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March 5, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Me & Nonye’s Irresistible Ass (18+) [Legend Series]
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Crazy Lenny: Me & Nonye’s Irresistible Ass (18+) [Legend Series]

My friend Dayo and I were playing tennis on Saturday with two other guys from our regular group. We finished our round by 12:30 PM and Dayo asked me to join him for lunch with his fiancée, Tina. I agreed since I knew I would not be busy throughout the day. I followed Dayo to a popular drinking spot that had outdoor dining. Tina and another woman were sitting outside on the patio when we arrived.

Dayo is doing his master’s degree program at the university I studied in and we had become good friends. He was a great guy and a very lovable Yoruba. Dayo and I joined the ladies at the table and Tina introduced Nonye to us. I noticed that Nonye was wearing a wedding ring, which means she was the only married person amongst us.

I didn’t think much about it since it was just lunch. As lunch went on I studied Nonye more and I found her to be attractive and alluring. I knew that she was taken with me but I didn’t expect anything to materialize that afternoon

After lunch, Tina invited all of us back to her place. I accepted since I had no plans and joined them. At Tina’s place we had another drink and then Tina surprised me when she announced that she and Dayo were going to her bedroom and that the guest bedroom was available. I was surprised but not shocked by her announcement. I never expected to be in that situation with a woman I had just met.

Nonye just smiled at me and said, “Come on I’ll show you where the guest bedroom is unless you would rather watch TV.”

“Lead the way,” I replied not wanting to pass up an opportunity for some afternoon delights.

“Tina would want us to shower first,” she told me.

Nonye and I stripped down and entered the shower. I started to soap up her breasts, ass, and pussy but she stopped me.

“Let’s save that for the bedroom. We don’t want to use up the hot water,” she told me.

We washed quickly and then went into the bedroom. Nonye lay on the bed and opened her legs for me. She held up her arms and welcomed me into her body.

“I had been hoping that we would get a chance to make it together today,” she whispered.

Slowly, I moved into her. Nonye opened beneath me, enveloping my dick tightly. Her pussy was like a fist as she clenched her vaginal muscles. She squeezed me as I moved within her.

“Nonye,” I groaned, “You are tight.”

She moaned in response, “Your big dick feels so good. Fill me up with it.”

I thrust into her deeply and I felt the head of my dick pressing against her cervix.

“Oh Lenny,” she sighed with her eyes closed.

I felt her vagina contract around my dick. She climaxed again with a shudder and a long moan and she urged me on, “Fuck me baby, I can take it, I want it.”

I grabbed her hips in my hands and began to thrust in and out as I pounded her pussy. My heavy bloated testicles slapped against her ass as my dick drove into her hot pussy.

“Yes, oh yes,” she gasped as her body rose to meet me.

The bed was now rocking with the force of our fierce, animalistic fucking. Her legs clamped around my waist as she screamed her release. Her pussy grasped my cock, squeezing it and milking it as I fucked her. I moved my hips against hers and buried my dick to the hilt within her.

Her quaking pussy erupted into orgasm again as I rocked my dick slowly, grinding the head against her cervix. I felt my orgasm building in my balls and I knew that any second I would be spewing my seed into her womb. I felt my semen travel from my scrotum through my dick as I came deep inside her flooding her waiting warmth with my load.

Neither one of us could speak as the pleasure was so intense. I collapsed on her and she wrapped her arms and legs even tighter around my body. Not wanting to crush her I rolled off her as my dick deflated and slipped from her cum filled cunt.

We rested together as we talked for a while. Tina told Nonye that I was fucking a gigolo of some sort and I learned that Nonye was married but these days without sex. Nonye reached down and stroked my dick as we talked and I fondled her breasts and played with her pussy. I liked her body with her sizable breasts, shapely legs, and a killer ass. Before long we were turned on again.

