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July 10, 2020
Crazy Lenny: The Roleplaying with Ijeoma [Part 6] (18+)

Crazy Lenny: The Roleplaying with Ijeoma [Part 6] (18+)

Then I knelt behind her and once again shoved my big dick into her pussy. Ijeoma was relieved when I put my dick in her pussy. She didn’t mind being fucked dog style and it gave her clit a rest. I started to play with her ass again and squirted the oil in the crack of her ass. I massaged the oil into her asshole and began to finger her ass.

The oil made Ijeoma very smooth and my finger slid easily in and out of her anus. Although it seemed wicked, Ijeoma found that she liked the finger in her ass while my dick was in her pussy. Then I pulled my dick out of her pussy and let the head rest against her anus.

“You want it in your ass Ijeoma?” She heard me say as she felt my dick press against her virgin ass hole, “I want to fuck your sexy ass.”

“No please no!” Ijeoma cried shaking her head from side to side with her face pressing against the robe covered floor. “I’ve never done that, you’re too big. You’ll ruin me.”

“Don’t be silly I’m not going to ruin you. You just need to be stretched a little,” I said in almost a threatening tone.

I had gone this far and now I was determined to take Ijeoma ‘s ass. It was the last frontier for her and besides, I loved fucking girls in the ass. I spread plenty of oil on my dick making it very slick. Then with one steady motion, I plunged my dick into Ijeoma’s asshole. I seemed gigantic, long and wide and Ijeoma screamed as I began to work my way into her poor tight ass. She could actually feel her stomach cramping around me as I stirred her insides and it burned when she clenched her ass muscles convulsing around my thickness.

Shaking and sobbing with painful ecstasy, Ijeoma fell forward onto her robe with my hands keeping her ass high in the air for me to plunder.

Ijeoma screamed into her robe as it felt like a hot thick steel had just been rammed into her ass. Tears filled her eyes as her violated asshole spread to accommodate my thick dick. She tried to get away but I was too strong and held her in place. Ijeoma cried out loud only to have the sound muffled by the robe as my complete length filled her.

Ijeoma felt me flex my dick deep into her bowels as the searing pain continued. I reached one hand under her again and teased a nipple. Then I moved my other hand down and rubbed softly against her clit. Ijeoma’s body responded to my stimulus and her stomach convulsed with mixed signals.

The intrusion in her ass didn’t feel quite as bad now as my fingers continued to tease her clit. Ijeoma felt me move inside her ass now and she tried to relax her ass muscles. Ijeoma’s body was working back and forth on my dick now and she was amazed at the feeling of the dick in her ass. Ijeoma’s clit was buzzing and the fullness in her ass just seemed to excite her pussy even more. I started hammering into her ass now. my fingers were still busy on her clit but now I had two fingers drilling in her pussy as the others fluttered around her clit.

Ijeoma’s whole body was aflame as she could feel my fingers pressing against the thin membrane separating her ass from her pussy. She could feel my hard dick sliding in her and the pressure of my fingers on my dick through her thin membrane. Ijeoma didn’t need me to force her on my dick anymore, nor did she need me holding onto her tightly. Her entire body was fucking back at me of its own accord. Ijeoma could feel an enormous orgasm building within her and her pussy was swollen to new proportions.

“Oh God,” Ijeoma thought to herself, “I’m going to cum again, Oh God!”

I continued fucking into Ijeoma. The hot depths of her ass were so tight around my dick she knew that I was going to cum hard too. I worked my fingers faster inside her as I rammed my dick hard into her ass. Ijeoma started biting the robe like a mad woman as my groin made hard contact with her ass. Ijeoma felt her pussy spasm suddenly and then her whole body went rigid. She felt my dick swell in her rectum and then hot spurts of liquid lava hit her deep in her bowels, giving her a cum enema. Ijeoma screamed into the robe.

Both of us shuddered hard as every muscle tensed and then relaxed. Ijeoma felt a hot explosion as her body was overcome with the most violent orgasm she had ever had. She could still feel my dick throbbing and spurting deep within her. Ijeoma felt my dick shrink in her ass and then slowly back out making an audible popping sound. Ijeoma’s ass was still high in the air and her thighs were aching. I lovingly caressed her shapely ass cheeks.

I was proud of himself and my conquest. I had never expected to fuck Ijeoma in the ass so soon but I couldn’t stop once I got started. I was pleased that I was her first ass fuck. I backed off as Ijeoma lay face down on the floor and she refused to look at me. Ijeoma was humiliated by the act and she was embarrassed by her behavior. She was still stunned that she had been fucked in the ass and by someone young enough to be her son.

