pulled out the chair on Chinyere’s instruction and she laid Tayo down carefully onto it.

Tayo listened intently to Chinyere giggling after Issa had whispered something to her which he couldn’t make out. He then felt a bedsheet get laid over him. He wasn’t stupid he knew those two were going to get it on again, but where? Surely they wouldn’t risk having sex in the flat?

Issa had mentioned that he thought Chinyere might have left her handbag back in the taxi. She looked at him with confusion for a second, as her handbag was still on her shoulder, but then she laughed knowingly and let him lead her back out of the flat.

Closing the front door as quietly as they could, Issa took Chinyere by the hand and dragged her back along the corridor.

As soon as the front door closed, he pulled her close against him and kissed her deeply. Chinyere was so horny that she kissed him back with even more enthusiasm. She snaked her tongue playfully around his, losing herself in the moment.

She jumped up into his arms, wrapping her legs around his body, as the heated kiss built with intensity. Issa grabbed a hold of her ass and pushed her up against the side of the wall, amazed at how wild she was.

They moved out of the house. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” Uttered Issa as he let Chinyere drag him out towards his taxi. “Promises, promises.” She teased.

Tayo opened his eyes and sat up straight when he heard the door close and Chinyere’s heels clicking quickly away along the hard corridor floor. This girl was crazier than he could have even dared imagine. His brain was still a bit fuzzy from all those drinks, but he was sober enough to know he needed to hatch out a plan in order to get her to bend to his will. What he really needed was some evidence to shock her with.

Firstly he needed to check on his brother. Gbenga was snoring really loudly, clearly sound asleep. He had always been so horrible to Tayo, but he still felt rather sorry for him, knowing how oblivious he was to all of Chinyere’s betrayals and he only knew of two of them. How many had there been? He wondered.

He then grabbed his phone, which had been on charge, and picked up the spare set of keys from the bowl on the table.

Tayo had a good idea where Chinyere and the taxi driver were, but he couldn’t take any chances. He peeked out the front door to make sure the coast was clear and peered around every corner before slowly making his way back downstairs and out onto the street.

The taxi wasn’t directly outside the apartment block, it was down the road a bit, parked in between two minibusses. The tricky part was going to be making sure he wasn’t spotted. After a bit of searching, he found the taxi and immediately heard some high-pitched moaning coming from inside. Tayo felt his cock swell, thinking about what was happening in the darkness of the backseat.

There was a fence above the wall, which ran alongside the row of cars. Tayo guessed his best view would come from there, so he went around the other side of the fence to try and find a good spot to hide in. Luckily there was a small gap under the fence before the thick bush blocked all the view.

The ground was higher up on his side, so if he knelt on the grass and leaned on the top of the wall, he found he had a perfectly clear view inside the taxi. Or so he thought, it didn’t take long to realize that with the lights off, he couldn’t really make out anything that was happening.

Chinyere was sat on the back seat with her legs splayed wide apart. Issa had already torn off her panties and was now feasting hungrily on her heated pussy. His hands were stroking and squeezing her thighs as he devoured her with feverish relish.

She was so worked up that she could already feel an intense orgasm brewing deep within. She ground her pussy harder and harder against his face, loving how his tongue was expertly lapping at her puffy lips, then plunging into her juicy wet snatch.

Chinyere arched her back and screamed. Taunting Issa to “eat her pussy” and “make her cum.” She began to shake from head to toe as he started to flick his tongue rapidly across her hyper-sensitive clit. She raked her nails across his scalp and repeatedly yelped and moaned with the intense pleasure of it all.

Tayo was annoyed that he couldn’t see a thing, but even overhearing the faint cries from inside the taxi was enough to make him undo his fly and begin to wank his fully erect cock once more.

Chinyere sighed as Issa pulled his mouth away from her throbbing sex. “Damn your pussy is so wet. Tastes fucking amazing though. I think I know what you really need now.” With that, he dragged down his jeans and lined up his cock, ready for the biggest treat of his entire life.

Issa groaned loudly as he sank his full length into Chinyere’s hot pussy. She was almost impossibly tight. Her smooth pussy was gripping him like nothing ever had. The incredible sensations were enough to make him completely lose control. He started to powerfully hump into her vice-like sex, with everything he had.