I pulled her legs apart and let her guide my cock into her pussy. I eased my thick cock into Nonye’s tight pussy and worked it slowly until I was balls deep in her pussy. I knew that with her tightness that she could probably feel every ridge and vein of my cock touch her vaginal wall. Nonye gasped again when I hit bottom. As I fucked her slowly I made sure that my dick never lost contact with her clit.

Nonye stiffened as she orgasmed and then grunted and groaned through multiple orgasms as her body was rocked with one climax after the other. As I pounded her pussy my dick moved easily in her now soaked pussy. Nonye stiffened one more time, screamed and then went limp with her final orgasm which was the most intense of the day.

Once again I rolled off Nonye and this time she rolled over on her stomach. I caressed her ass and teased her between her ass cheeks. I searched for her ass hole as I massaged her round buttocks.

I finally reached the object of my desire and I rubbed juice from her pussy into her asshole. She lifted her hips slightly as I worked her firm ass cheeks. I pulled her buns apart slightly and stared at the cute little crack. I traced my finger over the ridges of her now swollen asshole and watched as it seemed to pulse and throb under its own accord.

I scooped more juice out of her pussy with my fingers and pushed it into her asshole. Nonye’s hips bucked in response to my probing. I loved anal sex and I loved to watch my dick slide in and out of a hot ass. I was hoping that Nonye was into anal sex.

As my finger entered her channel she gripped it with her sphincter muscle. I continued to finger fuck her ass adding more natural lube from her pussy as needed and eventually I added a second finger. Satisfied that she was well lubed I straddled her hips and guided my slick dick into her pussy to coat it with juices and then I eased it into her ass. My dick head slipped past the moistened sphincter and the spongy head disappeared into her ass.

Her anal ring snapped closed behind the dick head and I marveled at the sight before me. I only had the head of my dick in her and she lifted her hips and pushed back obviously wanting more.

“Not too deep at first and then go deeper. It’s been a while,” she whispered.

My dick felt bigger than normal as I eased more of it into her anal passage. I watched as it stretched her open and slid easily into her slippery hole. I continued my slow penetration until the entire length of my dick was balls deep in her ass. Nonye gasped and grabbed the bedsheets as I hit bottom and then moved her ass in time with my thrusts.

“Let’s fuck on our sides,” she murmured.

I rolled both of us to our left side and settled into the spoon position with my cock still buried in her asshole. My left arm came around and fondled one of her breasts and pinched her nipples as my right hand sought out her pussy. I pushed two fingers into her pussy as I fucked her ass and played with her breasts. Nonye was going wild as her orgasmic, constricting muscles gripped me firmly.

We fucked slowly as she bent her back and we fitted together perfectly. Her gasps were irregular and interrupted with cries and sobs of pleasure. Her ass was so warm that I wondered how the semen ever got out of my dick.

I fought to hold back my ejaculation as long as possible but the undulating walls of her asshole were just too much. I felt the familiar boiling in my balls and I thrust into her as the first blast of cum exploded into her rectum.

I barely heard her pleas for me to fill her ass with cum as her contractions milked every drop from my dick. I continued to fuck her slowly and I enjoyed the new feeling of warm semen surrounding my cock in her sheath.

“I love the feel of your warm cum in my ass,” she sighed as my dick remained nestled in her hole.

Nonye told me that she loved anal sex and that sometimes she preferred it to vaginal sex. She said that she still wanted to cum and she preferred a dick shooting a load in her ass while her clit was being rubbed. We remained in the spoon position for quite a while. I think we even dozed and we were awakened when my deflated cock slipped from her ass. Nonye rolled toward me and smiled as she whispered.

“That was some great sex today, you are a good lover,” she said softly and then, “Come on it’s time to get up and get dressed. I have to get going.”

“Me too,” I agreed.

Nonye and I showered quickly and dressed. She told me that she first had anal sex way back in her university days and loved it. She also said her husband despised it saying that it was perverted. Nonye told me that she liked anal sex as much as vaginal sex and sometimes even more with the right person. We both left Tina’s place and I went back to my flat. 


