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September 3, 2020

Crazy Lenny: Chioma, The Office Property II [18+]

Crazy Lenny: Chioma, The Office Property II [18+]


Follow the story of Chioma, the office girl who is a communal property.

I had no idea what I really wanted to say. I knew I should scold her harshly for vexing me. She looked at me stubbornly but obeyed. She swayed her hips noticeably as she walked into my office.

“You’ve been up to your games again, Chioma,” I began. “This is a place of work, not a not a child‚Äôs playground.”

Chioma’s nipples were starkly at attention. I couldn’t force my eyes away from them.

“I know which playground you like to be in,” she responded.

For a moment I didn’t get it.

“What do you mean?” I asked, even then realizing what she meant.

“You’re looking at my breasts; you’re always looking at my breasts.” Chioma looked fierce, and even more beautiful.

“That’s not true,” I said.

“Yes, it is; you’re always at it! You’re doing it now!”

The devil seized my tongue.

“It’s not true; sometimes I look at your butt.”

We glared at each other, while the corners of our mouths began to twitch. We knew that we crossed the line. Chioma grunted with laughter, and I followed suit. And I was still staring at her fantastic breasts.

I stood up and was suddenly aware that my dick was straining the front of my trousers.

“I suppose it’s fair enough actually, Lenny, after all, I do look at your package whenever you walk by.”

“I want to fuck you Chioma… I want to fuck you right now, right here.”

I was never usually this blunt.

“About time too!” Chioma exclaimed. We laughed again. It was easy. We knew that we were going to do just what we wanted. It was prompt, instantaneous. Blood was pounding through me. I felt incredibly alive.

Chioma crossed her arms, and raised her tight tee-shirt over her head. I could clearly see her bullet nipples and their aureoles through her thin white bra. She had just the right amount of flesh to be the slim side of voluptuous.

Her belly curved a little over the hip-hugging waistband of her jeans. Mmmmmm… I twisted the rods and closed the window blinds, and then I did something I’ve always longed to do. I swept everything from my desk onto the floor. Except for the monitor and keyboard, of course.

There are reality and fantasy! Chioma took her signal. She tugged down her jeans, and unable to wait, I dropped to my knees, and helped her, dragging the stiff fabric over her ripe ass, exposing her panties, the neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair, and the moistness of it at the lips of her pussy, just visible through black lace.

As she stepped out of her jeans, I grasped her buttocks, pulled her me, and inhaled the scent her feminine arousal. Hooking her panties to one side, and roughly smacking her thighs apart, I buried my face in her groin, my nose rubbing against a sizeable clit.

Her labia were fleshy, almost rubbery… I rolled and held them back with my thumbs, exposing a slick, pussy of delicate beauty, and incredible promise!

Pointing my tongue, I delved into her for the first time and heard her moan of pleasure. She edged back until she was sitting on the edge of the desk, she opened her thighs wider and her fingers began to massage my closely shaven scalp. I tongue-fucked her deliciously, enjoying her taste, the silky surfaces of her pussy.

“Oh yes… that’s good!” She groaned. I looked up at her and saw a devilish smile on her face. I rubbed my thumb over her clit, and she shuddered. She liked sex. She loved sex.

Maybe she enjoys having me teach her some more.

And at that moment a small miracle occurred. She had dropped her bag when she took her top off, and the contents were spilling over the carpet. When I glanced down at what my hand was touching, it was a small flat tube of Vaseline.

My imagination soared in several directions, and in the end, I couldn’t resist the temptation. I picked up the tube, and with my tongue still thrusting rapidly in her slit, I fumbled it open and took some lube up on my fingers. Slipping my tongue out, I slipped two fingers straight in.

I felt the heat, the tightness, and swirled my fingers to spread the lube around inside.

“Oh yes…” Chioma hissed. She lifted herself onto the desk until she fixed her bare feet on the edge. Almost as an afterthought, she removed her panties and then sprayed her legs wide.

She looked incredibly sexy, laying back on her elbows, breasts lolling just a little to the sides, nipples pointing skywards, my fingers holding her, digging deeper, feeling her meeting my thrusts…

Soon I pulled out, took some more lube, anointed her labia, and then tried her with a third finger. She edged back a little further, her eyes taking on a mesmerizing intensity. I had to go on.

She lifted her hips a little as I thrust, and I felt her pussy relax, tighten, and relax, letting me in steadily.

I had fist-fucked quite a few women before, usually after long persuasion and patient weeks of stretching. Occasionally everything fell into place at once. Something I can’t explain but felt deep inside told me that Chioma had been there before too.

From fingering, my caresses became something else. For the moment she seemed content to let me proceed as I wished. I smiled at her reassuringly and added yet more Vaseline. When I added my fourth finger, her grin widened too. Her hips rose and fell, winding out a sexy slow dance of welcome.

Her flesh felt so good, so warm and slippery from the lube and her ever-increasing flow of juice.

I worked my fingers in the tightness, stretching her walls apart, twisting and turning my hand until the base of my thumb was hard against her clitoris, the side to side swooshing making her gasp and shake.

Without even thinking about it, I made a decision. I pulled back and stared into her eyes as I lubed up my whole hand. I saw no sign of protest. She was panting, lips parted and expectant, her excitement was tangible. Mine was almost overwhelming.

I had made the right choice. We didn’t say anything, not daring to break the spell. I couldn’t believe it. I had found a woman who actually wanted to be fisted!

This time my fingers formed a cone, my thumb tucked neatly into my palm. I was glad I always paid attention to my nails, and Chioma would be too. She actually licked her lips as I parted her swollen labia with my fingertips! I thrust firmly, with a long, steady twist, and buried half my hand in her first time. It felt glorious.

My fantasies about Chioma had been more or less like this, but I couldn’t have imagined that they would come true quite so quickly, or so graphically!

“I’m going to push… my big fist… right up inside… your pussy, Chioma.” I gasped thickly, enjoying each word as I began to screw my hand from side to side, leaning into her at the same time.

“Aaaaaahhhhh Yeeeeeeessssssss duh… do it! FIST ME!!”

It wasn’t the first time I had heard a woman say that, but at that moment I understood that part of the challenge in Chioma’s eyes had been because we had unconsciously recognized something in each other, a knowledge, a need.

She leaned forward, grabbing my arm in a vicelike grip.

“GGNhh Gnhhh…. UURRRRRRR!!” She cried, jamming my fist hard into the painful tightness, and at the third pull, assisted by my shove, I felt the magic moment.

Her vulva spread right around the full thickness of my hand and then slid, slowly, stunningly down the other side. Her pussy was swallowing my hand! I could feel her milking it in with a slow relaxed action. She knew exactly what she was doing, even better than I!

The sensation around my knuckles was incredible. So tight, so hot… each ripple and swirl of her inner flesh clearly transmitted through my skin. We didn’t stop until I was wrist deep inside her.

She let go of my arm, rested on her elbows again, threw back her head, and vibrated blissfully, her hips jacking against the naturally curling, folding fingers that caressed her cervix as I made a fist.

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