This was what Chinyere needed, this was what she had been yearning for. She threw her arms over the back of the headrest and held on tight as Issa fucked her good and hard.

“Yes! OH YES! Fuck me Oga taxi driver! FUCK ME!”

Tayo couldn’t see much apart from the silhouette of a man hunched over the back seat, but he could hear Chinyere clear as day now, screaming her encouragement for him to fuck her harder. He pressed record on his phone, hoping that even if the picture wasn’t incriminating enough, the sounds might well be.

Issa was soon sweating profusely. He slowed down a bit to catch his breath and started to kiss Chinyere passionately. “Oh, you are something else, something else entirely.” He dragged his tongue down her taught neck and buried his face into the deep valley of her heaving cleavage.

The good thing about Lagos Uber taxi was the amount of space there was in the back. But even so, Issa’s knees soon began to ache. Chinyere gave a sigh of disappointment when he withdrew himself from her, but she needn’t have worried for long.

Issa sat himself down on the backseat and pulled Chinyere into his lap so that she was straddling his face first. Then he lifted her up and sank her back down onto his hard throbbing cock. It was Chinyere’s turn to set the tempo now and predictably for her, she didn’t take it easy on the much older man.

Chinyere was grinding herself back and forth hard, working herself up into a state of sexual mania. So much so that Issa had to beg her to slow down otherwise he would cum too soon.

“Is this better?” Chinyere teased as she slowly rotated her hips in a circular motion, while his cock was buried inside her.

“It would be better with the lights on. Press that switch above your head will ya?”

“What? No! Someone might see!” As soon as Chinyere said it she realized that she didn’t actually care if someone saw. Maybe it would be even more exciting if another man was watching. Little did she know there already was one.

“No one is around at this time of night. Go on, just for a few minutes. You’re so fucking gorgeous, I just want a better look at ya.”

“Fine…just for a bit then.” Chinyere found the light and clicked it on. Luckily it wasn’t as bright as she’d imagined. Instead, it bathed the back seat in a warm orange glow. “Better now?” She teased with a wink.

“Much better!” Issa brought his hands up and cupped her huge breasts through her silky dress. “My god these are lovely.” With that he pulled down the straps of her dress, dragging her bra straps down along with them.

His mouth hung open in shock when Chinyere’s wonderfully round, incredible breasts, sprang into view. She hadn’t been lying about them being natural, that was for sure. They had a slight teardrop shape to them, yet they didn’t sag in the slightest. The firmness of her youthful flesh meant that they remained sitting high up on her slender chest, with her small perfectly centered nipples pointing at him enticingly. “Kai! You’ve got to be joking!”

Chinyere covered them with her arms. “What? Don’t you like them?” She teased, in her girliest, most playful voice.

Issa pulled her arms away and cupped them both in his large hairy hands.

“Like them? Damn… look at these lovely breasts.” He lifted them high towards her chin and started slapping them together, watching in amazement at how her soft flesh rippled through his fingers.

“Can you lick your own nipples?”

Chinyere giggled. “Of course I can!” She extended her tongue and lapped at her hard nipple, which was being offered up to her mouth.

“that’s sexy! Tell me again why you aren’t making a living out of modeling?” He was being genuine for once. “Seriously girl, with breasts like these and a face like yours, you could be making a fortune!”

“Hhhmmm…I might think about it. Let me take this off you too.” Chinyere peeled up Issa’s t-shirt and threw it over her shoulder.

He was hairier than she’d imagined. His arms and body were completely covered in a dense mat of thick dark hair, with a patch that was starting to turn grey in the center of his chest. Even his shoulders were covered in hair. Far from be repulsed by the sight, which she was sure some girls would be, it ignited an internal spark within her.

She pushed him back into the chair and crushed her breasts up against his broad chest. His hair tickled her sensitive nipples in a way that caused ripples of pleasure to course down her spine. Chinyere kissed him more slowly and with more passion this time, thrusting her hips with gradually increasing intensity against him.

