June 26, 2022

Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Edet & MIL V (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Edet & MIL V (18+)

Edet still marvelled that such a beautiful creature was having sex with him. Edet reached up with both hands and started to pinch Kemi’s hard coral nipples. She threw her head back and moaned a long low

“yyyyyyyyyeeeeeesssss” as he manipulated the engorged buds.

In response, Kemi lifted her hips until just the tip of his cock was inside of her and threw her hips down so their bodies slapped together. Again and again, she threw her body down so the full length of Edet’s pistoned into her.

Edet grabbed Kemi’s shapely ass and began pulling her down on his cock. The room went from being filled with the soft sounds of their lovemaking to Kemi moaning loudly as Edet’s cocked pistoned in and out of her wet vagina.

He roughly slapped both of Kemi’s butt cheeks and this set her off like a rocket.

“Oh yes Edet. Yes! Yes! Yes. Do you like fucking the pussy that your wife came out of? It’s yours whenever you want it, you mother fucker. Oh!Oh! Oh! Oh god, YES! Fill me again with your cum!” Kemi screamed as an orgasm consumed her.

The sound of his mother in law talking like that and the thought of what had preceded him in his mother in law’s exquisite vagina was too much for Edet. He felt his balls tighten as a blast of cum shot into Kemi’s clasping vagina.

“It’s so hot honey. Please fill me with your cum, I want every bit of cum in your balls.”

She kept thrusting her hips as shot after shot exploded from the tip of Edet’s cock. He could feel the thick slippery fluid surrounding his cock Heather continued to bounce up and down on his cock.

Completely spent, Edet groaned and went limp. Kemi bent to him and kissed him on the lips before wrapping her arms around his neck and cuddling into him with his cock still buried in her moist depths. Edet could feel his cum oozing out of her and running down his cock and balls but he didn’t care.

They lay in the blissful afterglow still joined as one. After a while, he was dimly aware of her leaving, the soft sounds of splashing water and humming, and later Kemi returning with a cloth to clean up his cock.

They did not sleep this time. Instead they spent the rest of the night in every conceivable position as he filled his mother in law with load after load of hot cum. She had never experienced a man who could do what Edet did to her but she was thrilled that she had found him. And Kemi was right too, as she lost count of the number of times her pussy erupted in orgasm around her son in law’s invading cock.

They made love for the last time as dawn began to break. He awoke to find Kemi snuggled into him, and he began to kiss her shoulders and neck, and caress her breasts. Kemi stirred and moaned her approval as Edet continued his ministrations to her lush body. He hadn’t really had a chance to explore Kemi’s body so he took the opportunity to touch as much of her as he could, to savour her skin and the scent of her body.

Edet ran his fingers through the thick curls at the base of her belly. In an unguarded moment, he had once heard her describe it as like a shag carpet and it was unlike anything he had seen or felt. She kept it neat but he was sure she had never shaved it. He hoped Kemi never would because the sound of it rustling drove him wild. She spoke as he ran his fingers through the lush forest.

“I meant it when I said that you can have me whenever you want. I mean, I just want to help you and Folake out as much as I can. I will always do anything I can to help. You can’t ignore your physical needs anymore.”

He just smiled because he would have liked that, although he knew that this was a one time only thing. He certainly wasn’t going to ask his wife for permission to fuck her mother, no matter how much he was enjoying their time together. And he wasn’t going to cheat on his wife with her mother. He put that out of his mind because he wanted to enjoy their last time together.

He brought his fingers lower, feeling the wet fur. Kemi jumped as his finger grazed her clit. In response, she lifted her leg and reached around the guide his cock to her well fucked pussy. Kemi was a bit sore but she wanted to experience him one more time. She felt Edet’s cock slip effortlessly into her slick vagina as they became one again.

Edet began to slowly thrust his cock in and out. At the same time, his hands were on Kemi’s breasts, pulling her nipples while his tongue planted soft kisses on her neck. No words were spoken as they gently made love in the grey gloom of dawn. Almost immediately Kemi felt her muscles tighten as an orgasm rippled through her body.

Again and again, Kemi shuddered from an orgasm, not crying out because holding it in made it feel so much more intense. Her orgasms felt seconds apart and to him, it felt like his cock was in a milking machine. Kemi’s pussy was continuously spasming and clenching as she orgasmed.

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