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July 11, 2020
Crazy Lenny: The Roleplaying with Ijeoma [Part 2] (18+)

Crazy Lenny: The Roleplaying with Ijeoma [Part 2] (18+)

I rented a furnished room from a woman named Ijeoma who was divorced. It was easy to move in since all I had was my clothes and books. It was a Saturday when I moved into and my friend Akin had given me a ride to Ijeoma’s house. Akin was captivated with big breasts and I took notice of Ijeoma and mentioned her breasts to me several times.

“Let me know if she ever wants those big breasts sucked on,” Akin whispered.

That was the first time I paid attention to her figure. She was a woman old enough to be my mother but she looked really good. Ijeoma had decided to wear a tight-fitting skirt and a blouse that showed off her curvy figure. I didn’t pay much attention to her breasts but I liked the way her buttocks rolled under the tight skirts. I have had experience with older women so I would be willing to giving Ijeoma a nice time if the opportunity presented itself.

Ijeoma worked in town for a bank and she always dressed nice. She had not dated any man since her divorce and she was actually very shy. She would go out with her best friend once in a while and have a good time but she never went home with any men. Her sex life with her ex was not the best and she was actually less experienced with sex than me. During my university days,  I had learned many things from a number of women. I had been introduced to oral and anal sex and I had taken to it. I was a leg and ass man and I loved a nice round firm but. One girl had taught me about foreplay and rimming and once I learned, I drove her wild.

It was a Friday evening and the end of the working week. I did not have any plans for the weekend and I was submerged with assignments. I decided to not hang out in the city as I normally did on a Friday. I could have gone out with my girlfriend and ended up at her place but I passed on it. I was in my room when Ijeoma invited me to have a drink with her.

I joined her in the living room and I had a beer. Ijeoma seemed a little tipsy and I assumed that she had started drinking early that day. She appeared to be frustrated with her social life and she was in the mood for some company. I didn’t know it but Ijeoma used a dildo for her sexual needs and she would often fantasize about making love with a young guy. Our conversation after a few drinks turned to our social life and more specifically her sex life or lack thereof. That’s when I volunteered to take care of her needs that evening.

Ijeoma was nervous as she had not expected to be offered and now she was being challenged to go through with it. A tipsy Ijeoma walked ahead of me and as she ascended the stairs I watched her fantastic ass ripple in her tight skirt. Ijeoma walked into her bedroom with me right behind her and then she turned to face me. She was about to speak and tell me she changed her mind when I stepped up to her and kissed her, driving my tongue into her mouth. She had not been kissed that passionately in a very long time.

I began to undress Ijeoma as she stood still and trembled as her clothing was removed. I first removed her blouse, then her shoes and her skirt. Ijeoma stood wearing only her bra and panties and I like what I saw. I stepped up behind Ijeoma and unhooked her bra. Then I slowly pushed it down her arms and Ijeoma instinctively covered her breasts with her hands.

I massaged her neck and shoulders gently as if I was trying to remove her tension. Then my hands encircled her waist and I kissed her neck. Ijeoma trembled and goose bumps covered her skin. My hands moved upwards and I cupped her breasts. I fondled them gently and toyed with her erect nipples. Ijeoma could feel her body heating up and she felt like she was a desirable woman once again.

I then dropped to my knees behind Ijeoma and began to pull her panties down. First I uncovered her buttocks and I massage them gently in my hands. Then I lovingly placed kisses on each of Ijeoma’s ass cheeks and let my tongue tickle her crack. Ijeoma gasped aloud when the tongue slid over her crack and Ijeoma sensed that I was experienced beyond my years and much more so than she was. Ijeoma then felt her panties pulled all the way down her legs and she stepped out of them. Now completely naked I turned Ijeoma around so that she faced her kneeling lover. I touched Ijeoma all her around her vulva and probed her vagina gently with my fingers.

Her pussy was soaking wet by now and Ijeoma was shocked when I moved in closer to lick her pussy. Ijeoma groaned and shivered as the tongue danced over her labia and then she almost collapsed when the tongue found her clit. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and quickly located her g-spot. Then I massaged her g-spot and nibbled on her clit simultaneously. She lost it and she grasped my head and held me tightly as her juices poured into my mouth.

She almost lost her balance, her orgasm was so intense and she seemed to cum for minutes. Then I stood up and Ijeoma saw my face coated with her love juice. I kissed her again and for the first time in her life, she tasted herself.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said with all the confidence in the world.

Ijeoma then realized that I expected her to undress me. She hesitated for a moment since she had never undressed a man in her life. Then Ijeoma stepped up to me and pulled the t-shirt out of my trouser and lifted it up over my body. Ijeoma marveled at my chiseled physique. Then she unbuckled my belt and unfastened my trousers. I then put my arms around her and hugged her tightly crushing her breasts against my hairy chest.

“You have great breasts, Mrs. Ijeoma,” I whispered to her.

She stepped away and kneeling down in the process, she pulled my trousers down to my ankles. I kicked off my shoes and then stepped out of my trousers. Now I was just wearing my boxers but my package was prominently outlined. Her hands were shaking as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxers and slowly pulled them down. She had never undressed a man before then and she found it exciting.

My impressive dick got caught in the waistband momentarily and then it sprung out like a coiled snake. Ijeoma gasped when she saw the big dick bounce in front of her face. My dick was big at 8 inches long,  it was the biggest dick that Ijeoma had ever seen and it looked threatening to her. She briefly recalled her ex-husband’s dick which was more the average size of 6 inches and not as thick. Ijeoma just stared at the dick in front of her as I kicked off my underwear.

I reached for her head and held it gently as I guided her face toward my dick. Ijeoma knew that she was expected to take my dick in her mouth but she was reluctant. Ijeoma had only performed oral sex on her husband and that was in an effort to get him hard or to get him interested in sex. No one had ever cum in her mouth in her life. Ijeoma let me guide her face to my dick and she opened her mouth wide to receive the impressive organ.

The big fleshy mushroom head filled her mouth and she knew that she would never be able to take all of me in her mouth. Ijeoma was inexperienced in oral sex but she tried to hide that from me. She moved her head up and down on the stiff shaft taking about half of it in her mouth.

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