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March 2, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Exploits of Madam Barakat & Okoye II (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Exploits of Madam Barakat & Okoye II (18+)

It was true she couldn’t reach the bulb in the ceiling fixture, and at 5′ 7″ standing on the stool from her living room, she couldn’t make up the difference. But at 6′ 2″, Okoye would have no trouble. She briefly thought of the ladder in the storage behind the office but thought against it. Why bother with a ladder when the whole point was to get Okoye into her bedroom and do it himself?

Okoye again wore only his shorts and sandals as he walked into her bedroom, the thin material of his shorts revealing that he also was not wearing underwear. Barakat thought it might be a sign as neither one of them was wearing anything under their clothes. She considered her going braless might seem sluttish, or even laughable at her age, but Okoye wasn’t complaining as his eyes continually rested on her full breasts.

“Okay, give it to me,” Okoye said.

“Excuse me?”

“The bulb,” he explained innocently, “I need the new bulb.”

“Of course,” she laughed, and thought about the bulb at the end of his cock, how big it must be and how she would polish it off until he came for her… if she ever got the chance. She handed him the bulb from a box on her bed, “Here you go.”

She watched Okoye as he stood upon the stool and replaced the bulb, entranced by the muscles in his arms as they flexed and maneuvered throughout the procedure. She had deliberately turned off the AC, and as a result, it was getting hot in the bedroom. She could see his body beginning to get shiny from sweat as she felt herself getting more and more aroused.

Beads of perspiration had formed on her forehead, lips, and cleavage as she watched him. When he stepped down from the stool, she put her hands on his waist, guiding him down. Okoye didn’t say anything as she held onto him for a lingering moment, and then let go. Okoye flipped the switch and the light came, bright and powerful.

“Thank you,” she smiled and hugged him, again making every effort to convey her need for him as the damp parts of their skin touched. He even smelled good.

“Hey, no sweat,” Okoye smiled and handed her back the bulb, “No pun intended.”

Barakat laughed. “How can I repay you?”

Okoye shrugged. “I’ll think of something, but you might want to have your wiring checked.”

“Really, why?” she asked, anticipating his idea of repayment being a night of sex together.

“Well, it’s just that the filament in your bulb isn’t burnt out,” he said casually, “There’s nothing wrong with the bulb, but maybe you have a faulty wire.”

Barakat mentally slapped herself upside the head for not considering he might actually look at the bulb. “Oh, okay,” she smiled, hiding her disappointment.

Okoye hugged her again and kissed her on the cheek. Before their hug broke, she felt him rub himself against her, his cock thick in his shorts. “If I can help with anything else, let me know.”

He left, and Barakat stood there dumbfounded. He knew she was interested in him, and he had been interested right back. He was toying with her, flirting and playing it cool while she sweated it out. Barakat laughed and put the bulb in the box.

She replayed the hug and kiss over and over in her head the rest of that day and night, debating whether or not to just go over there and attack him. She decided to wait, and make him come to her. She was not going to fold so easily, and the game was becoming too much fun for her.

The next day, Barakat decided to start relaxed by the pool and bought a yellow bikini. She lounged by the pool all day, her sunglasses hiding her eyes as she watched the responses of people walking past. Men would turn and stare at her breasts as she lay by herself, their wives and girlfriends shooting daggers.

Barakat smiled and quietly waited for Okoye to come by the office. It was the first of August, and people were dropping off their rent all day. Okoye was punctual with his payments like clockwork, so it was only a matter of time.

It was 2 in the afternoon when he showed up, wearing only shorts, a white t-shirt, and sandals. The office was right in front of the pool, so when he arrived, he saw her lying there. Barakat made no movement as his jaw dropped a little. She adjusted herself, uncrossing her legs so he might get a better view of her. The gate squeaked open and he walked over to her.

“Barakat,” he said as strolled up to her.

“Hey there, young man,” she smiled and turned her head towards him. His eyes were squinted in the afternoon sun, but she could see he was blatantly checking her out.

“Got my rent money for you,” he said and handed her an envelope stuffed with one thousand and five hundred Naira,

“The full one hundred and ninety thousand Naira. I thought I pay up.”

“Damn straight,” she joked as she sat up, her arms sneakily pushing her breasts together and forming an irresistible canyon of cleavage. Her skin was oiled and shiny as she took the envelope and stood up, her bikini bottom almost wedged into her ass. Okoye watched her cheeks moved hypnotically as she walked into the office.

“Come on, I’ll give you a receipt,” she smiled, letting him get a full view of her ass.

