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March 6, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Jide + Onyi III (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Jide + Onyi III (18+)

Onyi grabbed Jide’s cock through his boxers. Now free of the jeans, she could feel along the whole length, right to the end. She could feel his balls underneath, and she could feel the soaking wet material where the end had been earlier, and where it was now.

It was pressing against the material of the boxers, pushing them out like a tent, and where the end of his cock touched the fabric there was a huge droplet of wet precum that only seemed to be getting larger. She put her thumb in the liquid and moved it around. Now it was Jide’s turn to moan.

Onyi was touching the most sensitive part of his dick through the wetness and the fabric, and it felt amazing. He hadn’t felt this good with a woman touching him for as long as he could remember.

“God that feels so nice,” he said.

They looked at each other and smiled. They were already old friends, even though they had been talking for only a few weeks. Being here, now, felt so right. It felt inevitable, like a force of nature. They were lost in each other now. Jide sat next to Onyi as she played with the end of his dick through the boxers. He started stroking her thighs.

The soft young skin felt incredible beneath his fingers. Again he moved upwards and quickly found his way between her pussy lips into her amazing warm wetness. Again he pushed two fingers inside her, and this time she arched her back as she cried out. Then her cry became a moan, and then a sigh.

In response, Onyi traced her hand upwards along with the material of the boxers to the elastic at the top. She lightly traced along the top of the elastic, caressing the bare skin, and giving Jide goosebumps. Onyi smiled at him mischievously. It was such a turn-on. Jide knew what was coming next, and savored the anticipation. Onyi’s hand-dived down inside the elastic and found his dick. With her other hand, she pulled the elastic down and his cock was finally free, a sudden coolness hitting it.

Jide pushed his fingers deeper than he had before, making Onyi’s back arch again, and putting a big smile on her face. Then Onyi started moving her hand up towards the end of his dick, slowly but firmly. Jide held his breath as he knew what was coming. Soon enough, Onyi’s fingers reached the end and rubbed over his special spot. Jide cried out and his head fell back as his neck muscles disintegrated. This was the most sensitive part of his dick.

Onyi had just brushed past it but it was the most intense feeling. Jide responded by pushing his fingers further inside her, and she cried out again.

Onyi seemed to enjoy the control she had over him. Playfully, she moved her hand back down over the same area, trying to figure out the exact spot she touched. He cried out again as she traveled past it. Up she went again, grinning at him.

“Does that feel good?” she asked.

Jide could only nod and grin before her hand touched his spot again and he cried out again, no longer in control of his voice. She teased his spot over and over again until he was moving with pleasure and moaning constantly. He couldn’t even focus on fingering her anymore; she was in control now.

Onyi stopped and Jide realized his eyes were closed. He opened them as she grabbed the sides of his boxers and started pulling them down. She giggled as he helped her pull them past his feet, then he turned around suddenly and pushed her flat onto the bed again, to more giggles.

“I want to lick your pussy,” he said. Onyi writhed on the bed at the idea and smiled a big happy smile.

“OK,” she said excitedly.

He leaned over Onyi and kissed her on the lips, then the neck, and then he moved his hands to her hips. He felt like a teenager himself. He moved his head close to her body and kissed the lacy material on the front of her G-string. Onyi wriggled. He pushed her thighs apart to make room for his face. He got down and gently kissed her pussy and G-string. Onyi gasped. Jide put his tongue out and gently licked the outside of her pussy lips.

She moaned and shuddered. Jide held her hips tightly to stop her from moving. Now he was in control again. He licked up and down the slit between her pussy lips. They were closed together so he was still not tasting her, just teasing her. She twisted on the bed in anticipation. Then, applying just enough pressure, he forced his tongue between her lips, and licked quickly upwards, lapping up her juices. It was the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted.

Onyi moaned loudly, and then squealed and tensed up when he flicked her clit with the end of his tongue. He pulled away and she relaxed and sighed.
“Is that good?” he asked, smiling. Onyi nodded and grinned.

Jide performed another lick between her pussy lips, from bottom to top, licking her clit and then pulling away again. She moaned and gasped, and this time she arched her back when he touched her button, and collapsed back onto the bed with a sign when he stopped. He repeated this a few times, each time Onyi responded more when he licked her clit, until she was moaning heavily and almost screaming at the end. Jide paused for a second, then Onyi took control again.

