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March 5, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Jide + Onyi IV (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Jide + Onyi IV (18+)

Jide gulped. He pushed a little harder, then a little harder, then a little harder still. Suddenly he felt the resistance give way with a rip. Onyi screamed at the top of her voice as her pussy opened up, for the first time ever, to allow his dick inside her.

The feeling was almost indescribable; Jide felt it in his bones. It was as if everything was stuck together inside her, and he was forcing it apart, almost tearing it open, irreversibly. He was just a centimeter inside her but it was obvious that she would never be the same again. This was a permanent change to her body. She was no longer a virgin. Jide had deflowered Onyi in just a second, and now she was a woman, and they were lovers.

“Are you OK?” Jide asked, concerned. Onyi was panting. She couldn’t smile, there was too much going on for that. She shook her head.

“I’m fine,” she said.

Jide took it slowly. He withdrew and pushed back in, no further than before, playing with the penetration that he achieved. The condom meant he couldn’t feel Onyi’s wetness, but he knew it was there, and he was dipping into it each time. Onyi just breathed deeply, recovering from having her cherry popped. Then she looked at him seriously. No words were needed. Jide withdrew once more and Onyi braced herself.

Jide pushed in again hard, forcing entry, and opening her pussy wider and deeper than before. Onyi arched her back and screamed again. It was unsettling, feeling that he was tearing her open and making her scream, but it certainly proved she was a virgin. There was less pain in her face this time, he thought. She looked at him lustfully, and he leaned over and kissed her passionately, with his dick still half an inch inside her.

They continued kissing while Jide played with the length he opened up, pulling in and out slowly so Onyi could feel every movement. She was melting into his kiss now. The pain had passed, and he was giving her pure pleasure. It felt amazing for him too. He couldn’t remember ever having a pussy as tight as this. Even with the condom, he could feel it squeezing his dick hard. And the way she was melting into his kiss while he slowly made love to her was deeply satisfying.

They held each other tight, their mouths melting together, moaning with lust, as Jide continued slowly fucking her. Every few strokes he added a little force and push a little deeper, opening her up a little further. Each time she would shudder in his arms and gasp into his mouth, then melt into his lips again.

Eventually, the resistance stopped, and he seemed to break through into an opening inside her. He slid an inch further with ease until he was about halfway inside. He stopped trying to go further, and just fucked her slowly with half his length.

Onyi seemed uncomfortable, though. She broke off the kiss. Her face seemed unhappy, somehow. Jide lifted himself with his arms and looked down at her, concerned.

“Are you OK?” he asked her. She bit her lip and furrowed her brow, as if considering something, before answering.

“Jide, take the condom off.”

His jaw dropped.

“What?!” he asked.

“I want you to take the condom off,” she repeated.

This was not the plan. He was married; having an affair already jeopardized that but getting her pregnant would pretty much end it. It was too risky.

“Onyi, I don’t want to get you pregnant,” he replied.

On the other hand, she had a tight little pussy that was soaking wet and he couldn’t even feel it properly. He had been silently cursing the condom since they began.

“I won’t get pregnant if you don’t cum inside me,” she said.

Jide felt himself being swayed by her logic.

“Onyi, you might. I don’t want to take that risk.”

Onyi just looked at him. Her eyes seemed very big all of a sudden, and her face was pleading. He wanted it to be perfect for her, and it was what he really wanted too. It was just the risk. Jide’s head was spinning as he searched for a compromise.

“Well, look, I’ll try not to cum inside you, but if I do, you have to promise to take the morning-after pill, OK?”

“I promise,” she said, then she reached down and pulled the condom off him and threw it on the floor.

The cool air blew against his dick and he felt naked freedom again. It was delicious. He was going to put his dick inside his lover and feel her wetness all over him. And he might get her pregnant. The thought thrilled him. This was a dangerous game now. He knew she didn’t have any birth control except the condom. If he came inside her …

The idea spurred him on. It was sexy as hell. Fucking bareback, with all the additional pleasure and all the additional risk it involved. All of a sudden his dick seemed even harder than it was before.