Ijeoma then felt lifted off the floor and then she was carried upstairs to her bedroom. I left my clothes and her robe on the kitchen floor as I carried Ijeoma in both arms. Ijeoma had both hands around my neck and she had her head buried in my neck. Ijeoma was ashamed of what just happened and she couldn’t even look me in the eye.

I walked into the bedroom and deposited Ijeoma on the bed. Then I went into the bathroom and turned on the bath. I located some bath oil and added a few of them to the water. I waited until the water temperature was just right and then I went back into the bedroom to get Ijeoma. Reluctantly Ijeoma allowed herself to be led into the bathroom to bathe with me. Ijeoma got into the tub and I got in with her and got behind her. I guided Ijeoma’s body back so that it rested on me and I wrapped my arms around her.

“Now let’s relax and enjoy the bath for awhile,” I said as I spoke the first words since taking Ijeoma ‘s anal cherry.

Ijeoma was still speechless as her mind was cluttered with thoughts. She had never expected things to turn out like they did. She never expected me to come on so strong and take control as I had. Ijeoma felt dominated and submissive in my hands. On one hand, she was having great sex and on the other, she was scared of the way her body betrayed her. Ijeoma never knew that she was capable of such behavior.

I reached up and caressed and fondled Ijeoma’s breasts and toyed with her erect nipples. Her breasts and nipples felt particularly good in the oily water. Ijeoma then felt my dick harden and press against her buttocks. She knew that she was in for another round of sex but she had no idea what I had in mind this time. We soaked in the tub for almost an hour with me caressing her body before we finally got out and dried off. I dried off Ijeoma’s body and then she dried me.

My dick stayed hard the entire time that Ijeoma dried me off with a soft towel. Ijeoma let her hand brush against the erect dick several times and she enjoyed watching it twitch each time. All of a sudden the dick did not look so menacing although it was still hard to believe that something that size had been in her ass. Ijeoma had a strange desire to take the dick in her mouth again and she dropped to her knees in front of me.

I was pleased when Ijeoma wrapped her lips around my dick without any urging from me. Ijeoma sucked the dick deep into her mouth and tested her gag line seeing how much she could take in her mouth. She then fondled my balls and she was pleased when I groaned with pleasure. Ijeoma closed her eyes with her lips wrapped around my shaft as she sucked back and forth. She was incredibly turned on and her pussy was soaked again.

I brought excitement into Ijeoma ‘s life with my dick and she was now addicted to it. Ijeoma was so captivated with my dick that she discovered she loved to suck on it. Ijeoma was happy to please me again and to make me cum. Ijeoma wanted this to be my best blow job and she put all her efforts into it and it did not take her long to bring me to the edge.

This time I announced that I was cumming but Ijeoma clamped down on my dick as she was determined this time to swallow every drop of my seed. She could feel my dick jerk in her mouth as volley after volley bounced off the back of her throat. Ijeoma swallowed as quickly as she could and did not allow a drop to escape her mouth. She continued to suck on my dick milking it dry of my sperm.

Then Ijeoma took the dick from her mouth and I watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of my dick. Ijeoma then wrapped her lips around it and sucked my man juice dry. I never expected this behavior from Ijeoma but I loved it. She nibbled on my dick head causing me to shiver and I had to push her away. My dick stayed hard though and Ijeoma marveled at the impressive organ before her.

I reached down and lifted Ijeoma to her feet and then I kissed her deeply again showing her once more that I was unconcerned that I had cum in her mouth. I then guided Ijeoma back into her bedroom and to the bed. Ijeoma lay back on the bed and displayed her beautiful neatly trimmed pussy to me. Ijeoma felt a glow about her and she was now openly proud of her body. She opened her legs and smiled at me leaving no doubt as to her desire; her pussy for my taking.

“Ijeoma you are so sexy. I just have to have your pussy again,” I said softly.

I knelt before my landlady at the end of her bed and kissed her from her knee up her soft thighs towards her womanhood. I took in the lovely smell of her as I kissed her smooth creamy skin just beside her vagina. Ijeoma was in a state of ecstasy and her heart pounded as she watched me lick her. Her pussy lips quivered as I teased them with my tongue and kissed her everywhere she desired. My tongue was long and dug deep into the inner walls of her pussy.

Ijeoma ran her hands over her body cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingertips. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth as my tongue snaked around in Ijeoma’s pussy. I still had not made contact with her clit and Ijeoma desperately needed my tongue or my dick to touch her clit. She moaned in pleasure and frustration as I continued to tease her.

I again wiggled my tongue deep into her pussy before finally poking at her clit. Ijeoma jumped as a spark of pleasure shot through her body.

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