“Take my panties off,” she ordered.

Jide grinned at her. On the day he had declared his feelings for her, Onyi had undressed down to her panties for him on WhatsApp video call. As she modeled them for him, she told him that he could take them off any time he wanted. It seemed so long ago now. He was going to take his time over this.

He started by rubbing his finger in her panty crotch again and pressed inwards, so her G-string rode up between her lips and into her wetness. Then he grabbed the side strings and pulled slowly downwards, teasingly, enjoying the feeling of finally removing them. He slowly pulled the waistband over her pussy and down her thighs, while the crotch stayed in place, nestled in her pussy.

He slid down further until the crotch came away, a thread of clear wetness connecting it to her pussy for a moment before breaking. She sighed at the feeling, then he pulled the G-string all the way down to her feet and off. He glanced down at it – the inside of the material was white with her fluids – then threw it on the floor.

Onyi was now naked from the waist down. Jide could see her pussy in its full glory for the first time. It was completely shaved, and her pussy lips were pink from her arousal, and glistening with her juice.

“God you’re beautiful,” he told her.

Jide lowered his face once more to Onyi’s pussy. He kissed it again, then pushed his tongue between her lips. Onyi was writhing on the bed and moaning at the touch. He licked around inside her lips, licking her clit, and licking the soft parts of her pussy. He teased her hole a little but didn’t push his tongue inside just yet, preferring to massage the whole area. The room was filled with Onyi’s moans and sighs and cries, a cacophony of lust and desire. He could have stayed here forever. It was a beautiful moment, sexual and loving at the same time.

Jide moved his head upwards and kissed Onyi’s shaved mound, then her navel. He pushed her top up and kissed her stomach. He worked his way up, pushing her blouse away as he went, kissing in a line until he reached her bra, then he kissed inside her cleavage, and all over the exposed parts of her breasts.

Onyi sat up and removed her blouse, and then her bra. She was completely naked now. Jide sat up and put his arms around her waist, then bent down and kissed her nipples, flicking them with his tongue and sucking them into his mouth. They got hard instantly.

Then Onyi grabbed Jide’s T-shirt and pulled it quickly over his head, forcing him to release her. They were both naked now. Naked and ready. A moment passed as they looked at each other.

“I think it’s time to put that condom on, Jide,” she said.

This was it. Onyi was ready to lose her virginity. He had fantasized about it, and then they had talked about it online, and now it was finally going to happen. He had wanted it so badly for so long. He had wanted to make this a night she would never forget. He had wanted to make it special and amazing and satisfying. This would make it perfect. He was going to make love to her. Right now.

He reached down and grabbed the condom from his jeans. He unwrapped it and slipped it over his end, then showed Onyi how to smooth it down over the shaft. She did it slowly and seductively, wanking him off slightly as she went. Jide moaned gently as she rolled the condom down bit by bit until she reached the end.

Then she lay back on the bed with one arm above her head and the other resting on Jide’s knee. Jide shifted Onyi slightly across the bed so she was in the middle, her legs apart. He knelt between her knees and looked down at her, his dick standing to attention, ready for action.

“What do you want me to do now, Onyi?” he asked with a smile.

“Fuck me, Jide,” she said, “I want you to put your dick inside me, right now.”

This was it, his ultimate fantasy was coming true. His gorgeous friend was lying in front of him, completely naked, and asking him to take her virginity.

He leaned forwards over Onyi and held his weight with his left arm. With his right arm, he held his condom-covered dick. He gradually edged closer to her, until the end of his dick just touched her pussy. He teased the end up and down between her pussy lips, as he had with his fingers. She shuddered and let out another moan.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“More than ready,” she smiled back.

Jide pushed the end of his dick against Onyi’s pussy. The angle was just right – it slid into place right over the entrance. Another centimeter and he would be penetrating her. He hoped it wouldn’t hurt her too much. She was as wet as a girl could get, but she was going to be tight. He pushed gently and met gentle resistance. Onyi held her breath. He pushed a little harder.

There was some give, but still resistance. Jide stopped for a minute, with his dick in place, and leaned in to kiss Onyi. He really didn’t want to hurt her. They kissed for a minute like old lovers, then pulled apart again.

“Do it,” she commanded.

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