June 26, 2022

Crazy Lenny: Crushing on Titi’s boobies [Part 2] (Legend Series)

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Crazy Lenny: Crushing on Titi’s boobies [Part 2] (Legend Series)

“Fine,” I announced, if she didn’t wake up I still intended to have my way with her. I remembered how much fun I had earlier on the chair when she had passed out beside me, so there was no point in denying myself some more fun just because she was sleeping.

I gave her breast another squeeze as I stroked my dick, it was now fully erect, hardened by the prospect of fucking Titi again. I shuffled up to the top of the bed, reaching down and turning her head towards me and guiding my dick towards her closed lips.

My hard shaft was glistening slightly from the juices of her pussy as I rubbed it across her full lips, they felt soft and wet on the tip of my penis. With a long moan, I pushed forward, parting Titi’s lips and sliding my dick into her mouth.

“Oh wow!” I breathed as the hard pole slid over her tongue, pushing right into her wet mouth. Holding the back of Titi’s head with both hands, I shoved my dick further into her mouth. The angle was much better than it had been on the chair and I let out a satisfied groan as I fed most of my length into her mouth.

“That’s it, baby!” I breathed as I moved her head back and forth on my dick. Her lips were not the tight seal they had been when she was awake and actively sucking on me, but my dick sliding over her tongue still felt good. “Suck on it!” I gasped, but of course, the sleeping woman didn’t.

I molested her mouth for a few more minutes, but her lack of active suction made it much less exciting than the blowjob I had forced on her when we had first arrived in the bedroom. I reached down with one hand and resumed playing with her breasts as I pushed my dick deep into her mouth once again and I got a better idea.

I let her head drop back onto the bed as I moved down the bed a little, swinging a leg over her so that I was straddling her chest. I took hold of a large firm breast in each hand, leaning forwards so that my dick dropped into Titi’s deep cleavage. I licked my lips as I pressed her big breasts together, forming a tight sheath around the hard shaft of my dick.

“Oh yeah!” I gasped as my dick was enveloped by the soft, mountainous flesh. With a lustful groan, I began to pump my hips, sliding my dick between Titi’s huge boobs, fucking her breasts.

I clutched tightly at her breasts as my dick humped against her chest, the tunnel formed by her tightly pressed cleavage felt almost as good as her pussy had felt earlier. My balls slapped against the underside of Titi’s heavy breasts as I boobfucked her, each thrust causing her big breasts to jiggle and quiver delightfully, turning me on even more.

I paused my thrusts for a moment, grabbing my dick around the base and giving it a few strokes in my hand. “You have such great breasts,” I told the sleeping beauty, slapping my dick against the nipple on her right breast. I then moved my dick back into her cleavage and grabbed the sides of her heavy breasts. I jiggled her big breasts in my hands, slapping them together around my dick a few times.

I then once against pressed them together into a tight sheath and resumed fucking her breasts, thrusting lustfully between her massive breasts.

“I can’t believe I’m finally fucking your breasts,” I said, breathing heavily. I had stared at and lusted after these breasts for so long, now I finally had my hands on them and my dick between them, even if Titi was passed out while I did it.

I fucked my busty neighbor’s breasts for close to ten minutes before I finally stopped, it was time to fuck again.

Climbed off my sleeping companion, trying to decide what would be the best position to fuck her again in. I could do her again missionary position, but for some reason felt the need to experiment and try something else, even if Titi was hardly in a state to help me out.

I clicked my fingers as I got an idea, doggy style. At first, I had thought that would be impossible with her asleep, but then I realized I could bend her over the edge of the bed and do her that way. That should work perfectly.

I rolled her onto her stomach and dragged her over to the edge of the bed, pulling her legs right off so that she was bent over the side of the bed, her lovely firm ass pointed upwards invitingly. Despite the rough treatment, Titi slept right through it. Whatever she had drunk had certainly done the trick. Mind you, if the rough blow job she had endured earlier hadn’t roused her, getting moved around the bed hardly would.

I gave Titi’s ass a smack, the slap echoing through her bedroom, her firm ass jiggling at the impact.