I saw Nonye again after playing tennis the following Saturday. I had not expected to run into her but Tina told her where I usually stopped for a drink. I was with some other guys and girls and had my sights set on banging Nonye that afternoon. Nonye approached me and asked if she could speak with me just for a minute. I excused myself, to speak with Nonye.

“Is there a quiet place where we can talk?” she asked.

“Yes, downstairs, that bar is not open yet.”

I led her downstairs where it was secluded and dark. She shocked the daylights out of me when she turned her back to me and pulled down her shorts. She was not wearing any panties under her shorts and as I found out shortly she passed on the bra too.

“I need you to fuck my ass,” Nonye said, her voice cracking.

I dropped my trousers and boxers and I pushed my fingers in Nonye’s pussy. I moved my fingers from her pussy to her asshole for several minutes gathering her pussy juice and wetting her asshole. Then I pushed my dick in her pussy and got it good and wet before I eased it into her ass.

Nonye grunted as my dick hit home and slid into her ass. We both fucked rapidly as I pushed her top up over her breasts and played with her breasts and nipples. I reached with one hand for her pussy and plunged two then three fingers into her pussy.

Nonye went wild with the double penetration and the manipulation of her breasts. She soaked my fingers with her female juice as she had a string of orgasms.

Then I felt my seed shoot through my cock into the depths of her ass causing Nonye to groan loudly. She milked my dick dry with her talented sphincter muscle and her hips thrashed uncontrollably ejecting my dick from her ass. I held her tightly and my wet dick brushed against her bubble ass cheeks.

“Oh thank you, thank you,” she chuckled as her body calmed.

There were toilets downstairs and we both went to the men’s and ladies’ rooms. I washed my dick off in the sink, re-dressed and returned to the group. Nonye stayed in the toilet long after I left and I did not see her leave. It was wild that Nonye and I had sex with the others upstairs. I was talking with Tina again when Nonye left and not long after that Nonye invited me to her apartment.

It was a few weeks before Nonye and I hooked up again. She called me at home and asked if we could meet for a drink. I suggested a place that was never busy during the week where we would not know anyone there. She had not eaten dinner so I suggested that we grab a nosh and a drink together.

Nonye and I sat side by side at a bar table facing the bar. The barman was engrossed in the TV watching a football game and getting caught up on all the scores. As we ate our burgers and sipped our beers, I ran my hands over Nonye’s thighs. She was wearing tights under her dress but no panties.

I slid my hand between Nonye’s thighs and covered her pussy. I rubbed her pussy through the spandex material and her pussy got sopping wet. We finished our fried fish and beers and then left the bar. When we got out to the parking lot I asked Nonye if I could sit in her car for a while.

“You better believe it, as worked up as you got me in there you better take care of me,” she replied excitedly.

Nonye and I got in the back seat of her Honda accord and I immediately peeled off her tights. I lowered my trousers and boxers to my knees and the two of us played with each other for several minutes. Her car had tinted rear windows so it was impossible for anyone outside the car to see in the back seat. There was something very erotic about being partially clothed but still having access to each other.

Nonye had her legs spread wide as I fingered her pussy and pushed her pussy juice into her ass. Nonye stroked my dick with her hand as I prepared her for another ass fuck.

“Fuck my pussy first and then I want you to cum in my ass,” she whispered excitedly.

I guided her onto my dick so that she could ride me until she came. Nonye moaned as my dick filled her womb and she took it slowly. Once I was in her she bounced up and down on my cock. I fondled her breasts through her dress and then moved my hands to hold her shapely ass. It didn’t take long for her to cum and she drenched my dick with her love juice.

Nonye moved off me and I went to work on her ass. I never knew anyone like Nonye who could get so wet. My hand was sopping wet and within minutes I had her asshole coated with her pussy juice. I positioned Nonye so that she was kneeling on the back seat and I knelt behind her. I put my dick in her pussy and let it soak in her juices before I lined it up with her ass.

