June 26, 2022

Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Edet & MIL IV (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Edet & MIL IV (18+)

The room was filled with the rhythmic sound of squeaking bedsprings and the headboard gently hitting the wall as the new lovers were consumed by the bliss of their coupling. Edet felt Kemi shift and lift her ass off the bed while wrapping her long legs around him.

“More Edet. Deeper. Fuck me like you really mean it. I know you have always wanted to do this.”

Edet wasn’t sure how to acknowledge this because she was right, he had wanted to do this for quite a while.

Instead, he raised himself so that his cock was pointing almost straight down. Without warning he speared the full length of his cock into Kemi, almost knocking the wind out of her as he bottomed out and his body crashed in hers.

The angle allowed Edet to easily pile drive the full length of his cock into Kemi’s clasping vagina. It also meant that the silky walls of her vagina were massaging the head of his cock in ways he had forgotten were possible. It was too much and he felt his balls tighten as his orgasm approached.

“Oh Kemi I’m gonna cum. I can’t help it, it’s too much.”

“Yes honey. Fill me, please. You need this so bad.”

Edet was past the point of no return and he felt a blast of cum erupt from his cock. Again and again, he thrust, filling his mother in laws pussy with his cum as a year of pent up lust poured out of him. He kept thrusting long after his orgasm was over and his balls were empty until Kemi’s pussy was a gooey mess.

Edet felt his cock soften and with a loud plop it popped out of Kemi’. His limbs felt like jello and he collapsed onto the bed next to her, totally spent. He had orgasmed so hard he was a little giddy and he started to giggle.

Kemi just smiled as she rose and slipped out of the room. In his post-orgasmic daze, he heard the soft sounds of running water and her humming a song that he couldn’t quite make out. A few minutes later she returned with a warm washcloth and gently washed the sticky mess of the combined arousal from Edet’s cock.

“I’m sorry,” he said to her.

What are you sorry for? You don’t have anything to be sorry for.”

“I came so quick so you didn’t get to.”

“Oh honey. What you did to me felt AMAZING and I don’t usually orgasm from missionary anyways. So you see, it’s me, not you. Let’s have a little rest because we have a long night ahead of us. You’ll have lots of chances to get me off.” she said softly as she slipped into bed next to him.

Edet was soon dreaming that Folake was between his legs giving him what had to be the most intense blowjob of his life. He moaned and to his surprise, he woke up.

It took a second for him to comprehend that he was in fact receiving an amazing blow but it was being delivered by his wife’s mother. Realising he was awake, Kemi looked at him and smiled.

“It was hard and looked like it needed some attention,” she said before she closed her lips over his cock again. She knew that she was a good cock sucker and after the amazing oral he had given her, she wanted to return the favour. And more importantly, she wanted him to remember his first blow job from his mother in law for a long time.

Edet had never experienced anything like this before. He was an enthusiastic pussy eater but Folake had never really been that into giving oral sex and it had been years since he had even attempted to get her to give him a blow job. He hadn’t pegged Kemi as being into oral sex either but he was thrilled at her skill and enthusiasm.

Kemi had her lips tightly sealed around his cock and was slowly moving up and down his shaft. Each time she moved up, her lips bulged around the head of his cock until she stopped just short of pulling her mouth off his cock.

He could barely comprehend what her tongue was doing, as she massaged the tip and underside of his cock. And she was humming that song again.

“Oh my god Kemi! You are ammmaaaaazzzinng! Oh sweet Jesus.” he moaned as he threw his head back in delight.

Kemi let out a sound he thought was a muffled “Uh Huh” but it was hard to tell with the slurping sounds she was making.

“Of fuck, I’m gonna cccccuuuuuummmmmm.” Edet cried

“It’s gonna be a big one!”

Unexpectedly, Kemi’s tongue stopped and her lips were no longer tightly sealed around his shaft. Kemi brought her head up and looked at him solemnly.

“I don’t swallow, not even for you. But there is somewhere else I want you to put this.” she purred as she wrapped her hand around his still hard cock. Rising on her knees, she shuffled until her pussy was poised directly over his cock.

Looking Edet in the eye she guided his cock between her labia, paused and slowly lowered her hips to surround Edet’s cock with her warm moist vagina. They both moaned as Edet’s cock stretched her open, the silken walls massaged by Edet cock head until she felt pressure on her cervix that meant she couldn’t get any more of him inside of her.

Fully impaled on her son in law’s cock, Kemi bent to him and kissed passionately. Edet wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her back as they were joined as one – lips and tongues darting, arms and legs entwined, and above all, Edet’s hard cock buried to the hilt in her vagina.

As much as Edet would have liked filling his mother in law’s stomach with a meal of his cum he had to admit he liked filling her vagina much better.

Edet could feel her breasts against his hairy chest, her hard nipples digging in as they held each other. Kemi could not resist any longer and began to rock and dart her pelvis as she began to tease the hard invader between her legs.

“Oh god Edet, you are so big and hard honey. You are amazing.” she moaned as she broke their embrace and sat up with her hands on his stomach.

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