“Oh yeah!” I breathed, kneeling down behind her, the bed was the perfect height for my entry. I slapped my dick a couple of times against Titi’s lovely right buttock and then grabbed her ass in both hands, giving it a firm squeeze.

I pulled apart the succulent cheeks of Titi’s buttocks, surprising myself as I exposed not only the glistening lips of her pussy, but also the tight, hole of her ass. I froze, staring down at the sight. I had never even considered anal sex when I had bent Titi over the bed, but now I found himself with opportunity staring me right in the face.

My dick trembled at the thought, stiff as a metal.

“How can I resist,” I remarked, unable to stop a contented grin from spreading across my face. The mere idea of assfucking Titi was exciting.

I shuffled on my knees right up behind her, my hands still on her ass, spreading her cheeks wide to expose my destination hole. My dick was still slick with saliva and cum juices, despite the thorough boobs fucking I had just given her, so I was well lubricated.

I clutched tighter at the firm cheeks of Titi’s buttocks as I pressed the trembling head of my rock hard penis against her asshole. The entrance seemed so small with the mushroomed tip of my dick against it and I wondered briefly if it was even possible. Would I be able to stuff my dick up her ass?

“Mmm!” I groaned as I pushed forward, slipping the head of my dick into Titi’s incredibly tight ass. The gorgeous lady moaned slightly in her sleep at the intrusion but didn’t wake up.

“Oh, that’s tight!” I gasped as I pushed a little deeper, easing myself into the sleeping woman. I only had a few inches stuffed up her, but it felt like her tight ass was squeezing my dick. I leaned forward, putting my hands on her hips as I pushed myself a little deeper, my breathing heavy.

I grunted, my dick rock hard as I started to move slightly within her, pumping my dick in slight back and forward motions, letting her tight ass relax slightly to accommodate my intruding member and working my way slowly deeper within her.

I panted as I fucked my lovely neighbor’s ass, running my palms over her smooth bareback. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her long hair, pulling on it as I thrust harder inside her, lifting her head up off the bed and arching her back slightly. Amazingly this still didn’t awaken her from her alcohol-fuelled sleep.

“God this is amazing!” I breathed, pounding harder into Titi’s fantastic ass, I let go of her hair and once again held her hips, now thrusting with full energy into her bouncy behind. Her ass had relaxed slightly, but was still incredibly tight, clutching at my dick much harder than her lovely pussy had.

I drove repeated into her lovely ass, my balls slapping against her wet pussy, I could scarcely believe that the gorgeous body impaled on my dick was mine to enjoy in any way I could imagine.

My balls were churning and I knew that I could not take much more, I let out a heavy grunt as I forced my dick deeper into her tiny hole, thrusting in finally as I stuffed my entire dick into her ass. I held her tightly by the hips, pausing a moment to enjoy the sensation, her tight ass clutching hard at my trembling dick.

“Oh!” I grunted, slapping the side of Titi’s ass as I thrust quick and hard into her ass, the bedroom filled with the sound of slapping flesh as I went in for the kill.

A few moments later, My climax imminent, I pulled out of Titi’s ass and jumped up onto the bed. I hurriedly shoved Titi over, rolling her onto her back, her big breasts bouncing over her chest like a balloon. My fist was a blur over my dick as I squatted up over my beautiful neighbor’s head, aiming my dick at her face.

“Oh yess!” I gasped, a heavy rope of cum spurting from the tip of my penis and splashing over Titi’s face. My hips surged and another burst of semen shot out, covering Titi’s closed right eyelid and forehead. Considering I had cum only a few minutes earlier, my load was surprisingly plentiful as wave after wave of my seed burst out and covered Titi’s face.

When I felt my orgasm finally slowing, I leaned forward and pushed the head of my dick into Titi’s warm, saliva filled mouth. I paused a moment, breathing heavily and letting her mouth milk the last of my seed out of me.

I pressed forwards a couple of times, pushing my erection into Titi’s cum-splattered face and then finally withdrew, rolling off and falling onto my back on her bed.

I lay there for a few minutes, a large silly grin spreading across my face.

It was time to head home, my parents were probably wondering where I had gone to.

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