Once again Nonye reminded me, “Not too deep at first and then deeper.”

I eased my cock into her asshole as she maneuvered her body to accommodate the anal penetration. Nonye had her head down on the car seat turned to one side and I watched her face grimace slightly as my dick made its way into her ass. Nonye moaned and groaned as I slowly fucked her going a little deeper in her ass with each thrust. Once I was all the way in I picked up the pace and fucked her until I flooded her ass with my cum.

Nonye had her fingers buried in her twat and she brought herself off again as I plowed her ass. When my hips stopped moving Nonye milked my dick with her sphincter muscle and then her hips gyrated as her orgasm overtook her. I had to hold her tightly to keep my dick in her ass as her hips jerked out of control.

My dick softened and I eased it out of Nonye’s ass. I knelt there looking at her recently violated asshole and watched as my semen trickled out of her rectum. Nonye remained still for a few minutes with her mini dress thrown up over her back and her ass on display. I had some paper napkins in the car and she used them to wipe the semen from her ass before she sat down on the car seat.

Nonye did not bother putting on her tights when I pulled up my pants. I opened the car door and we got out of the back seat. Nonye said that she was glad that we could hook up and that she would see me later, then she said goodnight and made her drove off.  After she left the parking lot, I went home in a very satisfying state.

It was at least another week before Nonye called and we met up again. It was a repeat performance with me stripping off her tights in the back seat of her car, lubricating her ass with her juices and fucking her tight ass. It was exciting for me to strip off her tights and fondle her legs, pussy, and ass.

Nonye seemed to like being without her panties and tights in the back seat of her car. I took my time with her, fingering her pussy and ass driving her crazy until she finally begged me to fuck her in the ass.


The next time it was another lunch after tennis. Once we arrived at Tina’s place, I escorted Nonye into the house and the guest room. I didn’t see Dayo and Tina so I assumed that they were already in the other room.

Nonye flopped down on the bed and I then had the urge to fuck her again. I moved over to the bed and stripped Nonye naked. I removed her blouse and bra, her shorts and panties and her shoes. Then I stripped down naked and got in bed with her. It was the first time that we were naked again since the very first time we had sex in that very bedroom.

I rolled Nonye to her side and she knew what was coming next. I scoop her female juice from her pussy and used it to lubricate her asshole. Nonye moaned as my fingers probed her pussy and lubed her ass. Then I placed my cock in her pussy just for few strokes to get it slick. I positioned my cock at her ass and gently pushed my cock into her.

“Not too deep at first and then deeper,” Nonye whispered those familiar instructions.

I did what she asked and as I fucked her ass I went a little deeper each time. Soon I was balls deep in her ass and I picked up the pace. My dock felt longer and thicker than I could remember at that moment. I reached around Nonye with my left hand and played with her breasts and rock hard nipples.

Then I moved my right hand to her pussy and pushed three fingers into her pussy. Nonye was going wild and she was creaming all over my fingers as I plowed her ass. My cock was throbbing in her asshole and I felt my pending ejaculation building in my balls.

One more deep thrust and I held my cock there as I exploded in her ass. My cock pulsated as streams of cum shot into her ass. Nonye instinctively clenched and unclenched my cock with her anal muscles. She milked every drop of cum from my cock.

For some reason, I stayed hard that afternoon and I kept right on fucking Nonye’s ass. I knew it would be a while before I came again so I pulled out of her ass and rolled her on her back. Then I pushed my raging hard dick in her pussy and treated her to an exhilarating fuck.

I kept my dick in constant contact with her clit and I had Nonye writhing and trembling as a continuous string of orgasms rocked her body. Then I pulled my dick out of her pussy and rolled her back to her side and re-entered her ass.

I pounded her ass as I sought out my second ejaculation of the day. Nonye’s ass was loose and slippery from our combined juices but she was still snug enough around my cock. Once again I stiffened and fired a barrage of cum into her rectum. I could feel my cock pulsate again as it released a torrent of cum deep into her ass.

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