Jide moved back into position as Onyi laid back on the bed. Once again he reached down and teased her pussy with the end of his dick. Except, now he could feel her wetness, and she could feel his. It was mind-blowing. Their fluids ran together, soaking her pussy lips as he rubbed her directly with the end of his uncovered dick. Yes, this is what he had really wanted all along. This was the real experience. Tonight was about making love, sharing each other’s fluids and bonding with each other in the most intimate way possible.

How was it going to feel putting his dick inside Onyi’s pussy now? The anticipation was almost unbearable.

He maneuvered again so the end of his dick was pressing against Onyi’s entrance. So much wetness. He pushed ever so gently and slid halfway in again with no resistance. He couldn’t believe the way her pussy felt inside.

It was like a swimming pool, filled with her juice; the end of his dick was completely bathed in warm fluid. He pumped in and out slowly, enjoying every feeling. Onyi just lay there, writhing gently, and clearly enjoying it as much as he was. They grinned at each other.

“God, it feels so good,” he said. Onyi smiled back and nodded as best she could.

Jide could have stayed inside Onyi like this forever. He wasn’t even close to orgasm yet. The combination of lack of sleep, the lateness of the hour, and the alcohol he’ had tonight, were all helping him to stay in control. And anyway, tonight wasn’t about him. It was about Onyi. It was about showing her how amazing sex could be with the right person, and making sure her first time was something she remembered fondly for the rest of her life. He could cum any time.

“Let me suck your dick,” Onyi said.

“OK,” Jide laughed, “fine by me!”

He popped out of her and sat up beside her. Onyi sat up too, cross-legged. She told Jide to lie down, then got on all fours beside him. She kissed him on the lips, passionately, then started a chain of kisses down his neck, down his chest, across his stomach, and then she kissed the end of his dick. Jide sighed loudly; it felt lovely just to be kissed down there. Then Onyi put her tongue out and licked the end of his dick.

That was even better; Jide moaned and more precum dripped out of him. Then she took the end of the dick in her mouth and closed down around it with her lips. There was nothing Jide could do except moan in appreciation. With his dick in her mouth, Onyi flicked the end with her tongue, making Jide writhe with pleasure. But Jide was feeling restless somehow. He didn’t like just sitting there and taking it.

“Let’s do 69,” he said. “Lie down.”

Onyi lay down on the bed, still completely naked. Her legs were angled apart, and her pussy lips no longer met in the middle. Instead, they gaped open slightly, letting Jide see the pink interior, which was dribbling with her juices.

Jide climbed over her on all fours, with his head near her waist. He sat down a little so Onyi could take his dick in her mouth. She closed her lips around it as before and licked the end. Jide leaned down and licked Onyi’s pussy between the lips. Jide got in closer and focused on Onyi’s clitoris for a while, flicking it with his tongue and then sucking it into his mouth. Meanwhile, Onyi was taking more and more of Jide’s dick into her mouth, licking all over it. They both moaned continuously.

Jide pushed his head further down and licked the opening to Onyi’s pussy, savoring the taste once more. Then he stuck his tongue straight out and pushed his head inwards so his tongue penetrated her. Onyi writhed and gave a muffled moan with her mouth full. Jide started fucking Onyi with his tongue, making it as hard as he could. He could really taste her insides now, and it was the best tasting pussy he’d ever had.

Onyi continued to writhe, while she moved her head up and down his dick, letting him fuck her mouth while his tongue fucked her. They continued the 69 until Onyi stopped writhing and lay still, slowing her sucking on his dick too. Jide wasn’t sure if she’d cummed or if she was just ready for a break. He looked up at her, through the tangle of their bodies.

“Do you want some tea?” Onyi asked him. He laughed.

“That’d be lovely, actually,” he said.

They took a toilet break, made some tea, and sat on the back doorstep chatting for a while. Onyi wore a robe and Jide was still naked.

“It’s funny, you know, most people do all this stuff over several months, but we’ve done it all in one night. You’ve fingered me, you’ve licked me out, we’ve done 69, we’ve fucked.”

“Did you want to take it slower?” Jide asked, suddenly concerned.

“No!” she laughed, “I just think it’s funny.”

Jide got the idea she was quite proud of herself. It matched the way he was feeling precisely. He leaned over her and pushed her down onto the floor, pinning her shoulders down with his arms.

“Mmm, kinky!” she smiled.

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