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April 20, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XI (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XI (18+)

“It’s all a bit of harmless fun. Makes the days go quicker love. Anyway, that’ll be N1800. But let’s call it N1500, seeing as you had to put up with all my charm!”

Chinyere looked over her shoulder at the two sleeping guys. She could hear faint snoring, coming from one if not both of them.

There was something about this cheeky Hausa man that she liked, but maybe it wasn’t only him, maybe the thought of doing something naughty with another old man, while her boyfriend and his brother were almost within touching distance, maybe that’s what was really turning her on.

She thought it over for a few seconds before her body made the decision she predicted it would.

“I don’t have any money in my handbag. Gbenga has it all in his wallet.” Her voice had become more softly spoken all of a sudden.

“That’s fine, we’ll just wake them up and…oh…”

Chinyere unbuckled her seatbelt and shifted towards Issa. Her fingernail traced a line up along his hairy arm while she whispered. “Or we could let them sleep a while longer? I’m sure I could think up another way of paying you?” With that, she reached up and turned the inside taxi light back off.

“W…what? Oh…Oh my god…” Issa couldn’t understand how or why Chinyere’s mood had changed so swiftly, but he wasn’t about to argue either.

Chinyere was determined that if she was going to do this, she was going to have to do it fast. The risks were simply too high otherwise.

Tayo opened his eyes a crack, just in time to see Chinyere’s head disappearing into the taxi driver’s lap. He heard the sound of a zipper opening and couldn’t believe she was doing this again. He slowly craned his neck to look at his brother, who was still fast asleep, snoring loudly.

At that moment his mind was made up. If she was this promiscuous, then he was definitely going to try and blackmail Chinyere with what he knew. Apparently, she must get some kind of kick out of cheating anyway, so maybe, just maybe, she might not shoot him down. As unbelievable as that was to comprehend.

The thought of being with her, both excited and also scared the inexperienced young Tayo. He had seen now what an animal she was in bed. Surely he wouldn’t be able to last much longer than a second without blowing his load? He imagined her laughing at him hysterically after he had cum in his trouser before she had even touched him. Still…he was determined to try.

Chinyere had swiftly retrieved Issa’s nicely large cock from the confines of his jeans. It was around the same size as Kwesi’s, longer and thicker than Gbenga’s for sure.

He was already nice and hard, so wasting no time at all, she wrapped her lips around his head and sank the full length of his rigid shaft into her tight little throat.

Issa groaned loudly, unable to stop himself, as he felt her mouth engulf his throbbing tool. “Ssshh!” Chinyere whispered crossly, before returning to feverishly suck on his long hard shaft.
He threaded his fingers through her soft hair and guided her head as she swallowed his cock like a woman possessed.

“koiiii!” He hissed, as he felt her soft tongue swirl around his engorged tip before she plunged her mouth down to the base of his dick once more. It was like heaven on earth for the disbelieving man.

Chinyere knelt on her seat, which caused her ass to rise high into the air. With his free hand, Issa dragged up her short black dress and began to roughly caress the soft firm flesh of her glorious ass cheeks. He gave her a few sharp spanks, which drove Chinyere to hungrily devour him with more and more urgency. She couldn’t stop herself moaning around his cock as she felt him start to tug her panties up into her crack.

They were being as quiet as possible but Tayo could still hear the occasional gagging and slurping sound as Chinyere’s throat was repeatedly penetrated by the taxi driver’s hard cock. He was getting strangely angry at her for being so obvious with her cheating. Maybe he should wake up Gbenga just to see the drama unfold. But he knew it had to be kept a secret, otherwise, his time would never come.

Issa could feel he was close to cumming already. He has never had such an intense blow job in his entire life and never from a girl as hot as Chinyere. His balls were churning, it wouldn’t be long now.

Chinyere was sucking hard and fast. She let Issa force her head down onto his cock as he thrust himself up into her hungry mouth. “Unnnnggghhh.” He groaned again.

She could feel her pussy was dripping wet. This was so wrong, but it felt so good.

Sensing he was about to blow, Issa reached underneath Chinyere’s hunched over the body and thrust his hand down the front of her dress. The second he grabbed one of her mind-blowing breasts and squeezed it roughly, he erupted into her mouth.