Okoye tried to fight back his erection as he followed her. His heart was thudding in his ears as he lusted after her. They came into the office and had to let their eyes readjust to the shaded, dim light of the room. Barakat’s sunglasses clattered on the hardwood top of her desk as she grabbed the receipt book. The shades were drawn, only a few long splinters of sunlight penetrating the room.

The AC was on, and it was relatively cool as Okoye wiped his forehead off. She sat down in her chair and walked up to the desk, her breasts looking soft and inviting. Okoye imagined fondling them and as he sat down, lost in his own erotic thoughts for a moment.

“Here you go, Okoye,” she said and noticed him staring at her breasts. She felt an excited flurry of butterflies in her stomach and decided impulsively she would make her move now. “Okoye?”

“Yeah,” he sputtered, “Sorry.”

Barakat smiled broadly as she handed him the receipt across the desk. They sat there for a moment and then she said, “You know, you never told me how I could repay you for helping me with that light bulb.”

“No, I didn’t, did I?”

“No, you didn’t,” she smiled as she slid her bare foot up his calf and to his thigh.

“I could think of a few things,” his eyes meeting hers and held her there. She wondered who was in control here, just who had been playing who as his hand caressed the arch of her foot.

“What would you suggest?” she asked as she stood up and rounded the desk, locking the office door and sitting on the corner. Okoye stood up, his erection undeniable as he took his shirt off and put it on the desk. He slid his hands up her neck and held her jawline, pulling her to him and kissing her. Electricity arched through them, their skin a perfect conductor for the intense erotic energy that they both had been storing up since they met.

His tongue slipped effortlessly into her mouth and she met it with her own. Their kisses were loud and passionate as they ground against each other. Okoye hands remained at her jaw, his sole concentration on her mouth for the moment as she ran her hands up and down his back, over his ass and hips.

She was vaguely aware that her breasts had come out of the small patches of fabric that held them in place. Her hard nipples were jolted as they slid across his slick skin for the first time, grazing his own erect nipples.

“I want you so bad,” she whispered huskily as she pulled his shorts down. Barakat wanted to see his cock, and as she pushed him away slightly she got her first view of his fully erect nine-inch dick. It was thick and beautiful, the veins in the shaft large and strong. His head was a swollen black, pre-cum beginning to ooze from the tip. His balls hung low, hairless as the rest of his pubic area. He was clean-shaven, and like herself, took great care in removing every hair from the genitalia.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly as she grasped him, his shaft throbbing and hot in her hand. Okoye undid her bikini top and tossed it aside, releasing her tits and letting them hang free. Her nipples were so hard it almost hurt as she licked the tip of Okoye’s cock, teasing him with her lips and tongue.

“I’ve been dreaming of this Barakat,” he moaned as she began sucking on him, the sounds of her handiwork arousing him even more, “You are so beautiful.”

She felt his hand go to the back of her head and through her hair as he began to fuck her mouth. Several times she felt the tip of his cock graze the back of her throat, and she worried she might gag on him. There was no way she could deep throat him, he was too long and thick.

So she worked his head as best she could, tantalizing him and building him to his climax. Okoye’s eyes rolled back into his head as Barakat sucked him off, lost in the pleasure of her expert tongue and lips. It didn’t take long, and Okoye began to feel it rising.

“Barakat, I’m going to cum,” he whispered, his muscles going tight as he fought the orgasm back.

Barakat sucked harder and gave it her all as he blew his load inside her mouth. The hot, sticky cum shot back to her throat, and she was ready for it as she quickly swallowed the salty-sweet fluid. She disengaged him and let him finish pumping his cum out on her face and tits.

His cock bounced up and down as it convulsed, finally shooting the last drop of semen out. Okoye stood there for a moment, his head tilted back and holding the base of his cock, muscles tight and poised from the orgasm.

Barakat slid off her undies and sat on the desk, spreading her legs wide. She grabbed his cock gently and pulled him to her. They looked into each other’s eyes as cum trickled down her tits, mixing with her sweat. There a divine musky smell in the room as she kissed him, stroking his cock as it went soft, rubbing his balls with her hands. Okoye kissed her neck and then dropped to his knees.

Barakat knew what was coming and lay back on her desk as Okoye began flicking her clit with his tongue. Barakat could hardly breathe as he knew exactly how and where to flick and rub his tongue on her.

As he worked her over, she realized not once did his tongue or fingers enter the interior of her pussy. He was doing it all by clit, and god he knew how to do it.

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