Then Issa said something which took her by surprise. “I take it your boyfriend can’t satisfy you like this then?” He had verbalized his thoughts without thinking once again and hoped that Chinyere wouldn’t take offense. “Sorry…I shouldn’t have…”

“…It’s fine. Um…let’s just say I’m a complicated girl.” She breathed the words into his mouth, nipping at his lip while she spoke.

“Oh, I can tell that already. Not your first time cheating on him then?” Damn it. Why was he trying to ruin this for himself?

“Ha! Don’t play innocent with me, Oga. Do you think I haven’t noticed the wedding ring on your finger? Girls aren’t stupid you know.” She bit his chin gently.

“I know that, believe me. I never claimed to be an angel myself. When you’ve been married as long as I have, and your sex life has all but dried up, you can only dream about something like this happening to you.”

“Well stop dreaming and start living.” She guided his hands onto her succulent ass and encouraged him to bounce her on his cock. “To answer your question though…Ungh!…my sex life with Gbenga is…Hah!…it’s fine, it’s just…Ungh!…well it’s quite vanilla.”

“Vanilla?” Issa looked at her confused? Was that a racial thing?

“Ungh!… Yeah you know vanilla, it’s a bit bland…HUH!…not much flavor.” Issa was bouncing her more forcefully now, watching her glorious tits rippling against his chest.

“I get it now. So you like to spice things up every now and then.”

“YES!” She screamed a bit too loudly. “I mean…yes.” She giggled, saying it much quieter this time. “You’ve got it. I think I’ve got a more unusual flavor palate than most girls my age…mmm yeah fuck me…but I know what foods taste good, and I like to pig out on them whenever I can.”

Issa couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but he appreciated her honesty. “So I’m an acquired taste am I?”

“Something like that. I wouldn’t complain though…UH!…If I were you!” Chinyere leaned back and cupped her breasts offering them to Issa’s open mouth.

He latched onto her stiff nipple and started sucking hungrily. His other hand grabbed her other breast and he began tweaking her other nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

Chinyere could feel a much-needed orgasm beginning to build as she bounced happily in Issa’s lap. “How do they taste? Hmmm?”

“So delicious.” Issa groaned as he inhaled her other breast into his gorging mouth. Sucking, licking, and gnawing at it like crazy.

“You want to make this cheating little slut cum on your big fat cock, do you? Yeah? Is that what you want?” She panted breathily.

“Oh, baby you know I do.”

“Come on then, fuck me. Fuck me harder!”

Tayo watched in amazement as the taxi really began to rock. The wheels were creaking loudly, as Chinyere started to thrash about in Issa’s lap. It looked like he was just sitting back and taking it all. He felt himself peeking, so he carefully laid down his phone, propping it against a stone so that he didn’t miss any of the action, while he wanked his cock until he exploded all over the brick wall.

Issa crushed Chinyere’s heavy breasts in his hands and moaned. He was determined to make her cum as hard as he could but didn’t want his own orgasm to arrive too soon. He was loving this experience way too much for that. He thanked God he’d already cum fairly recently. No way could he have lasted this long otherwise.

After a few minutes of allowing her to frantically grind against him, where he had to will himself repeatedly not to blow his load, it looked like Chinyere was finally about to cum. Her high-pitched yelps had suddenly stopped and her legs were beginning to spasm uncontrollably. He watched in amazement as a deep growl escaped her lips.


Issa pulled on her nipples and mashed her breasts together. He felt a gushing of warm fluids soak his crotch, as Chinyere’s tight contracting pussy tried to milk the cum from his throbbing cock.

She collapsed onto him, flexing her hips spasmodically in time with her vaginal contractions. “Oh god! that was good.” She sighed contentedly.

It was only then that she realized he hadn’t cum too. “Wow. You weren’t lying about older guys having more stamina were you? Please, we must be quick though, I’ve already been away too long.”

“Your boyfriend is in a sleep-induced coma. If the little boy is awake, then just tell him you went for a walk to sober up. Children will believe anything.”

Tayo felt his face burn with anger once again. He wasn’t a little boy! He was 19 for God’s sake! Why wasn’t Chinyere correcting him? Is that how she viewed him too? Well, fuck her if she did. He was going to show her just how wrong she was.

