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January 15, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere IX (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere IX (18+)

He couldn’t help noticing the number of male eyes around the room that were focused on Chinyere. Yet somehow he was the one lucky enough to get her undivided attention. Something which had never happened before.

His mind was still so torn though. On the one side, he wanted to tell her he knew her secret. He wasn’t stupid, it was the only way he will ever be able to manipulate her into doing anything remotely sexual with him. However, he was enjoying her being so nice to him in this moment. He knew that if he tried to blackmail her in any way, then she would hate him forever for it. She was the one person in the world who he didn’t want to be hated by.

Why had he had to find out all this stuff? He had been so excited about just meeting Chinyere. Never in his wildest dreams would he have ever thought anything more between them could ever happen. But now that he had been given this crazy opportunity to potentially make something happen, how could he ignore it?

It wasn’t right though. He wasn’t the blackmailing sort. She seemed so nice as well.

There was also the small matter of his brother’s love to consider. Not that Gbenga had ever displayed any. That wasn’t the point though. If he tried to force his girlfriend into doing something against her wishes, then he would permanently destroy whatever bond currently existed between them.

Tayo knew that he wouldn’t know what to do if she said yes to any of his demands anyway. He had zero experience when it came to women. He had never even kissed a girl in his life. Yet he spent every waking hour being torn apart by his hormonal urges. It was torture, being so horny all the time, whilst being so invisible sexually to the entire female population it seemed.

His eyes were once again drawn down into the deep valley of Chinyere’s impressive cleavage, where they remained for a good while, as Chinyere chatted away.

Chinyere could tell that Tayo was staring at her breasts longingly again, for probably the hundredth time that evening. Now that she has had a few drinks in her, she wasn’t feeling so self-conscious about it any longer. So what if he stared? He was clearly just a frustrated virgin. He couldn’t help it, she supposed. Besides he was sweet, in a strange kind of way.

Gbenga was taking forever to get served. During a pause in their conversation, Chinyere scanned the room looking for him. Like always about a dozen heads all turned away from her the moment she looked around. Men were so predictable. Not that she minded being the center of attention. It made her feel good, knowing how lusted after she was.

Like Tayo, her mind was conflicted too. She didn’t feel guilty about what she’d done earlier, but she knew it wasn’t fair to keep treating Gbenga like this. He was a nice guy who didn’t deserve it. The truth was, she’d been feeling unhappy in the relationship for a long time now. It was like she was just going through the motions because it was the normal thing to do, rather than because she was truly invested in it. It had been the longest relationship she had ever had by far.

Her parents and friends were all really happy for her, but deep down she knew she wasn’t. Now that her job was surely over, what was keeping her here still? She didn’t want to break Gbenga’s heart, but maybe by keeping on with her pretense, she was going to cause him even more pain in the long run.

There was something even more immediately troubling which she knew she’d have to get through first before she could tackle the bigger issues in her life anyway. Rather than being truly satiated by a good hard fucking, which she thought most people were. Chinyere knew that her body craved more and more in the hours and days which followed such an act.

Right now she could feel every nerve ending in her body was alive, prickling with sexually charged energy. If she struggled through, ignoring it, she knew she would come down eventually, like a drug addict who goes cold turkey. But the urge to keep herself charged up was an almost impossibly hard one to ignore.

Even Tayo’s ill-disguised attention was beginning to make her nipples harden and her pussy throb. It wasn’t as though she viewed him as a potential sexual partner, far from it. But the way he stared at her body, reminded her so much of the hungry look sex-starved old men would give her. It kind of made sense though, because he had been eternally starved of sex his whole life, she doubted he had ever even touched a woman.

Stop it Chinyere, she internally cursed herself, as she momentarily considered what his face would look like if she offered him a feel of her breasts. Poor thing, his mind would probably explode.

Chinyere noted that the two older men on the table opposite were being less subtle than the rest of the busy bar were when it came to undressing her with their eyes. They were huddled together whispering and laughing to one another, while they both ogled her unashamedly. They seemed to be building up the courage to come over, but neither of them wanted to make the first move.

Feeling rather naughty, Chinyere turned to them and flashed them one of her heart-melting smiles. Then she began to play with her hair, curling it around her finger teasingly.

They had obviously decided that Tayo, quite rightly wasn’t her date. How they figured that that would mean that either of them would have a chance with her, Chinyere couldn’t comprehend. They were in their mid-thirties and both rather unattractive. But it was fun to tease guys like them, especially in the mood she was in.

They stood up and had only taken a few steps towards Chinyere’s table when Gbenga barged past them with a tray full of drinks. Chinyere kissed him hard on the lips and watched out of the corner of her eye as the guys slumped back down in their chairs, looking rather put out.

“The bar was insanely busy, so I decided to buy all our evenings drinks in one go, hope that’s ok.” The tray he was carrying had 6 bottles of beer on it, 3 bottles of Hennessy and cokes, and what looked like over a dozen shots of gin.

“Baby, how much did this cost?” Chinyere asked. Tayo wasn’t sure he could even drink that much alcohol in one sitting. He had never really been properly drunk before.

“Don’t ask…but we might be short on the house rent I’m afraid.” They laughed and set about making taking their drinks.

A few hours later and the tray was almost empty. Chinyere had drunk her Hennessy and cokes and had a few shots of gin, she was feeling tipsy, but in a good way. Tayo had managed two bottles of beer and two shots of gin, his head was spinning a bit, so he had decided to slow it down. Gbenga was the one who seemed on a mission to get through them all, he had paid for them after all. Well, technically his mother had with her bribe of more than 40,000 Naira.

After sinking four of the beer and about eight of the dry gin shots, he suggested they make a move home. “We shhh…we should go back now I think babe.” Chinyere could hear the slur in his voice and knew he would pass out if they stayed any longer.

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