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February 25, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Church of the Bad Children [Finale] (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Church of the Bad Children [Finale] (18+)

“The piano,” was all she said.

“Yes,” Dapo was angry at her dullness, “That is the problem.”

“No,” she answered, “Behind the piano, there is a small room. A corridor, really. They use it when they need to do repairs. No one goes in there.”

“Can the pianist see in there?”

“No, it’s completely hidden. I used to hide in there and finger myself before I found the balcony really set my fuse. Come on.”

She moved as if to slide off him, but he had neither the time nor the patience. Someone, his wife most likely, could look up at any time and see them if they were walking past the organ. He gripped Bimbo’s ass and lifted her legs in the air. Then he ran, with Bimbo still impaled on his cock bouncing up and down on his shaft with every stride, all the way to the piano.

Before he got there Bimbo slapped at him with her hand and indicated a recessed door. He fumbled with the latch and then, together, they tumbled into the cramped room. She fell onto all fours, and Dapo came down on top of her, still buried deep in her anus. He just had time to kick back with his foot to close the door before he heard footsteps on the wooden boards just on the side of the balcony. He hoped no one had heard the door shut.

There was a shuffle of papers and a clearing of the throat, done in the way only an old man can do. then there was more clapping. Jide must have just been pointed out by Ikechukwu. Everyone was probably now staring up in their direction.

Suddenly Dapo felt little shudders coming from Bimbo. He looked down and saw she was laughing. Her hand covered her mouth in a way that made her seem even more innocent and girlish. Suddenly he was grinning too. The whole situation was just so idiotic. He looked around him. It was a long narrow space. It was wood on one side, and the other was dominated by the huge piano pipes.

“Damn,” Dapo thought, “It is about to get very loud.”

He was not wrong. Jide wasted no time. Once he sat down he began to hit keys like he had to make up for the months, or years, he had been away.

The small space shivered with the thundering sound. It was a wall of sound, Dapo could feel it physically shuddering through him. It shocked him into a stupor at first, but then he began to feel the benefits. It felt like his entire body was vibrating. He gave a testing shove into Bimbo’s backside.

Bimbo looked back, surprised, then grinned wickedly. She began to move too. She arched her back and began to rise to meet his every thrust. The sound seemed to encapsulate them. Their very vision was blurry from the surging noise.

Dapo found himself pounding into Bimbo, no longer worrying about hurting her. She was meeting him with equal savagery, her hand a blur once more on her clitoris. He could feel their climaxes approaching again with even more force. This time nothing was going to stop them, short of the church collapsing around them. Which it felt like it might actually do, from where they were. He was screaming at the top of his lungs now and, from the shape of her mouth, he thought Bimbo must be too. It was nothing compared to the loud noise around them.

Jide was building up to his crescendo, Dapo could feel it in the increased pace and complexity of the music. Jide was really quite a skilled old old man.

Dapo, in one final push of strength, grabbed Bimbo around the waist and lifted her. She was confused at first but went with him, she was close to the final plunge. He turned her to the piano pipes and shoved her against the largest one. She gripped it with her thighs and let her head fall back against him.

Dapo slammed harder and harder into her, driving her into the pipe. She twisted and writhed, turning her head to look at him.

The moment came as if it had been divinely orchestrated. Dapo slid the full length of his cock up inside Bimbo, and held it there, feeling the orgasm inside him boiling like water trying to tip off a pot lid. He pressed her hard from the back so that her splayed sex was smeared against the cold metal of the piano. He held her there for what felt like an eternity.

Jide, wonderful Jide, ended his performance, by striking down and holding a single, prolonged note. That key released a stream of compressed air that traveled through a pipe and vibrated it with sound. That pipe was wrapped tightly between the legs of Bimbo and she, in turn, was impaled on Dapo’s cock.

When the first vibrations started in the pipe they passed over Bimbo’s exposed clitoris in waves, shaking every molecule of her body and traveling through to Dapo along his deeply buried shaft.

It shook them until Dapo thought it would shake the flesh from their bones. It vibrated both of them into a shared orgasm that nearly swallowed them in its intensity. For that single brief time, they were both a single vibrating orb of pure energy. They could have put the Sun to shame.