“Maybe you’re right. But seriously, we can’t be too much longer.”

“Ok baby. Just one more position and I promise you can go back to your vanilla boyfriend.” He ruthlessly teased.

This was where having a lot of room in the back was really going to come in handy. Lagos taxis weren’t tall enough to stand up in, but there was enough room for Issa to fulfill one of his oldest fantasies.

He made Chinyere turn around and put her head through the small window. “Oh you are a bad man aren’t you?” She wiggled her ass at him enticingly.

Issa stood up behind her. He was quite short but he still had to stoop to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling.

He ran his hands up and down Chinyere’s legs, making the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Then Chinyere said something which really blew his mind.

“I’m sorry for trying to run away without paying Oga taxi driver. I really am, but please don’t do this. Please!” Her gyrating hips were speaking another language, but Chinyere guessed that he might like this nasty little role play.

“Oh, baby! You’ve got to learn your lesson young lady. Try and leave a taxi without paying and you’ll get punished for it.” With that Issa sank his full length into her tight little pussy.

Chinyere could feel her juices running down her legs as Issa began to forcefully pound her from behind. “AH! NO! PLEASE! I said I was sorry!”

“Sorry isn’t good enough bitch. I’m taking the fare out of this sweet pussy of yours.” Issa was loving this scenario Chinyere had designed. He had lost so much money to people who ditched and ran over the years.

He slammed himself in and out of her dripping wet pussy for a few minutes, feeling overwhelmed by how incredible it felt to be spearing his old cock into such a beautiful young girl. He reached around her and began to toy with her clit.

The moment Chinyere felt his fingers rubbing her sensitive swollen clitoris, she exploded into another orgasm. This one took her completely by surprise. There was no gradual build-up, only a blast of intense euphoria, which thundered through her entire body.

Issa pulled his cock free and stared in wonder as Chinyere began to powerfully squirt all over the floor of the taxi. “Jesus, look at all the mess you’re making. Someone’s got to clean that up you know.”

Chinyere was about to apologize, but the wind was knocked out of her when Issa thrust himself forcefully back inside her still twitching sex. “UNGH! YES! OH GAWD!” She yelped as he repeatedly rammed her from behind.

She could see his hairy body in the rear-view mirror. It was like getting fucked by a wild gorilla. He was more beast than man and she was loving every second of it.

Issa spanked her ass sharply, loving the yelp of pain this drew from Chinyere’s panting lips. “This will teach you for trying to run. Take it bitch! Take this fat fucking cock!” He crouched over her back and kissed and chewed on her silky soft skin, while he frantically pounded his cock into her hungry little cunt.

Chinyere could feel her orgasm brewing this time and it was coming up on her fast. She was so hypersensitive at the minute. It felt like all of her nerve endings were alive. Her whole body was tingling and pulsing with an electric charge. All she could do was hold on tight and await the inevitable lightning bolt of her release. “Fuck me! Fuck me just like that! That’s it Oga taxi driver! Give it to me! FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!”

“Oh, you nasty girl you.” Issa grabbed a hold of her violently swinging breasts and grabbed them in his hands.

He could feel his balls were beginning to churn. It wouldn’t be long now.

” I’m gonna cum. UHHH! Here it comes! You asked for it! UH! UH! UH! UUHHHHHH!”

“Yeah cum in me! Fill my slutty little pussy! Fucking fill me up!”

Issa pulled the window across, trapping Chinyere’s head in place. It didn’t hurt but Chinyere loved the restriction, it fuelled her orgasm even more.

This was it. This was the moment he had been waiting his lifetime for. Issa crushed her tits in his hands and grunted loudly into her back as he finally let, what felt like a gallon of backed up semen, explode into her pussy.

Chinyere came again the second she felt the walls of her pussy get plastered by his warm load. “UUNNNGGGHHH! YYEEESSSSS! OH YYYEEESSSSS!!”

Tayo had seen enough. He switched off the camera and hurried away back up to the flat.

Chinyere let Issa hump the last few drops into her milking sex, before removing her head from the car window.

“Oh wow.” Issa slumped back into the chair, completely worn out by the whole experience.

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