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March 5, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere IV (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere IV (18+)

After a few minutes, he stopped and removed his probing fingers, which caused Chinyere to moan in disappointment. “What am I doing pleasuring you for? You’re the one who hit me remember. I think it’s about time you show me how you got that promotion, don’t you?”

“I told you already. I worked hard to get that job. Are you deaf or something?”

Kwesi had already unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers down by the time Chinyere got to her feet. He stood up and pulled down his boxers, revealing his painfully hard 8 inch cock. “Well, how about you sit down here…” He guided her to the floor between his legs. “…and show me just how hard you worked.”

Chinyere wanted to slap that stupid grin off of his ugly face, but the fact that it reminded her so much of the grin her real boss had given her earlier that day, only made her insides boil with hate fuelled desire even more. So she dutifully squatted down onto her knees and took his thick veiny dick into her little hand.


Tayo had to stifle a groan as he finally got a better view of proceedings. And what a view! Chinyere’s knees were slightly apart, giving him the perfect view of her legs and her still slightly pulled across panties, which revealed just a teasing glimpse of her juicy pussy. He stared in wide-eyed wonder at the incredible sight. Unable to control his teenage urges any longer he reached down inside his own trousers, discovering that he still had a pair of her panties wrapped around his rock hard cock, which he used to tug himself off excitedly.

Kwesi’s eyes rolled back into his head as he felt Chinyere’s tongue flick his sensitive twitching tip teasingly. She then covered his pre-cum leaking helmet in a series of sensual kisses before running her tongue up and down the full length of his shaft.

It became obvious to Chinyere rather quickly that Kwesi wasn’t overly familiar with personal hygiene. In his haste, he had obviously washed his dick, which was some relief, but he hadn’t been too thorough about removing all the soap afterward. Her tongue tingled with a soapy taste before long, so she spat into her hand and wanked his cock rapidly, hoping to remove all the lather.

Kwesi’s eyes locked onto Chinyere’s and he groaned loudly, as she parted her plump lips and slipped the first few inches of his throbbing tool into her warm mouth. “Yeee that feel’s good!”

He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it onto the floor, then tossed his still knotted tie over the bedpost, leaving only his stained white vest to cover his flabby stomach.

Chinyere slowly began to engulf more and more of his achingly hard cock into her tight throat, causing Kwesi to bark in sheer euphoria. “That’s it, girl, show your boss how you got that job!”

“Don’t make me bite you!” Chinyere teased, releasing his cock from her mouth with a gentle nibble.

She began to pump his shaft in her fist again, dipping her head lower to take his swollen balls into her mouth.

This caused Kwesi to lurch and spasm wildly. “NNGGHH! SHIT! That’s it bitch, suck those nuts! Oh, sweet Jesus!”

Apparently, Kwesi hadn’t bothered to wash his balls, as they tasted musty and sweaty. Chinyere didn’t care now though, she was too aroused for words. She hungrily sucked each of his sensitive balls into her mouth in turn, releasing them with a loud popping noise.

She swiftly moved back to his dick, inhaling it more rapidly this time. “Yeah take that dick into your slutty mouth baby!” Kwesi reached down and began to squeeze one of Chinyere’s huge breasts through her shirt.

Chinyere began to instinctively unbutton her top, not wishing to ruin her shirt by having the buttons ripped off of it in another moment of crazed passion. Kwesi then thrust his hand down inside her lacy bra, squashing and caressing her firm breast with relish. “I love this big bobby!” He moaned happily.

“MMMM!” Chinyere hummed her pleasure around his shaft, as she felt Kwesi begin to pull and pinch one of her stiff nipples forcefully. It spurred her on to devour his fat cock even more frantically.

Tayo was on the verge of cumming in his trouser. He couldn’t believe how dirty his dream girl was. He watched in awe as Chinyere’s hand slipped between her legs and she started to rub her pussy with obvious urgency.

Chinyere shoved her face down onto Kwesi’s cock with more and more enthusiasm. His hands clamped against her head and he held her in place as she fully deep throated his entire length for the first time. “YES! Take that dick baby! Take it all!” She gagged slightly but kept her lips sealed around his base for a good ten seconds, staring lustfully into his watery eyes.

Eventually, he let her drawback. She gasped for air but then almost immediately returned to her task. She let Kwesi guide her head as he happily fucked her sweet mouth. “That’s it fuck my face you dirty old cunt!” She screamed after he choked her over and over with his long meaty dick.

Feeling like he was about to blow, Kwesi took hold of his cock and crouched lower to slap it against her rippling bra clad tits. “You want me to fuck your mouth do ya? I’ll show you how it’s done, baby.” With that he straightened back up and shoved his cock all the way down Chinyere’s throat, holding her tightly in place with both hands.

After 10 seconds had passed, Chinyere began to writhe against his tight grip. Then after 20 seconds, when he still hadn’t let her back away she punched him hard on the hip. Kwesi just chuckled at her futile efforts. It was only after 30 seconds when her world began to spin, did Chinyere dig her long nails into his belly, which caused him to finally let her go.

“You’re a good cocksucker shebi?” Kwesi mocked as Chinyere heaved in multiple lungfuls of air. “You’re going to have to do better than that though if you want to keep your job.”

“I HATE YOU!” Chinyere spat with anger but immediately resumed feasting on her prize.

Kwesi was soon pumping his hips into her face, forcefully fucking her throat with glee. He could feel that his balls were fit to burst. It wouldn’t be long now.

The room was filled with a succession of loud gagging noises as Kwesi repeatedly rammed himself into Chinyere’s willing mouth. “UNGH! OH FUCK! YOU SLUTTY LITTLE SECRETARY! YES! YES! YES BABY! FFUUUCCCCKKKK!!”

Kwesi’s weighty frame lurched forwards as he pinned Chinyere’s head into his crotch. His vision went temporarily black after his cock erupted with incredible force into her tightly gripping throat. “AAAHHHHH!! MY GOD!!” Over and over he dumped his heavy load straight into Chinyere’s stomach.

Chinyere coughed and gagged as she tried to swallow all of his salty seed.

Eventually, with a wheezing cry, Kwesi staggered backward, falling onto the bed.

“Who said you could cum already?” Chinyere spluttered with annoyance.

“That better not be all you’ve got!” She threatened angrily, whilst climbing up onto the bed to join him.

“Phew! Wow…oh my god.” Kwesi’s head was still spinning. “Give me a minute baby, you’ll get your reward I promise.”

Chinyere whipped off her panties and straddled his lap, grinding her naked sex against his now flaccid dick. “Oh! But I want it now!” She pouted playfully.

The mattress was sinking really low now and Tayo had to shift to the edge to avoid being squashed by it. He couldn’t believe this was all really happening still. Why was she doing this? She was so sexy, she could have any man in the world if she wanted to. Why had she chosen this ugly old man? It just didn’t make sense to the still fairly naĂŻve virgin.

Those questions could be answered later. Right at this very moment all Tayo really wanted was one good view of Chinyere’s naked body. The horny teenager shifted himself out from under the bed ever so slightly. Once his head was about a foot clear of the bottom of the bed, he noticed that her mirror was almost tilted at the perfect angle to see the action up above.

If he could just shift a bit more…bingo. There she was, the sexiest girl he had ever seen was writhing on top of what looked from this angle, to be a ball of fat. He could only see Kwesi’s lower belly poking out the bottom of his vest in the reflection, which was a relief because if that was anything to go by, he had seen enough.

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