He continued to squeeze her incredible breasts, as he dumped more and more of his sticky seed into Chinyere’s tight little throat. “Kai…oh yeah.” He breathed quietly.

Chinyere swallowed every last drop of his salty seed happily. She continued to slowly suck his gradually wilting tool until it was clean, while Issa caressed the soft pliant flesh of her weighty breasts more sensitively, now that his primal urges had been appeased.

Eventually, Chinyere straightened up, wriggling her dress back into place, while wiping her lips with a devilish grin. She looked back, thrilled to see the guys were still sound asleep, knowing that she had gotten away with her naughty little act of adultery once again.

Issa shook his head disbelievingly as he tucked himself away and opened the door. Chinyere hopped out the other side and walked around the taxi to join him on the pavement.

“Well, time to wake up the sleeping beauties.” She’d just opened the back door and was leaning into the taxi, about to give her boyfriend a gentle shake to wake him up, when she felt Issa’s hand sliding up the back of her dress. Chinyere gasped as he cupped her pussy through her soaking wet panties from behind.

The sight of Chinyere bent over in front of him had been too much to handle for the old taxi driver. Her dress had ridden up again slightly, revealing another teasing glimpse of her thighs. The temptation was too irresistible to pass up.

At first, he could see Chinyere was shaking her head at him through the darkness. He felt her trying to push his hand away. However, as soon as his fingers had begun to rub against her smooth silky panties, she seemed to freeze in place.

Chinyere was in a real dilemma now. She was desperate for a release of her own, her body was screaming at her to let him continue, but the part of her brain currently not clouded by sexual desire was shouting even more loudly, that this was not the time or the place.

Tayo opened his eyes a crack to see what was going on. He was beyond the point of not believing what he saw when it came to Chinyere now. It seemed that with this girl, apparently, anything goes.

Chinyere ground her mound against his chubby fingers, then gasped again as she felt him peel her soaked panties to the side. A longing sigh escaped her lips as he very slowly slid one, then two fingers up inside her hungry pussy.

She tied to push herself back onto them, urging him to go faster and deeper, but Issa seemed content to slowly tease her, to begin with.

Unfortunately for her, Tayo had decided that enough was enough. He knew that he had to pretend to be waking from a deep sleep, so keeping his eyes shut he stretched out his arms and yawned loudly.

Issa jumped back and Chinyere yanked her dress back down, just in time to see Tayo’s eyes lazily open. “Wake up sleepy man, we’re back home now. Time to get up.” She said, slightly breathily.

“Errr…my head.” Tayo purposely slurred his best impression of a drunk person. “Can someone tell the world to stop spinning?”

“You take the little one, I’ll get the bigger lad.” Issa unclipped Gbenga’s seatbelt and pulled him to his feet. Gbenga woke up briefly, mumbling something incoherent, but he was practically a dead weight, leaning against the taxi driver for support.

This was Tayo’s opportunity to mess with Chinyere for a change. Even though he was slightly smaller than she was, he was determined to not make it easy for the young lady to lift him. She tried, again and again, to hook his arm over her shoulder and pull him upright but he was refusing to play along.

He had a good feel of her slender waist in the struggle. Her body felt toned but with just enough softness to make her feel wonderfully feminine.

Tayo was worried he might blow it if he didn’t start playing ball soon. After Chinyere’s third attempt to lift him, he purposely pulled her back down onto the seat with him. There was a brief moment when he felt her large breasts squash against his chest, which was enough to make his cock pulse with longing.

“It’s no good, you might have to do two trips, Issa. He’s too heavy for me.”

That was the last thing Tayo wanted. So finally he wrapped his arm around her waist and allowed Chinyere to pull him to his feet.

Issa was practically carrying Gbenga, while Tayo walked sluggishly towards the elevator, leaning into Chinyere, pretending he needed her support.

Once the lift doors closed, Tayo couldn’t resist letting his head slip a few inches down off Chinyere’s shoulder, so that his cheek was nuzzled against the top of her heaving breast. Chinyere didn’t even notice until Issa spoke. “Looks like the boy got the right idea. He’s found himself a nice pillow to sleep on already.” He chuckled.

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