Dapo screamed until his lungs burned, as he felt spray after hot spray of cum shoot into Bimbo’s pulsating ass. She was so awash in sensation, with semen flooding her back passage, and a thundering vibrator as tall as a building pounding her clit, it must have felt like every neuron in her body was firing at once. Her orgasm rolled and tumbled and multiplied for every long second that Jide held that note.

When it finally faded away, and they were left in the hissing silence of the temporarily deafened, Dapo saw Bimbo had tears of exertion streaming from her eyes. He was worried at first and awkwardly slopped out of her ass, sending a stream of his seed pouring onto the wooden floor.

But she spun and grabbed him, devouring him in a hungry animalistic kiss. He sucked her in deeply.

All the while the congregation applauded, and Dapo felt it was for them.


They managed to slip out later. Dapo went out first and checked the coast was clear, he still had his clothes on. He fetched Bimbo’s robe and brought it back to her. She threw it on and they had time for one last, deep kiss before she grinned the smile of the truly satisfied and ran off down the stairs.

Dapo felt utterly drained. He made it back down on shaky legs and got to the Sunday school annex just as his wife and daughter arrived.

“Oh hey,” He felt his face sweaty.

He saw their mouths move, but their voices sounded distant.

“What was that?” He asked.

“Honestly, Dapo, when will you get your ears checked? I tell you, you are going deaf.” His wife said to him.

Dapo was still floating on his cloud of weed and complete post-coital satisfaction, and barely noticed his wife’s nagging.

“God, mom. Going deaf is just something old people do. Accept it.” his daughter opined.

Dapo didn’t even mind his annoying daughter joining in.

“Where’s Ade?” Nnenna asked.

“Hmm?” Dapo spoke from high up on his cloud.

“Ade? You were here with him, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” The words were starting to make sense to Dapo now, “He, uh, just went back inside to thank the teacher. I definitely stayed here the whole time.”

“Hey, Kemi!” A female voice drew Dapo’s attention, partly because it was so recently familiar, and partly because it was overly loud, in a way someone with recently acquired partial hearing loss might speak.

He turned to see Bimbo walking towards him, smiling at Kemi. He felt a flash of panic, but couldn’t help feeling a flash of pride. “Did I really just fuck her?” His mind asked itself.

“Oh, hey Bimbo!” Kemi was obviously surprised to be singled out by the older, more popular young lady. But, from the way her face lit up when she saw who it was, it had clearly made her day.

Bimbo greeted Nnenna next and gave Dapo a shy smile that gave every indication that, had he not seen those very lips wrapped around his cock only minutes before, they were meeting for the first time.

Nnenna congratulates Bimbo on her performance earlier in the service. Dapo was tempted to congratulate her on her other performance, a bit later in the service.

“Wasn’t it a beautiful sermon today, Bimbo?” Nnenna asked.

“I loved every minute of it.” She wickedly turned her gaze so that her eyes were fixed on Dapo when she said this. “I think my favorite part was the piano, though.” She made the double meaning clear by letting her gaze drop momentarily to Dapo’s crotch. He felt himself swell to semi-hardness from that alone.

“Oh, yes. That Jide is a dear, isn’t he? Can you believe he is 74?”

“I’m not surprised. Older men have all sorts of hidden talents.” Dapo nearly burst into a coughing fit at this.

Bimbo sighed, “I really hope to have a repeat performance.” Her eyes flicked back to Dapo again, embedding the meaning. “Will we see you back here next week?”

Nnenna patted Dapo’s shoulder, “That all depends on if I can convince this old man. He does make so much trouble about attending church. I have to keep telling him that it is good for him.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Dapo said thoughtfully, “I rather enjoyed it today. Perhaps I will come again next week.”

Nnenna and Kemi weren’t listening, though. Ade had come out of the annex, carrying a drawing he had obviously completed in Sunday school and Nnenna and Kemi were pretending to admire its artistic virtues.

While the other was turned away, Bimbo looked directly at Dapo with hungry eyes and said,

“Oh, I can guarantee that.”

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